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Fight Tough Stains with OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover! #WowOxiClean


OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover.
It is brilliant. 

Being a Mom to two kids under 10 can be a messy, messy job. Not to mention, even us, the big kids, can make a big mess once in a while. With OxiClean, you can say good-bye to those unsightly spaghetti stains on clothes or hard to remove stains on carpets, upholstery and even on hard kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

My girls have a knack for being magnets to stains whenever they wear white. In fact, doesn’t that always seem to happen to all of us? Even when we scrub away, white doesn’t want to stay white no matter how hard we try.

When I had the opportunity to try OxiClean, I was stoked. Anything that helps me not slave away over stains, I am willing to try! Not to mention, having seen it on TV, I was kinda blown away. I recall seeing a large glass bowl, spinning and magically being lifted out of the solution, stain-free!


Stain-Fighting Power.

Keeping a household can be tough, I don’t know how many times a day I have a new item to wash. Don’t forget about the basic household chores, dishes and laundry. It simply never ends. Where is the laundry fairy when you need her? And does she remove stains too? The answer to that is a big NO but, OxiClean can.

About OxiClean:

OxiClean™ is a stain fighter in powder form that is activated when added to water (warm or hot water work best). Oxygen is released and targets the stains, rather than the fabric, removing many tough stains on water-washable clothing, carpet, and hard surfaces both inside and outside the home.

All OxiClean™ products contain specialized stain removers (like oxygen, surfactants and polymers) that remove stains and prevent them from re-depositing onto your laundry so they can be rinsed away. All OxiClean™ products contain non-ionic detergents. OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover works wonders for organic stains like wine, juice, coffee, food, pet messes and more.



That’s a Giant-A-Meatball!

We had our weekly pasta dinner and Dara was wearing a white T-shirt, poor guy. Next thing you know, a couple bites and a meatball later, there’s a big tomato sauce stain on his shirt. Luckily, I had OxiClean and with it, I knew that I’d be able to remove the stain.

First, I dissolved some OxiClean in water and pre-treated the stain. I scrubbed as much as I could and let it pre-soak for about 10 minutes. After pre-soaking, I started the wash. I added my favorite detergent and a scoop of OxiClean and hoped for the best.

Why Use OxiClean:
  • It’s an incredible oxygen-based stain fighter that’s chlorine free and colour safe.
  • Available in a durable, compact rectangular tub with a more sturdy scoop, making it easier to carry, use and store.
  • Boosts detergent for better overall cleaning and whitening.
  • Gets out stains that detergent alone can leave behind so they don’t become dryer set.
  • Helps prevent colours from fading due to chlorine in municipal water.
  • For extra stubborn stains, pre-treating with or soaking in a concentrated solution of OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover can provide amazing results.
  • OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover Powder has over 101 uses on multiple surfaces like carpet, upholstery, kitchen and bath surfaces, and even works outdoors on gutters, unfinished decks, and patio furniture.




As you can see, it removed the stain completely. In the past, I’ve tried different stain removers to no avail. I took out the laundry, only to be greeted with a dried-in stain. You can imagine my surprise when that wasn’t the case after using OxiClean.  

I feel like a weight has lifted and that I can now buy more white clothes without the fear of staining it and ruining it for good. There were no traces left behind at all—what a life saver!

I am absolutely blown away on how well it worked, I didn’t even use elbow grease–it did the work for me! If you want some extra tips on see how to get food and drink stains out of clothes, here

Now that I have OxiClean in my corner, I don’t think I will stress as much when I see new stains on the girls clothes or if something hits the carpet. I can’t wait to try it on hard surfaces too! For more information, you can visit OxiClean on Facebook.

Have you ever tried OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover before?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



This post was brought to you by OxiClean Versatile Stain remover, however the images and opinions are my own. For more information please visit http://oxiclean.ca/.

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  1. I have two little boys who are always getting into messes, so I will definitely be trying this. I hear great things about this product.

  2. Although I'd like to start moving towards more earth-friendly, natural products, I have used this product and love it!

    1. I try to use earth-friendly products but, sometimes, they just do not do the trick. You have to bust out the big guns.

  3. I just dropped my lunch all the way down the front of my white shirt today! This would have come in handy!

  4. I heart OxiClean. It's the only stuff that will get stains out of my white pillows.
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  5. We love oxi clean in our house. My kids make some horrible stains, and this is one of the only things that takes care of it.

  6. Oxiclean is really great! I used to use it all the time when I lived in an apartment and had subpar laundry! It’s really great stuff!

  7. Ow looks very interesting to mom like me, I need this stain remover!! I have never been heard about this brand but it looks great product!!

  8. Oh! When it comes to removing stains, my mom tries a lot of products to solve that. Now I know I can recommend Oxiclean to her. It works like magic!

  9. I've actually been looking for a stain remover that works. I think I've tried two brands already but I wasn't impressed. I haven't tried OxiClean yet. I'm really going to try this one.

  10. First off, awesome name: Nancy! 😉

    Secondly. I'ved heard my neighbour talk about Oxiclean recently. I think I need to grab a tub of it next time. Because man, I'm always spilling stuff on my clothes, and rushing to get the detergent on it. Not a pretty sight when I have to whip off my shirt in the middle of dinner (at home, not in public – clearly….hahahahahaha)

  11. I love Oxy Clean. I have a few containers of it here. One down in the basement for laundry and one upstairs for cleaning and stains. I use it as a paste , as a booster and so many other things. I love that it doesn't have a chemical smell so I can use it.

  12. I haven't tried this product before, but I love a good stain remover. I love your photos – they really capture the product well.
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  13. I haven't tried this product before, but I love a good stain remover. I love your photos – they really capture the product well.
    My recent post Valentine’s Day Deals on Products and Companies We’ve Featured in the Past

  14. love this review! I am so glad the stain came out. I love oxiclean. However, I did not know it came in this powder form. Good to know.

  15. I swear my kids are stain magnetics. OxiClean always seems to get the stains out.
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  16. I could really use some of that right now! I spilled a bit of red wine on my favorite white dress – oxiclean could really help out with that!

  17. I love oxiclean! They have some of the best products. I really love the stain remover as well! My kids are very messy, so it comes in handy.

  18. I could definitely use this for my messy family! Sometimes I do not understand how to get the stains out of clothes and off of the rug! Ugg! Cleaning is tough business. Seems like this is an awesome product!

  19. Love this a lot, always looking for a brand new stain remover to really get rid of all those nasty stains!

  20. We have yet to use Oxiclean in our house, though that's a personal decision. Plus, trying to make a move away from toxins. That being said, this does look like a great cleaner.

  21. I love Oxiclean. My kids are always getting stains on their clothes. And I am not very good at laundry. I need to just be able to dump it and go.
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  22. I love OxiClean! In the summer months we live at our trailer and have to go to the laundermat to do our laundry so I always toss some OxiClean into the washer with the clothes just to give the water a cleaning boost since you never know what has been washed in there before your stuff.

  23. No, I haven't tried OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover before. We have 3 boys and 2 dogs and we have plenty of messes! I'm hesitant to keep trying new things as they can be a waste of time and money. Thanks to your sharing this, I know it's worth a try.

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