Smile Though Your Heart Is Aching

Smile Though Your Heart is Aching

Smile Though Your Heart is Aching

For those of you who know me and know me well, know that I am a huge fan of Michael.

His passing is something that has struck me very deeply. To my very core, I feel for his children who have lost a father, his siblings who have lost a brother and his parents who have lost a son. And to us, the rest of the world, we have lost the greatest entertainer of all time.

I have peace that I have stood by Michael through all the persecutions, slander and harassment he had to endure.


I have always stood up for him when people tried to tear down who he was. It is a damn shame what he had to endure in exchange for sharing HIS gift with the world. And I, like I’m sure millions of others, have ALWAYS done the exact same.

For beyond the immense contributions that he shared musically with the world, he changed the lives of millions with his gift and hope of change and a better world for those who were much less fortunate.

He also paved the way for many artists and broke down huge barriers for those to follow him.

It makes me sick to see those who persecuted him incessantly, now raise him as a hero and humanitarian and shout proclamations of a tremendous loss to the world.

But, where were these Judas’ and vultures when he was here?

Regardless, I know the role of the media but he truly was a target for decades. And he just took it and kept on giving. To the media and to some the world, he could do no right.

But to me, he could do no wrong.

As time passes and you look back on your youth, you’ll remember you were one of the many that were casting stones. Sad. The day that anyone on this earth is perfect and does not make bad decisions from time to time, let me know.

I’d like to shake their hand.

It makes me analyze that old term that you never really know what you had until it’s gone. In this case and in many other aspects of life, it rings true. Once the world loses its brightest star it mourns. Or you let that one person get away and you now realize they were the love of your life, it’s too late.

Even when you end a friendship over idiocies you realize you lost a great friend, you regret.

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Through Michael’s unparalleled legacy and through his passing I hope that we can all take heed of his values and his example and appreciate what we have before we lose it.

To help those who cannot help themselves and give with a good heart without expectation. We often, myself included, look at our lives and think that we have it so bad when in reality, we really are not close to the suffering that others are enduring at this very moment.

Michael did change the world and touched many hearts the short time he was here. He will be forever missed and always remembered in my heart and the hearts of millions around the world. I hope now he will be at rest and I do hope that maybe now, they will leave you alone Michael.

I love you.

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