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Make Your Closet Better: The Rubbermaid Max Add-On Closet Helper Will Do Just That!

Rubbermaid Closet Helper Max Add-On

Rubbermaid Max Add-On Closet Helper.
It’s your closet’s salvation.

Most of us have spend lots of time and money on trying to organize and maximize our closet space with expensive options or construction. Ones that often end up not working with our growing needs or circumstances. Actually 57% of us have spent the time and money.

I for one, own way too many shoes but, I say a girl can never own too many shoes, right? And, with SALES, well–the clothes adds up and your closet is soon bursting at the seam.

So, eventually,  a once clean and organized closet can become one royal mess and it’s one of those things that can be “out of sight, out of mind”  with a close of the closet door. With Spring sprouting up, this always means that Spring Cleaning is due!

Closet Helper Cubbie

Get Organized and Do It At a Low Price!

The Rubbermaid Max Add-On Closet Helper is super easy to install and required no tools to assemble. My Hubby is very neat and loves to have his shirts perfectly folded and everything has it’s place. The plastic shelves are strong and sturdy and the Closet Helper Cubbie can hold a lot of his shirts, socks and undies.

Closet Helper Max Add On empty (1)

Bring On the Space!

The hanging rod can be expanded about 2 to 3.5 feet thus giving you lots of room to hang your shirts and pants. When everything has a place and when everything is in its place the frustration of  a messy closet is no more.

More Max-Add On Specs:
  • Adds eight feet of additional shelving space to existing closet units
  • Telescoping hang rod creates two to four feet of double hang for shirts, skirts and pants
  • Four removable cubby inserts can be used as drawers or open bins
  • Metal frame offers rigid and durable structure
  • Doesn’t take up valuable floor space
  • Designed to sit flush against the back wall reducing swing and wasted space
  • Available at Home Depot, Rona and Select Walmart; SRP $99.99
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Lots of Options!
  • Available in 2- or 4-shelf units
  • Uses wasted space beneath short-hang items or creates a full tower of shelves
  • Hand levers allow for easy height adjustment for high and low placement of shelves
  • Doesn’t take up valuable floor space
  • Sturdy shelves provide smooth, flat surface for folded clothing
  • Designed to sit flush against the back wall, reducing swing and wasted space
  • 2-shelf unit available February 2013 at Home Depot and Rona for $49.99
  • 4-shelf unit available February 2013 at Home Depot and Select Walmart for $79.99

Closet Helper wood attachment - low res

Wood or Wire?

We have a walk-in closet that is shared between my Hubby and I and it has shelving that is shared between  the both of us. So, the Rubbermaid Max Add-On Closet Helper is a god send! This system has connections for both wood or wire shelving and works with both.

I love the versatility and adaptability it allows, not to mention that I was able to do this myself and without any tools.  What better way to organize your closets than this?


Do your closets need some organization and Rubbermaid love?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I got one of these too and used it to organize my boys closet. So nice it fits all closet sizes. The best part was no tools needed and they put it together 🙂

  2. I need these in my home , i have no closets and stuff all over the place this would make for a much neater home ! i love this idea , and need it (:

  3. I would love to organize my closets. Seems like when I clean them out and organize, by the time everything goes back in, it doesn't look so neat. 🙂

  4. Holy moly! This take closet organization to a whole new level! I love how the storage boxes are integrated right into a hanging rack instead of having to stack them elsewhere.

  5. One of our very small bedrooms is being turned into my closet/craft room and this would be great in there to start off my re-organisation of the room

  6. This looks like a great product. Will have to check it out because I definitely have some closets that need organizing.

  7. A closet that is organzied is a dream! My closets are so small though, that i'm not sure if these would work for me

  8. I need this for my kids' closets – they are so disorganized! I like that you could do this yourself!

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