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Try the NEW SunRype Juices: 100% Juice, No Added Sugar, Easy to Open, Pour & Reseal! #LiveRype


SunRype Juices.
Simply Delicious.

I am very selective and pretty picky when it comes to the juices that I allow my daughters to drink.  I am concerned about additives and preservatives. It’s important to me.

Water and almond milk are regulars in our house.  Along with juice once in a while, I am always concerned about large sugar content but, I still want the girls to enjoy fruit juice. So, finding the perfect one is on the top of my list.


Like Convenience?

I don’t know about you but, life can get so hectic. When I had the chance to try out SunRype’s new 900ml resealable cartons. I was totally in! SunRype is 100% Juice with no added sugar, no artificial flavours and colours.

Since keeping my girls active and enjoying a balanced lifestyle is a top priority for me, drinking juice made from quality ingredients just makes sense. The new 900 mL pack has an easy to open twist cap that’s recloseable, which makes it easy to store.  Not to mention, the sleek carton fits easily in the fridge and is comfortable to hold and pour.

I like that the girls can easily serve themselves and reseal the bottle. It is easy to hold and open and even easier to close. Plus, with the weather getting warmer, I can’t wait to get out there for picnics and patio dinners!


On the GO!

Gabby had her All-County Track meet and I wanted to make sure she was hydrated, refreshed and packed with vitamins.  I packed up the cooler and brought reusable bottles and cups to offer to her and her team.  A whole day under the sun and running all day, they sure needed a boost!



Gabby absolutely loved the Mango and Ambrosia Blend Apple. They were her favorite and we started off most mornings with a cup of SunRype juice. Gabby’s relay team was excited when Gabby had told them she was bringing refreshments to the meet.  They really enjoyed the Mango and LOVED the Apple juice. 

I was comfortable bringing them to the meet because they were resealable and I knew that they could help themselves and I could tightly seal them again. Perfect for a beautiful sunny day to find a spot of shade to sip on some juice!




SunRype’s 900 mL juices come in 16 delicious varieties, including grape, apple orange peach, wildberry and their more health specialized juices including Fruit Plus Veggie and Fibre, FruitActiv and Frullo- the new 50 calorie option.

We tried the Mango, Apple Orange Peach and Ambrosia Blend Apple.  I absolutely loved the Mango and think that it tastes authentically like mango. Dara loved the Apple Orange Peach because he’s a huge fan of peaches. He loved the medley of flavors.  Mimi favored the Mango and wanted more! You can get more information about all 3 flavors, here.


Connect with SunRype!

Check SunRype out on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Also, visit SunRype’s beautiful new website for recipes, bright ideas, and coupons for your favourite SunRype products: www.sunrype.ca

Want to WIN?

That’s a YEAR Supply of SunRype products to be exact! That is total awesomesauce if you ask me! All you have to do is go to this page, here. Enter your name, email, and city of residence and you are entered!  

Contest ends on August 6, 2014 at 23:59 EST. This contest is only open to my fellow Canucks. Must be ages 18+ to enter. For full contest rules and regulations, please refer to contest page!

Which juice do you most want to try?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!


Disclosure: Although this post has been generously sponsored by SunRype, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect SunRype.

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  2. I love these for the no added sugar and for all the varieties. My kids get bored with just apple or just orange, love the blends of these – they are so good!

  3. Great idea! I am going to get this and make a little cooler for my son to take to football practices. I love that there is no sugar added!
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  4. I love these SunRype juices. I love fruit juice, but most brands have extra sugar added. Now I can enjoy fruit juice with no extra refined sugars.
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  5. What a great contest. I love fruit drinks but am not a fan of all the extra sugar. Thanks for sharing this review as it sounds like something I should buy for the kids and myself.

  6. The SunRype juices are so appealing and I would love to try good old apple juice! Thanks for the post!!

  7. I've never given my toddler juice as of yet….but eventually I will. This brand might be a good start, thanks for the great read!

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