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Glide Effortlessly & Up Your Outdoor Play Game with Showcase’s Gravity Blade Hoverboard! #tech

Glide Effortlessly & Up Your Outdoor Play Game with Showcase's Gravity Blade Hoverboard! #tech

The Gravity Blade Hoverboard.

I think we all have been obsessed with the futuristic idea of gliding through the streets on a hoverboard since we saw Marty McFly do it, right? I know that I have certainly been obsessed. While the hoverboard that is available to us right now still has wheels, we’ll take it. Showcase has managed to create a hoverboard that is better than any of its competitors. If you are thinking of getting a hoverboard, this is the one.

The Gravity Blade Hoverboard allows you to travel effortlessly as you ride to your destination, around a track or at a skate park.  The sensors in the hoverboard always know the precise moment when you, the rider, moves and leans in any direction, so the entire ride is smooth and fun. It literally moves with you and with every direction or action you take, it will move right along with you. 

Glide Effortlessly & Up Your Outdoor Play Game with Showcase's Gravity Blade Hoverboard! #tech

Speed and Thrill.

The maximum speed on the Gravity Blade Hoverboard is 12 km per hour which is 2 km per hour faster than any other hoverboard on the market.  This allows the rider to get from Point A to Point B much quicker when they use this hoverboard.  The rubber tires also ensure a smooth and safe ride and they are much better than the plastic tires that other manufacturers are using. They provide a better grip and allow you to have more control! That means, if you’re brave enough, you have more control to do the tricks that give you that thrill. 

The battery on the Gravity Blade Hoverboard is a Samsung and since it is a name you know and love, the quality is noticeable over the unbranded lithium batteries used in other models.  The battery will charge within two to three hours, so that this hoverboard is ready to use faster than any other. Gabby has been loving how fast it charges. Since she has been using it so often, she plugs it in to charge it and goes off to do something else and come back in a couple of hours and it’s ready to use again.

Glide Effortlessly & Up Your Outdoor Play Game with Showcase's Gravity Blade Hoverboard! #tech

Glide Effortlessly & Up Your Outdoor Play Game with Showcase's Gravity Blade Hoverboard! #tech

Glide Effortlessly & Up Your Outdoor Play Game with Showcase's Gravity Blade Hoverboard! #tech

Feel That Wind!

You never know when you might be out a little later than planned, that’s where the LED lights and IP54 waterproofing helps. The LED lights will allow you to see where you are going and you’ll be more noticeable to others as well.  Since the hoverboard is waterproof, you will not have to be concerned if you are riding in the middle of nowhere when a rain shower begins. Don’t worry about those puddles either!

Each Gravity Blade Hoverboard is tested to make sure that it passes the UL2272 Safety Certification requirements. Showcase does not only check the hoverboard itself, but each and every component.  This ensures that every piece meets and exceeds the highest standards. So, when your kids hop on–you can rest easy knowing that the hoverboard is operating safely.

Glide Effortlessly & Up Your Outdoor Play Game with Showcase's Gravity Blade Hoverboard! #tech

Up Your Game!

Gabby loves to get outside, while nothing beats getting out there and getting active, sometimes playing with a gadget that gets you outside can be just as beneficial. Gabby wears a helmet for extra safety and takes it on a track with supervision. She loves going on “walks” with us since she can just glide with us. We stop and she starts practicing her tricks. The tricks are where you start using more of your body and personally, I like the fact that the hoverboard gets you outside instead of sitting behind a screen.

She has become pretty adept at using the hoverboard and thinks it is the coolest thing ever. I have to agree, even though most of our kids will never know the pure awesomeness it is to be able to glide and “hover” like Marty McFly. It may not be the same but, it is pretty darn close! All you have to do is close your eyes and imagine! But, just make sure you are at a full stop if you are closing them to take a minute to daydream!

See It in Action!

We had a blast taking out the hoverboard to a skate park. We are starting to get more comfortable with it and soon enough, we will be doing tricks! Well, maybe Gabby and Hubs will–I am just happy to get on the Gravity Blade and just riding straight! It’s so much fun and great for all ages, it just requires a little balance! But, everyone who has tried it with us, was able to get it after a few times.

Glide Effortlessly & Up Your Outdoor Play Game with Showcase's Gravity Blade Hoverboard! #tech

Get One!

If you’ve been wanting to purchase a hoverboard you should head to Showcase and try out the Gravity Blade Hoverboard. You’ll discover that after a bit of practice, it becomes quite easy and the excellent quality and craftsmanship of this hoverboard is undeniable from the second you get on it for the very first time. 

It is definitely the best hoverboard available on the market and it makes my techie puffy heart happy because slowly but, surely the technology we only dreamed of in the past are becoming a reality. This makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves gadgets and tech or those who want to hover and glide in the shoes of Marty McFly. This hoverboard is recommended for everyone that is above 55 pounds and makes an excellent Christmas gift!

The Gravity Blade Hoverboard is available at Showcase in-store and online for $499.99 + free shipping. The SALE price right now is $349.99 + free shipping! That’s a savings of $150.00! Visit Showcase for more information about the Gravity Blade Hoverboard and connect with them via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Do you struggle with your lights every year?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!










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  1. My husband actually asked for one of these and I was like- are you kidding? I know they are fun, but I had no idea how sleek and compact they are now making them.

  2. My daughter wants a hover board for her birthday. I think she is not old enough and might get hurt. I am such a worrywart, I know! Your daughter looks very confident on this one.

    1. The hoverboard is based on weight not necessarily age! 🙂 You can take her to Showcase and have her try it out with assistance there!

  3. My kids have been asking for one of these for Christmas. They are going to be so excited on Christmas to open them up.

  4. I love this little hoverboard and need to get one for my family. The last time my husband stepped on one he almost killed himself.

  5. i would love to have one of these. i see all these kid zooming by on them and would love to try it. however, i am scared i would fall. haha

  6. These look like so much fun!!! I want one super bad lol… I think it would be fun to cruise down the street on one lol

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