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Chic Ideas For Making A Room Feel More Spacious

A glimpse of a living room is shown and a beautiful kitchen is shown in the background. This article covers chic ideas for making a room feel more spacious.

Chic Ideas For Making A Room Feel More Spacious

We all love the idea of living in a home with large airy rooms and more space than is strictly necessary. Yet, the reality is often far from the dream, leaving us to make the most of cozy spaces.

But small spaces needn’t be cramped and depressing. With the proper layout and design, they can feel bright and spacious.

These clever décor and furniture ideas are the intelligent solution to making any room feel more spacious and appealing.

Less Clutter

Clutter is the enemy of space, eating it up and refusing to share. Good decluttering is the quickest way to open a room and make it feel larger.

Selling and donating unused items is an excellent way to remove them while giving them a new lease of life. Plus, a bonus that any funds raised can go towards contemporary décor.

Once you’ve achieved the calm of a newly decluttered room, you can take stock, properly see the available space, and make plans.


Dark corners feel oppressive and like they’re pressing in on you. This is why one of the main aspects of an open, airy room is plenty of light.

Use natural light as much as possible during daylight hours by throwing the curtains or blinds open.

For the hours of the day when the natural light is low, use lamps and lighting fixtures to introduce plenty of light.

If you have rooms lit by a single, centrally situated bulb, try adding a couple of fashionable floor lamps in strategic corners to chase away gloomy spots.

Alternatively, a multi-bulb fitting will cast more light into all areas of the room while adding a decorative touch to the décor.


The last thing you want in a room you’re trying to make feel spacious is heavy, dark-colored furniture that soaks up light and space.

Instead, opt for modern luxury sofas that are light and airy.

Seats and couches with an open element to their design are perfect for small rooms. They have form and style without overpowering the décor. 

The furniture placement within a room has an incredible impact on the feel of the area. Whether you’re replacing old furniture with new pieces or keeping pieces you already have, experiment with the layout.

A heavy dresser or tall bookcase beside a window will limit the light coming in. However, a pot plant in the same space plays with the light rather than causing an obstruction.

A comfortable chair and a side table with a plant make a well-lit, calming reading nook.


Stop clutter creeping back in with creative use of furniture and storage solutions. In a snug bedroom, many beautiful beds have a surprising amount of storage underneath the mattress.

In the living room, carry this trend of hidden-in-plain-sight storage by opting for things like an ottoman with a lid.

Style and practicality easily mesh so that any room is effortless to maintain a feeling of spaciousness.

Color Choice

Just as dark colors are wonderful for creating an intimate feel in a room, light tones are the perfect way to open an area.

Wallpaper can make a bold statement without swamping the room and drawing the walls in as long as the colorway is chosen carefully.

Similarly, minimize dark choices for furniture and soft furnishings with a couple of statement pieces that stand out within a lighter environment.

A lot of dark will crowd the space, whereas statement pieces give an illusion of space around them.

Designated Areas

When space is at a premium, defining boundaries may slip down the list of priorities when considering room layout.

However, for those of us making do with several multi-purpose rooms in our homes, creating definitions between areas is crucial for preserving spaciousness.

Screens and other room dividers are excellent for defining larger spaces, but smaller spaces require some imagination to limit space loss.

If you’ve had to insert a home office into a living room, introduce a compact desk and work in your designated office area rather than taking over the sofa.

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These boundaries help with focus and keep work and leisure separate – essential for relaxing downtime. And the different piece of furniture gives a juxtaposition without blocking light.

Creating a sense of spaciousness within small rooms involves the clever use of furnishings, color, and imaginative layout.

However, stylishness also remains an essential factor, and many elegant and chic pieces are perfect for making a petit room feel spacious and open.

Do you have any other ideas for making a room feel more spacious?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A glimpse of a living room is shown and a beautiful kitchen is shown in the background. This article covers chic ideas for making a room feel more spacious.

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