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Get Your Favorite Phone Accessories at Mobile Fun: MFX Screen Protectors, Olixar Selfie Smart Pole and Bead Bracelet Lightening Cable. #tech


Phone Accessories at Mobile Fun.

As many of you know, I absolutely love my phone and it is a necessary tool in my every day life. I love finding accessories that make using my device easier or more fun. It isn’t always an easy task and I am always one to hunt for a deal. I want quality products that don’t break the bank and that are super useful for years to come.

For example, check, out this Olixar Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable. Not only does it double as a bracelet, it is a lightning cable to charge and sync your device. 


The Olixar Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable.

What I love is that I can take this with me on my travels. I can place it on my wrist and forget about it until I need it. If I don’t want to wear it, I can simply put it in my purse or laptop case and have it ready to go any time. It’s a cute bead bracelet too, so that is a plus. It is an affordable way to connect your device as it is only $23.49.

  • Bracelet that doubles as a lightning cable.
  • Small and lightweight – ideal for travelling.
  • Designed for connection of Apple Lighting to USB supported devices.
  • Allows simultaneous charging and syncing.

The Olixar Bead Bracelet appears to be just a bracelet, however on closer inspection it opens up to form a Lightning to USB data cable too. Designed to connect Lightning devices including any recent iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch to a USB charger or USB Port. This high quality cable allows you to connect your Lightning device to your laptop or desktop PC in order to charge your phone and exchange / sync data simultaneously. The Olixar Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable is ideal for travelling with as you’ll have it with you at all times.


Guard Your Mobile.

While smart phone screens have become more and more resistant to every day wear and tear including scratches, I am still vigilant. I always use an air of caution and take a play out of the “better safe than sorry” play book.  

Mobile Fun has quite the variety when it comes to choosing the right screen protector for your phone. The MFX screen protectors are 5-in-1 protectors and keeps your iPhone 6 slim and lightweight. Not to mention, it protects your phone while maintaining the original design of your phone. No more scratches or gouges, rest easy. They are easy to install and since there are 5 protectors, that’s 5 times the protection.


Let Me Take a Selfie.

Okay, this is one accessory that I was super stoked to try. In fact, I think everyone should have a selfie stick. You know you are going to take that selfie, why not make it easier? Or how about a group selfie with a touch of a finger? It is rechargeable and has two mounts. Easy to assemble and a great size to just put into an oversize purse!


Group or Solo.

You know when the light is just right and you just have to snap a selfie? I know that for some, this time may never strike but, for the large majority of people who get that urge, here is your solution. I love that the stick itself is retractable and you can pull it out until it is the perfect height. The Selfie Pole extends to 900mm for capturing photos and retracts to 249mm for easy portability.


More About the Olixar Selfie Pole:
  • Safety locks and shock absorbing material.
  • The Selfie Pole features safety locks, enabling you to position the extendable pole and the smartphone perfectly and securely.
  • The shock absorbing material cushions your phone, to help protect your device from any sudden movements.
  • Two smartphone mounts for greater compatibility.
  • The Selfie Smart Pole also includes two smartphone mounts, so many more of your Android and Apple devices will fit within the holders.
  • The first holder supports phones up to 7cm in width (minimum 5cm) and the larger mount supports up to 8.5cm.
  • Affordable: $24.49
Case Compatible.

You can also leave the case on your phone as you mount your device on the Olixar Selfie Smart Pole. Compatible with all but the most chunky of cases, the Selfie Smart Pole is ready for action whether your case is on or not. It was able to hold my phone securely with a case on. Not at one point was I afraid that it would fall out. 



Ready to WIN?

The great folks at MobileFun.co.uk are giving away a Olixar Selfie Pole for one lucky Whispered Inspiration reader! This giveaway opens on July 6th, 2015 and ends on July 21st, 2015. Open WORLDWIDE!

I think it is safe to say that I’ve found a new favorite online store for all of my mobile needs. Shipping is fast and very low-cost. It is completely worth getting quality products at a great price. Best of all, they are exactly as pictured and that is something I worry about when I shop online. Check out the phone cases that I got from them, you’ll love them too.

What is your must-have mobile accessory?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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