4 Reasons You Need a Smartwatch

Fossil Smartwatch sitting on top of rose gold ornaments.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Smartwatch

When it comes to technology, I have always gravitated to it. I’ve always been an early adopter and to this day, I still get excited about new gadgets. When it comes to watches, I love them. What do I love and use more of? Smartwatches. Honestly, as a child, I’d pretend that my old 80’s watch that looked like a calculator could do amazing things.

Of course, I could have never dreamt up the reality they are now but, that’s what draws me to them. They just amaze me and guess what?

I can do amazing things with smartwatches now!

When they first hit the market, I grabbed one right away and I have to say they are my favorite to use and wear. When I had the chance to try out a new Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR from Best Buy, I jumped at it. Not only am I a fan of Fossil (they make great watches) this smartwatch is GORGEOUS. It has a 40mm stainless steel rose gold interchangeable band and it’s got bling, y’all. It’s elegant and perfect for everyday wear, no matter what your style is.

Apart from aesthetics, smartwatches can do quite a lot to make your life easier. Read on to discover all the reasons you need a smartwatch.

A smartwatch with a sleek face is shown on a Paris background.

1. Google Assistant

Well, it’s obvious that your Fossil smartwatch will be able to tell time. The thing is, it can do so much more. One of the coolest things is that you have a Google assistant right on your wrist. You can ask it anything, including not only the local time but, the time anywhere in the world. Not to mention anything you can possibly dream up. Hotel prices? Weather? Just ask!

On top of that, you can read and respond to emails or texts right through your phone. You can access your schedule and stay on top of everything you need to. You get personalized help from Google Assistant, even before you ask.

A text is seen on the Fossil smartwatch that is hanging from a picture frame.

2. Stay Connected

Most people think it’s bad etiquette to look at your phone often. With the Fossil smartwatch, you can look down and take a glance and see all your notifications. Like sweet texts from your loved ones, social media notifications or email. You’ll always be connected. If you can get to the message or email later, you just go on with your day. It minimizes your phone usage, and to me, that’s always a good thing! That means longer phone life and I’m not mad at that.

Fossil smartwatch app menu.

3. Stay Fit

This watch will be able to go with you wherever it may be. If you live an active lifestyle, you can set up Google Fit and monitor your steps and physical activity. It tracks distance, calories burned, activity, sleep activity, heart rate, steps taken and floors climbed.

The Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch can handle water. You can keep it on in the shower or swimming in the pool–up to 164 feet under water. It monitors heart rate and location and motivates you towards a healthier life. It has coaching and activity tracking based on guidelines from the American Heart Association & World Health Organization.

You can get heart healthy in no time!

Plus, it’s easier to be healthy with the Google Fit app’s two new activity trackers—Heart Points and Move Minutes. I have a desk job so seeing how much I am actually moving is important. I make it a point to move at least a few times an hour.

Tech, I love it. Especially smartwatches! They can do amazing things. Read on for the 4 reasons you need a smartwatch like this Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR. #tech #FossilStyle #tech #techtips #BestBuy

4. Customizable and Helpful

You can change the face watches to one that will suit your style. In the Wear OS app, there are 44 faces to choose from. Once you picked your watch face, you’re ready to conquer the world.

That includes having access to Google Pay. You can pay with anything with just a wave at almost anyplace that accepts credit cards. You literally have a lot of power right in your hand and, well, wrist for that matter.

Shabby chic picture frame with a Fossil smart watch hanging on the corner.

Gift One

For me, I absolutely love that this watch that is made by a designer I know and love. On top of being able to be worn in the gym, you can wear at the office and whenever you go out. The fact that the band is interchangeable is already a win.

It makes a great gift for the lady in your life who loves technology. Believe me, rose gold is all the rage and it’s no wonder. It’s so pretty! Not to mention, it’s a great price and a gift that truly keeps giving.

For more information, visit Best Buy to find out more about the Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch.

Do you know someone who would love this watch this holiday and beyond?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!






Tech, I love it. Especially smartwatches! They can do amazing things. Read on for the 4 reasons you need a smartwatch like this Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR. #tech #FossilStyle #tech #techtips #BestBuy

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  1. I have a Garmin fitness tracker contraption now, but I used to have a FitBit. They kept falling apart haha My next step will probably be some type of smart watch!

  2. I love this SmartWatch that you featured! I’m already a huge fan of Fossil and now that they have this SmartWatch… I am drooling over here. It is absolutely stunning and plus, all of the features are so awesome!

  3. I want one so badly, not only are they making them prettier now but with more info needed and NOT requiring an Apple phone since I switched back to Android. I love the look of the Fossil.

  4. I could definitely use a smart watch to help me get organized and on track. This watch is beautiful too! It’s amazing how many features it has.

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