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The G CAN Refueling System: The Perfect Gift for The Person Who Has Everything! Clean, Safe and Simple to Use! #ForDad


The G CAN Refueling System.
The perfect gift for my main guy in my life!

It really is a beaut, to be honest, I definitely will be using this for years to come along with him. If you’ve never heard of G CAN, well, you’re missing out! But, let me tell you about it because I know that if the special guy in your life or if you’re a handy person yourself, you’ll love this!

If you have a gas-powered lawn mower, boat, ATV or anything that requires fueling–you need the G CAN!

About G CAN:

Safer for the whole family. The G CAN® is the only CSA-approved portable refueling system and is certified as child-safe and senior-friendly. The spill-free and vapour recovery features greatly reduce the potential for fuel-related fires, injuries and accidents. The G CAN® is the only CSA-approved portable refueling system and is certified as child-safe and senior-friendly. The spill-free and vapour recovery features of the G CAN® greatly reduce the potential for fuel-related fires, injuries, and accidents.


The Specs.
Spill-Free & No more lifting:

Patented SmartSensingTM Technology automatically stops the flow of fuel when the tank is full. Accidental removal of the spout from the target tank will immediately stop the flow of fuel.  Spill-free features prevent the operator from getting fuel on his or her hands and clothes. No more gas smell on your hands or in the garage. The G CAN® is an active patented pumping system, where the container remains on the ground during refueling so there is no lifting.

Protects the environment & your equipment:

Innovative nozzle features prevent spillage, reducing the environmental harm from gas spills. The G CAN® is equipped with a patented dual line hose providing active vapour recovery. Significantly reduces the amount of environmental harm associated with vapour emissions. The G CAN® is a sealed system keeping your fuel fresh and contaminant-free. Significantly increasing the life and performance of your equipment.



Easy to Use!

If you’ve checked out the specs, well, you know that the G CAN is super easy to use. My husband simply pumped the gasoline with one foot. He especially loved how sturdy the G CAN is and the nozzle allows for secure refueling. It’s also great to know that it’s environmentally friendly and stops the harmful fumes.

It’s sealed, so you know no contaminants are getting inside either. The SmartSensing system is remarkable with the Auto-Shut Off feature and the kick stand for the nozzle makes for super easy fueling.



No More Heavy Lifting!

“I am in love with the fact that I don’t have to struggle with lifting up a huge and potentially messy jug to refuel my toys. It is simple to use and the slow pumping action fuels the tank evenly. There’s no spills which in turn makes it safer all around. It’s lightweight and I love how the nozzle has a safety that if I accidentally take the nozzle out, it stops pumping. My wife loves that it’s eco-friendly because it prevents spills and collects harmful vapors. I recommend this can for every man AND woman with toys and machinery to fuel. And come on, it’s Bob Izumi approved!” -Darasak

See It In Action!
Isn’t it awesome?

Well, this gorgeous piece of equipment retails for $229 but, with the holidays coming up! G CAN has given me a promo code where you can get this perfect gift for $199! Just head on over by clicking the button and use “NANCY” as the PROMO code!

[animated_button align=”center” animation=”pulse” color=”orange” size=”medium” text=”PROMO CODE: NANCY” target=”_blank” url=”http://invite.gcan.com/nancy”]


The G CAN refueling system is truly an innovation!

I know that simply lifting it alone and fueling up the lawn mower when Hubby isn’t home is going to be a huge help! So, it’s a win-win over here! You can get more information by visiting G CAN, here.

What do you think of the G CAN?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. What a good idea! I dislike spilling gas on the ground when the lawnmower gets filled. It's a pretty fancy gadget.

  2. Oh forget the husband, I want one of these g can refueling systems!!! That pump action and not lifting would totally save me so much mess and back strain!!

  3. very handy. def. a great product to have!
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  4. I'm loving this! I've tried a handful of times to use a traditional gas can and I always spill it everywhere, including all over my hands. <3 this!

  5. What a great idea! My son-in-law is hard to buy for and his birthday is coming up…this would be perfect! Thanks for the post!

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