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Your Ticket to Fun: Try KGStickets.com for All of Your Florida Attractions Tickets


Your ticket to fun.

Well, we absolutely love Florida and I think within this last year we have traveled there 4 times. That goes to say, each time we have gone, we wanted to explore something new.

If you know Florida and the Kissimmee area, you know that there is a flurry of things to do and it can get pricey. But, with KGStickets.com, you can save money and know that they are a trusted ticket retailer. We wanted to visit SeaWorld and with their tickets, we did!

Kissimmee Guest Services is the most trusted name in tickets since 1997 and they serve over 200 property management and travel related companies who recommends them to thousands of families each year. They are dedicated to helping you save time and money while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Their experienced team members are passionate in helping guests get the most out of their valuable vacation time here in Orlando.

Who is Kissimmee Guest Services?

Sometimes it’s better to tell you first who they are not. They are NOT a ticket booth in a gas station, restaurant or gift shop offering to send you on a timeshare tour or sell you someone else’s previously used tickets that won’t work at the parks when you get there. Also their employees are NOT commissioned sales people pressuring you to purchase more tickets than you will need.


Making Memories!

We had the absolute pleasure to be guests of Kissimmee Guest Services and we were able to enjoy a full day at SeaWorld Orlando! It was a breathtaking day for it and we were excited to s-ea creatures we have only ever seen in books, magazine and TV! We set off with our little family of 4 and my parents to enjoy a fun-filled day!


Learning About Dolphins.

One of the first things we did was pick up a map and planned out our day at the park. Of course, the girls wanted to see the dolphins first and we mapped our route so that we would see the animals we wanted to and still be in time to watch the shows we had planned to watch.

Our first stop was to watch the dolphins. Everyone had the chance to ask questions about these beautiful creatures and the SeaWorld attendant was very knowledgeable.





The dolphins were so incredibly beautiful, playful and so fun to watch. They kept coming by with their two calves and greeting us with their smiling eyes. The girls were blown away and were happy that they were so close to them.

We planned to hit Discovery Cove before we left the park and hopefully touch some of the dolphins. The SeaWorld attendant said they feel like a wet tire, we were determined to find out!




Take It In!

We followed our map and walked through the park to head over to watch one of the day’s first shows. We stopped by the SeaWorld observation tower and took in the sights. It was fun, especially that it was great for all ages. Hubby and I were able to take in some of coasters like the Manta and the Kraken. Besides the fun, we were able to absorb the natural wild life that called SeaWorld their home too.





A Whale Of a Time!

The show was spectacular and to see these magnificent creatures perform amazing feats was surreal. We sat in the Soak Zone while my parents opted for the seats above the wet zone. We left the show awestruck and with such an appreciation for these beasts. Pictured above you can see Gabs in awe of one of the whales after the show.





Clyde and Seamore!

We watched the sea lions and sea otters in an interactive show. It was AWESOME. They are so funny and playful and it was hilarious to watch. The best part was that they included the audience and some lucky peeps got close enough to take a picture and touch them! The actors were great too and everyone had a great laugh!

Before that, we had enjoyed a burger lunch at the Spice Mill, did some souvenir shopping, stopped by to the Shark Encounter and Manta Ray Encounter and touched the mantas! The flamingos were out in full force and the penguin feedings were awesome. We ended it with a trip to Dolphin Cove and we were close enough to reach and touch the playful dolphins.

And yes, they feel like wet tires!

You can check out some videos from our day at SeaWorld over on my Instagram, here. It was tons of fun and you can see it for yourself.


KGStickets ROCK!

All in all, we had an amazing day at the park and we did it all without waiting in line. At SeaWorld and through KGStickets.com, you can save up to $10-$14 per ticket. That’s pretty great for SeaWorld tickets! Depending on how many days and what you choose but, the savings add up when you are paying for more than one person.

Kissimmee Guest Services Tickets are an Authorized Ticket Seller for Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Orlando. They are conveniently located in Celebration and are one of the only companies in the Orlando area that offers free delivery of your tickets to your vacation home, resort or hotel.

That way, you can avoid the long lines at the park AND save money while you visit new and favorite Orlando attractions!

Make sure to check out kgstickets.com and visit Kissimmee Guest Services Tickets on Facebook for the latest updates and giveaways! We will be using KGS for our next trip up and we can’t WAIT!

Universal Studios, here we come!

What Florida attraction is your favorite or one that you want to visit?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. Love all your pictures, gorgeous!! I'll have to pass this on to my friend who is going to Florida this year.

  2. Your pictures are simply gorgeous! Four times this year, lucky you! I want to plan a trip for the hubby and kids and I for next Summer. Still getting everything in order, but KG Tickets seem like one way to go. I'll definitely be checking them out.

  3. My dad, brother and I went to SeaWorld in San Antonio back in 2001. It was fabulous. I was so excited to go because I had always wanted to see a dolphin show. It was funny though. The day we went it was raining and the person we were visiting there said it hadn't rained in 6 months! But of course when we come down from the north, it rains. But it was a welcome relief considering we went at the end of August and as soon as you stepped out of her condo, you were sweating instantly.

    Your pictures are gorgeous. So vibrant!

    1. Thanks so much Brandy, awwww, that sucks! But, yes, SeaWorld is amazing. It\’s great to see so many beautiful creatures. 🙂

  4. I loved Kissamee too. It's ages since we were there now but we will always remember it with pleasure. I also actually prefered Sea World to Disney World but that's probably because I'm not one for crowds and queuing for attractions, which at Christmas time are long and exhausting. The children of course loved all the Disney stuff and the parade. We also went to Universal Studios and the children loved that too.I'd go again in a heart beat.

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