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Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech

Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech

Bring Style & Mobile Fun Into Your Home.

When it comes to technology, I’ve always liked functionality and aesthetic. It has to have a certain style but, most importantly–it needs to work. In our home, I like having pretty things but, I love having great technology and accessories that make life better. Who says you can’t have both all at once? 

I had the chance to try out some awesome accessories from MobileFun.co.uk that did both effortlessly. My nightstand is usually where I charge my phone overnight or where I place my phone to listen to tunes. I was looking for a way to be able to do this and add to my existing decor seamlessly.

Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech

Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech

Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech

The Verus i-Depot Universal Smartphone & Tablet Charging Stand!

It is the ultimate storage cradle and it’s aluminum. Sleek and clean, it’s a charge and sync dock that makes sure your smart phone or tablet is always at hand. You can always see your incoming notifications at a glance and you know that it will keep your device fully charged while allowing you to transfer data between your phone and a computer.

Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech

Storage & Functionality.

What I love about the Verus iDepot Universal Charging Stand is that it is sturdy and that you can use your very own Apple cord to charge your device. It’s seamless and as you can see in my pictures above, you wouldn’t even know that it is plugged in. Since it sits on a 75 degree angle, it’s perfect to see calls, texts or notifications. It fits perfectly, even with my case on. It’s snug and doesn’t wobble around.

While it looks great on my nightstand (if I say so myself,) it would also look great on your computer or work desk. That way you are always notified and your phone is always charged when you need it to be. It’s versatile as it can support your tablets too.

If you are using it on your desk, there is storage in the back to place your business cards. If you’re using it anywhere else, it’s perfect to tuck away small things that you need but want out of sight. I added a small file and nail clippers. Always there but, no one knows!

Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech

On the Go?

Hubs and I love to travel. Whether it is for work, leisure or both–we are always on the move. With that being said, we always search for products that will help us on our journey. Of course, when they suit our style–it’s even better. 

Our phones are our lifelines and protecting them on our travels is of utmost importance. After all, we use it for directions, booking hotels and reservations, paying for things and so much more. For that reason, Darasak wanted a case that could keep up with him but, still suited his sleek style.

Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech

Enter Ghostek and Breffo!

He chose the Ghostek Atomic 2.0 iPhone 6S Waterproof Tough Case in Space Grey and the Breffo Spiderpodium Flexible Grip Universal Car Holder & Desk Stand. 

The case is completely waterproof and since it is thin but, still rugged it provides drop protection. It can be under water for 1 meter for up to 10 minutes! Along with its HD scratch resistant screen protector, you can rest assured that it is protected. The touch sensitivity works well through the screen and doesn’t lag–which is a bonus!


More About the Case:

With three layers of body protection, the Atomic case perfectly compliments your phone, keeping it looking and feeling the way the phone manufacturer originally intended as well as providing tough, rugged full-body protection.

Fully compatible with Touch ID and 3D Touch

Fully compatible with the iPhone’s new features including Touch ID and 3D Touch, The Ghostek Atomic 2.0 allows you to use your phone as you would normally, but with the added peace of mind that this protective case brings.

Port and jack covers protect and provide quick access 

The headphone and charging ports within the Atomic 2.0 tough waterproof case are protected by silicon plugs that keep out unwanted dust, grit and water whilst still providing accessibility in an instant.

Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech


The Breffo Spiderpodium Flexible Grip Universal Car Holder & Desk Stand is super trendy right now. We love it because it’s super versatile and can be used on your desk or taken with you in the car–or mounted just about anywhere else. It’s no surprise that it has one multi-awards!

It has eight flexible legs which allow for secure mounting on all platforms, no matter what your mobile device. We used it on an iPhone 6S and it fits perfectly. 

Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech

Completely Universal.

I love that you can set up in any position at any angle within your car, so whether your taking a call or using your smart phone as a GPS navigation the Spiderpodium will allow you to view in both landscape and portrait orientations. Plus, it’s case compatible, no matter what the size.

The Spiderpodium can be easily slotted into any car vents in order to secure your smart phone or GPS unit for a comfortable viewing angle. By mounting this to your car’s air vents instead of your windscreen you will avoid those annoying windscreen rings and be totally road legal in any country.

The Spiderpodium fits neatly and securely in vents or dash, meeting legal road standards. One of the best parts is that you can attach it to anything! You can even mount it on your bicycle. It really is a piece of tech that can keep up!

Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech

Slim and Sleek.

When I choose phone cases, I like sticking with neutral or solid colors. I have a gold iPhone 6 Plus and I like keeping it pretty neutral. I also like slim cases but, they need to have all around protection. While the hard shells are pretty and thin, I find they don’t provide the protection I crave. Especially for the corners of the phone. I prefer hybrids or cases that have a bumper.

The Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus Case in gun-metal is just the type that I always look for. Plus, with the name Spigen–you know that you can count on it.

Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech


The Spigen Neo Hybrid case is made to be as thin as possible without sacrificing protection, and made to perfectly follow the contours of your phone so it still has the original appearance.

More About This Case:

It is an assembly type case with a TPU back cover and a polycarbonate frame. The TPU cover provides supreme durability and shock protection for your phone, while the UV coated polycarbonate frame adds additional strength and rigidity to the case. The soft case also prevents any damage that might be caused by removing or attaching the case.

Add Style to Your Home Decor & Protect Your Devices w/ Mobile Fun! #tech


I love that it is two-toned. It really gives it that air of sophistication. The colours are finished at an incredibly high standard with a UV coating that prevents the colour from fading. The polycarbonate frames can also be interchanged for different styles.

If you can see in the picture above, I love listening to music while I work or go for a walk. Sometimes I even sneak an episode of my latest Netflix addiction on my phone. That means I love my Beats from Dre. This case has wider port holes that accommodate the larger Beats headphone jacks. Now we are armed with great technology and accessories that keep up with us and make our home even better.

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Ready to WIN?

One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will WIN a Verus Universal Charging Stand and a Breffo Spiderpodium. This contest is open WORLDWIDE and opens on August 8th, 2016 and closes on August 23rd, 2016. Good luck!

For more information about these products or to find something for your device, visit MobileFun.co.uk! You can always follow them Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for their latest updates. They are a great bunch!

Which accessory would you most like to try out?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I would love to try the spigen neo case as all the protective cases seem so bulky , it would be nice to have one that’s a little more streamlined

  2. Really like the charging stand, have been looking for one. Going to have to take a closer look at this one. Thanks for the review.

  3. I really like the Breffo Spiderpodium Flexible Grip Universal Car Holder and Desk Stand. I would use it in the car everyday

  4. What great phone accessories. I am loving the charging stand. I love how sleek it looks. I will have to see about getting one for myself.

  5. Love the idea of using a stand. Looks so much more sleek than just having a phone plugged in with a long cord!

  6. I really like the docking station! Since it uses your own cord, do you know if it can be used with Android devices?

  7. I have been looking for a charging stand for my phone. I love the look of this one. The phone stand would be great in the kitchen for making recipes.

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