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Alegria Shoes Review

Alegria Shoes pamphlet with happy woman on a boat.

Alegria Shoes

If you know me, you know that I am a shoe fanatic. I think I may have a lot more shoes than I should and admittedly- I am a shoe ADDICT.

So, when Alegria shoes asked me to review a pair of their fabulous shoes, I of course happily obliged and maybe did a happy dance too.


Okay, I did!

And I did lots of happy dances while floating on clouds but, I’ll tell you about that later.

Well, I was more than elated to see the box waiting for me and I was incredibly anxious to see the gorgeous shoes that awaited my feet! I chose a pair of sandals from the Madrid collection. They looked super cute in the Fall Catalogue and I figured that they would be double functional.

I would be able to use them for the remainder of the summer weather with a pair of shorts or a cute skirt AND I’ll be able to use them into the fall with a pair of leggings, a cute top, and a cardigan! Check out other fashion tips, we have plenty!

Open shoe box with Alegria Shoes pamphlet. Alegria Shoes- Review!

The Alegria Madrid shoes are made from patent leather, come with a stretch band in the toe box which means it will fit any width. The inner lining is also made of leather and it is hand sewn. If you look at the design you can see that it is quality and you can appreciate the attention to detail that was put into making the shoe.

The stitching is immaculate, not one stitch is out of place or out of alignment. One of THE best things and I think what really sold it for me is the removable footbed system. It is made out of latex, memory foam and cork! You know when you hear memory foam that it means comfort.

So without further adieu, I will introduce you to my newest kicks!

A cute pair of shoes sit on a shoe box. Alegria Shoes- Review!

A black shoe that shows a great insole. Alegria Shoes- Review!

So, what comes next?

Well, trying the shoes on and taking them for a spin. One thing you can say about Alegria shoes is that they are fabulously unique. If you are familiar with Alegria and now you will be, you will know an Alegria design when you see one. One of the most defining things about Alegria shoes is their fantastic soles, there are many widths to choose from too.

So, if you are into a more daring look you can choose a wider sole or if you’re into a more subtle look you can get a thinner sole. There are plenty of styles to choose from, to check out Alegria’s Fall Collection and the wide variety of sandals, nurse shoes, boots, and Mary Janes, visit them over on their website, here. They have vibrant colors and textures, from animal prints to floral, there’s something for everybody!

What do I think of my pair of Alegria’s?

A pair of legs showing off the shoes. Alegria Shoes- Review!

I stepped into these heavenly kicks and it was as if I was floating on clouds, no joke. These shoes have a bit of a wedge/heel. They aren’t completely flat but, it sure felt like I was walking in flats. The only difference was that I was walking on marshmallows every step of the way. The footbed of the shoe shapes to your foot, I guess that could be attributed to the memory foam, latex, and cork. You can definitely feel that in action, they are so comfortable. The strap is great too, I adjust it to where I need it and it doesn’t leave a mark or chafe my skin either.

 Another bonus that I noticed by wearing these shoes is that the toe box is wide, which is a good thing, It doesn’t squeeze your toes together tightly or rub your pinky leaving you sore.

You know what I’m talking about ladies, it ain’t pretty and it doesn’t feel so hot either.

But, none of that with my Madrid’s! This shoe is made to be an everyday shoe, perfect for doing errands or for full-day shopping trips. I used them all day and they were amazing and I’ve been using them with a variety of different outfits and they look super cute!

I think my next pair will be a pair of the Carina Toe Thongs for summer. And since my tootsies can use some love at work, I’ll probably get a pair of nursing shoes from the Donna collection in Friends Pink. They are so fabulously fun for work!

A shoe lays on its side, showing the sole.

It can’t be argued that these shoes are quality, the only downside would be their unique shape. After all, unique is beautiful and confident. In my opinion, they are absolutely FAB but, it is up to you to decide! I do have to tell you though, that they are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own. I have lots to compare with. The soles are made in this shape to encourage a normal walking motion. It reduces stress on your muscles, joints, and backs.

So, UNIQUE does have many benefits!

Another pair of legs showing off the shoes!

A pair of Alegria shoes are shown.

A woman raises one leg and show off her Alegria Shoes.

Last but, not least one of my favorite things about Alegria is that they promote green living.

They use all recycled materials for all their packaging. They encourage their patrons to go the extra mile and recycle the box to make the earth a happier place! And they also came with this super adorable keychain, it can be placed as a key topper too.

A close up of an Alegria shoebox is shown with a recycling symbol.

A close up of Alegria Shoes keychain is shown.

A close of up of the Alegria logo is shown inside the shoe.

Buy Them:

You can see all of Alegria shoes online at Alegria by PG Lite Canada and buy them online at The Shoe Girls. You can also find a list of retailers near you, here. They start at $99 and up.

What style of shoes do you like to wear?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I'm entered.. But when is the draw date? Couldn't find it mentioned anywhere.

    I am an Alegria shoes SUPERFAN! Love them love them love them.

  2. Thanks for entering, contests starts today 09/08/11 and ends September 15th at midnight. Don't forget your daily tweets, they make a big difference!

  3. im entered.. rafter wouldn't let me paste my tweet?… so

    I typed it in, I got r done 🙂

    Super Nice giveaway! Thank You

  4. OOPS.. I am so sorry, I just went back checking, trying to figure out why I couldn't tweet… I would guess it's because im NOT CANADIAN.. well shoot.. I would love the chance to win these! but I can't, sorry I didn't see that I Shouldn't enter.. please delete my entries.. And Good luck to everyone else! Someone is going to win a Super Nice pair of Shoes!

    Again im sorry.. DD

    1. Awww, I'm sorry. The contest is only open to Canadians! I will remove the entries and thank-you for entering! I usually have giveaways open to both US/CAN so check back once in awhile! Thanks! 🙂

  5. Somehow I missed the Canada part too. I guess you'll need to remove or ignore all of my entries. Darn, I love those shoes!!!!

  6. Soft Pewter Feliz Alegria Balet Flat – this is my favorite shoe! I would so much like to win it!!!! They look so comfortable!

    1. Hello Renee, I've doubled checked the Tweeting option and it worked fine for me. Don't add any more characters to the tweet if you have been. Let me know it if works out. Thanks.

  7. OOPS I entered but I don't live in Canada! 🙁 So disappointed! If I ended up winning can I pay for shipping? That'd be awesome! (Or else please delete my entries. sorry!)

  8. I would love to have a pair of each! Seriously though if I had to choose just one I'd choose Paloma in pewter charmer.

  9. Love the Alegria Vale Boots!! I’m entered.. I like the Abbi in Chrome Patent the most. Thanks for entering!

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