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Thinkway Toys: Control an R2D2 Interactive Robotic Droid. The Force is Strong With You.


R2D2 Interactive Robotic Droid.
Yes, you read that right. 

If you’re a big Star Wars fan, you’ll absolutely love this droid. If you’re like me and you fell in love with this little droid in the first trilogy or if you only got to know him from the new series, you will definitely have a lot of fun with him. 

You will be able to send instant or pre-programmed commands via remote control! Use the 10 buttons to program over 1000 action combinations! He is voice activated and when you talk to him, he will respond to you. He can move forward, reverse, side by side–all you have to do is command him to do so!


You’re In Control!

What I love is the sounds are true to the movie. It really sounds like R2D2, me and Hubs were blown away when we turned him on and his head started to move. He even turns his head and lights up. The coolest thing is that it projects an image of Princess Leia. Like, c’mon, how wicked cool is that? Just like when he did that in the movie!

  • Bring R2-D2 to life with sound effects, walking and spinning actions!
  • Command R2-D2 in all directions: forward, reverse, left, and right or turns
  • Head turns while it makes different sound effects!
  • Voice Activated – talk to R2 and he’ll respond to you!
  • Pre-program commands and press go. R2-D2 will follow your instructions!
  • Projects image of Princess Leia™ on the wall!
  • Approximately 16”
  • Try Me packaging
  • Ages 4+


The Perfect Gift!

This will make the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan, even though you may not open it and add it your collection. Or if your kids are like mine and love Star Wars, this sci-fi toy will be a hit. In fact, Dara wants it all to himself. But, he may just have to fight us all for him. It’s no surprise that it is one of the hottest toys of the season!

You will find this droid on many Christmas lists this year! Especially with the new installment of the Star Wars series, Episode VII: The Force Awakens set to hit the silver screen soon–the excitement is building. 

For more information, visit Thinkway Toys or check them out on Facebook

Would you like your very own R2D2 droid?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!









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  1. OH my goodness, my sons would love to have this for Christmas. I must add it to a wish list for them, just shared on my FB profile for a reminder to look into getting it!
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  2. Oh my goodness, we totally want this. I don't think there is a person in this house that wouldn't want it. I love r2d2

  3. We are huge Star Wars fans. I would love to have this R2D2 unit. The kids would be thrilled if we had on under the tree this Christmas.

  4. This is so cool. I would love to have a interactive R2D2. I am loving all the Star Wars toys that are coming out.

  5. How tall is he? Oops, nevermind – I see you've mentioned that already. Wow, 16 inches is a good size! I love him. It's like having a robot friend!

  6. This is not just for the little kids,i have seen the big boys playing with this and the kids on the side lines waiting for their turn.

  7. My granddaughter told me yesterday i really need to buy my own…lol she is too funny

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