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How to Plan the Perfect Wedding for 2021

A table decorated and set for a wedding. Weddings have changed since the pandemic, here is how to plan the perfect wedding for 2021.

How to Plan the Perfect Wedding for 2021

The wedding industry is one that has been hit hard during 2020. Despite all the setbacks, it is one area of the economy that will not disappear.

People are always going to be tying the knot.

Even if things are uncertain and liable to change, we can be sure that there will be weddings. Let’s take a look at how to best plan for the perfect wedding for 2021.

I hope these tips and make the best of your big day.

Consider the Guest List

The guest list is a headache at the best of times, who to include, who to leave out? Politics always plays a part in this, how many guests on each side?

What if one partner has more friends or family than the other? These are all difficult decisions that need to be considered to keep the peace.

With many venues still potentially having restrictions on the number of guests, the list could be liable to change and you should bear this in mind.

Perhaps many could be placed on a reserve list on the understanding that it may not be possible to attend.

Make Arrangements Early

Demand will outstrip supply in the coming year. We are going to be competing not only with all the usual other weddings but also those delayed from the current year.

This will enhance the need to book in plenty of time. Flexibility may be required as your first choices may be difficult to obtain if you are fixed on a particular date.

Look at the Venue

Venue choice may be one of the trickiest decisions to make as things are liable to change at short notice.

You may want to take the risk and book a large traditional venue, but it may be prudent to consider alternative locations.

Outdoor venues are popular and are much easier to upscale and downscale in terms of numbers.

Pick somewhere that is likely to be warm and sunny at the time of year you are planning the date.

Florida Beach Weddings are a perfect idea, as there is plenty of space, beautiful scenery, and warm sunny days and evenings.

Consider Insurance

We have been planning on the assumption that we can get around issues and obstacles and that the day will go ahead no matter what.

No-one can guarantee this 100%.

So wedding insurance is a key purchase many venues require it these days. Be sure to thoroughly read the policy and see what factors for cancellation are covered and what are not.

Plan for Contingencies

Where possible, it’s key to consider venues and providers who offer cancellation if possible? Even for the day itself, you should plan for seemingly small issues.

Ones that could be disastrous if you were stuck on the day, put together an emergency wedding kit for the day, containing essentials such as makeup, etc.

If determined, you can always make the day perfect. It’s vital to just be prepared for the above scenarios, and you’ll do fine.

Do you have any tips on how to plan a wedding for 2021?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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