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How to Prepare for a Career Change

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How to Prepare for a Career Change

So you’re tired of your current job or employment status and want to move to the next best thing. You’ve decided that maybe your position is a little underwhelming compared to what you’re capable of. Maybe you’ve decided that you’re destined for different things in life and think it’s finally time to move on.

I mean, we have all been there. Believe me. I was there a few years ago and while I loved what I did, I felt like I wanted to do more of what I was passionate about. Making a change into a different industry made me happy. Whatever you’ve got planned, here are a couple of tips on how you can accommodate the transition and make it a lot smoother.

Are you considering leaving the industry or progressing further?

There are two main options when you want a career change. You either leave the industry and join a new one or consider how you can progress further up the career ladder. They are two entirely different things and it usually takes a while for you to decide which one is better for your circumstances.

Leaving the industry is better if you decide that it’s not for you. For example, if you hate working with computers and want something that takes you out of a routine. Y

ou may love to do something in the culinary industry instead of working in an office. If this sounds like you, you may likely want to leave the industry.

Though you might want to keep in mind that you’ll need to learn new skills. That also means you will have to network with completely different people. In a sense, you’re essentially starting from square one.

If you’d love a higher position in your company or even a new position in a company that is part of the same industry, you’ll have a much easier time finding a job with your credentials.

How do you plan to pick up the skills necessary?

Changing your career often requires you to completely upgrade your skills. Many jobs require pre-requisites, experiences, and up to date training. You’ll need to think about how you plan to learn those new skills.

A good option would be to search for online BBA programs. You could consider signing up to different courses or hiring a mentor to teach you the new skills you need.

Having some kind of plan to learn those skills is incredibly important. Especially if you are planning to change your career.

How do you get your foot in the door?

There’s a traditional route you can take. That’s looking for a new job and getting hired by a company that’s willing to take on an intern or someone inexperienced. Luckily, in this day and age, there are countless ways to get involved in the industry that you want to work in.

It’s a great way to get your foot in the door.

If your situation allows, you can work as a freelancer or look for work online to help you build experience in your new industry. This is a great option because it allows you to slowly build up knowledge while you’re still at your current job.

A great way to make ends meet while you’re thinking of a career change is to take up transcription. Transcriptionists can make up to $60,000 a year and some can earn up to six-figures. It’s all about what you put into it.

Check out Transcribe Anywhere to get more information and get started. The more money you earn, the closer you are to stepping into your dream career.

It’s a good way to make sure you have job security before making the leap. Plus, you get another stream of cash flow and don’t need to risk changing your career completely.

At least not until you’re satisfied that you can make a living and pay the bills with your new career.

According to career change statistics, we will change our career 5-7 times during our work life. So, believe me, it’s feasible. Personally, I am the point where I want to advance and continue creating in my industry.

It’s always exciting!

Did you ever want to change your career?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!






Maybe you’ve decided that you’re destined for different things in life and think it’s finally time to move on. Here's how to prepare for a career change. #tips #careertips

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