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All Aboard the PLAYMOBIL 1. 2. 3. Night Train w/ Track + Giveaway!

All Aboard the PLAYMOBIL 1. 2. 3. Night Train w/ Track + Giveaway!

All Aboard the PLAYMOBIL 1. 2. 3. Night Train!

I think there is something magical about trains. Maybe it’s just me and I’ve seen one too many wizard movies but, there’s just something about how they chug along, in unison and with no visible effort. Mimi is enthralled with trains and whenever we get a chance to ride on one, she is the first in line. Being able to have your own little track and train at home, well, that just makes one happy kid.

We had the chance to test out the PLAYMOBIL 1. 2. 3. Night Train playset. It is incredibly easy to put together and this is one of the sets that she able to set up with no issue. Though she is pretty adept at putting these sets together, this one is a walk in the park. All you have to do is clip on the tracks, they form a circle and then you place the cars on top and you’re ready to play. All of the trains attach and you can pull them along together. 

All Aboard the PLAYMOBIL 1. 2. 3. Night Train w/ Track + Giveaway!

All Aboard the PLAYMOBIL 1. 2. 3. Night Train w/ Track + Giveaway!

All Aboard the PLAYMOBIL 1. 2. 3. Night Train w/ Track + Giveaway!

More About the Set:

Come aboard the PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Night Train with Tracks. Greet your passengers on the station platform, safely store the luggage and supplies in the cargo compartment, and settle the travellers in the passenger compartment, before setting off on an exciting adventure. With its bright and colourful design, and large and rounded pieces, this PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 set is ideal for toddlers.

Playset includes three figures, three-car train, tracks, luggage and supplies. All train cars can be combined together with the hitch.

– Locomotive has space for one figure and two more figures can ride in the passenger car
– Luggage can be stowed safely in the removable attachment of the luggage wagon.
– Every locomotive wagon has a coupling device front and back, so that they can be joined together as desired.
– Axles on the locomotive’s wheels move while driving.

All Aboard the PLAYMOBIL 1. 2. 3. Night Train w/ Track + Giveaway!

Let Them Play!

With this set, Mimi has incorporated it with her other sets. So she uses it as a means of transportation for her other PLAYMOBIL figurines. It’s really cool that she is able to implement the train this way! While this set is meant for much younger kids, she still has a blast with it!

AGE: 12+ months | MSRP: $34.99

AVAILABILITY: Toys “R” Us, Mastermind Toys, Indigo, and Hudson’s Bay

Ready to WIN?

One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will enter to WIN a PLAYMOBIL Train Set! This contest is open to Canada and opens on July 14 and closes on July 29.

For more information about this set, visit the PLAYMOBIL site, here

Do you have a little one that loves trains?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. I took a train trip from Nova Scotia to Ontario with my family when I was 5. I still remember meeting a friendly older gentleman who told us all kinds of stories to entertain us on the trip.

  2. My daughter would love these train set, I had one as a kid (the old fashion kind )
    Yes, I have been on a train many times

  3. I am entering to win this for Dylan. I think Emily and him would love to play with this toy together.

  4. My youngest granddaughter would love it. I was on a train last year for the first time. On the Alberta railway adventure it was so much fun!

  5. Without a doubt my friend’s little boy would LOVE this set – so would his older sister!!!!

  6. I took the train (VIA) from Toronto to Moncton to attend a summer program at the university. 23.5 hours! THen I took it home again, this time leaving from Halifax. Such a neat experience. 🙂

  7. I think my nephew will like this! I’ve been on a train once on an excursion during an Alaskan cruise.

  8. I love trains and particularly loved them when I was little. I love the playlet and my niece would adore it!

  9. I think my nieces would love this playset. I’ve been on many trains; more when I lived overseas.

  10. we went from Halifax to Toronto one year at Christmas time when our won was 5 years old….he loved it!! I think some nephews and nieces would love this train set!

  11. Yes, I’ve been on a train a few times, the last time was on an Alaskan Wilderness tour.

  12. My nephews would love the train set. I was on a train a few times years ago from Truro, NS to Levis, Quebec. That was a long overnight trip and shorter trip from Moncton, NB to Halifax, NS. That was 40 years ago.

  13. My husband took me on a train ride to Agawa Canyons.It was so beautiful.I would love to go back there in the fall. My little grandson would really love to play with this playmobil 123 night train.It is the cutest toy! 🙂

  14. We woke to another hot sunny day,hope you have a great weekend.Thanks for the giveaway,grandson would love this !

  15. My nephew would love this playset. I have been on trains but would love to ride an old style steam train.

  16. I have been on a train with my husband and enjoyed it very much.My little grandson would love this awesome playmobil123 night train.

  17. I once took a train trip from Montreal to Moncton in winter while pregnant with twins. Never again.

  18. My son would love this. I’ve been on a train before, but not a big huge passenger train or anything like that. Just an old restored train here in Calgary at Heritage park.

  19. oh my gosh this set is AMAZING!!! both my daughters would have an absolute blast with this! I have been on a kiddy train before…does that count lol

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