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BMO’s Talk With Our Kids About Money Program. #TWOKAM

BMO’s Talk With Our Kids About Money

Speaking with children about finances is never an easy task, but it is crucial if you want your children to learn how to be financially responsible when they grow up. 

Dara and I try to teach our girls as much as we can about finances and try to utilize any tool or program that can help with the task. Thankfully, BMO Financial Group helped launch the Talk With Our Kids About Money program with the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education back in 2013.  Since then, one day a year is designated as BMO’s Talk With Our Kids About Money Day and this year that falls on April 20th

However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop talking about money after April 20th.  BMO encourages us to continue the conversations throughout the entire year.

Talk With Our Kids About Money is a website that can be accessed by parents and teachers.  The site offers two different programs: one for schools and one for home learning.  You as a parent are encouraged to go onto the site and explore the tools and resources available to you.  The program is free and you will be able to find engaging and interactive activities to do with your children. 

BMO is dedicated to enhancing financial literacy and knows that a relationship with money starts at a young age.  BMO strives to help all Canadians talk to their children and they believe that talking about money should happen every day.  On the Talk With Our Kids About Money website, you’ll find many ideas on how to bring those conversations into your daily interactions with your children. 

BMO also has a dedicated website, for parents on how to talk to your children about money.  The site can even help you prepare for your child’s future – topics range from tips on helping your preschooler learn about money to preparing to pay for college. 

There are also sections on how to save money on holidays and other activities – this was particularly helpful for Gabby who loves to save money when she travels. On the site, you can even find out the going rates for babysitters and the Tooth Fairy. Now my friends, that is useful for us parents, right?

I think that every parent needs to take advantage of BMO’s Talk With Our Kids About Money program. They’ve found a way to give you the most information and tools that you will need to teach your kids. Plus, they present it in a way that your children will enjoy. 

Talking about money does not have to be boring or stressful.  Take advantage of the tools that are made available to you and make learning about money fun and interesting for every family member.  As a mom myself, I found out a lot of things that I didn’t know. It can be a learning experience for the entire family!

Do you teach your children about money?

Join the conversation using the hashtag #TWOKAM and make sure to follow BMO on Twitter (@BMO) and on Facebook (/BMOCommunity).

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. I love that BMO is helping parents learn the right way to talk to their kids about money. I see so many kids in this generation with zero understanding of money. That is frightening.

  2. Kids need to know about money at an early age. It's good that there are programs like this for parents to make it easier for them to talk with their kids about money.

  3. Talking to your kids about money and being responsible is such an important task. In an age where money speaks and credit yells, being financially savvy from a young age is beyond important.

  4. I think it is super important to educate kids about money. We give my Lil one change to play with. I’ll even get him to count it. Don’t forget to educate them about debit cards, most kids assume there are unlimited funds attached.

    1. You can always teach them whenever you are out, to add things and to see how much things are worth too.

  5. This is a great post for parents to know about. Talking about money to our children is so important now. It's a must to keep speaking of it too. Great reminder!

  6. I am always talking to my kids about money, how you get it, how you spend it and what it means to save and plan. They are still really young, but I hope it pays off as they get older.

  7. Talking about money with kids can be so hard, but it's so important. This is a great program to get the conversation started.

  8. It is so important to teach kids about money. My kids have learned what the value of a dollar is. They are both smart shoppers.

  9. This is a wonderful post. I always talk to my daughters about money. They both have bank accounts open and they have piggy banks they always put money in. I want them to know to always save money when they can.

  10. I love the picture of the piggy bank. 🙂 too cute. We talk about finances with our kids regularly. They see the value and gratitude for what they have and the need to understand how money works.:)

  11. I believe talking to kids about money is very important, they're never too young to learn about how money is made, spent and most important how to save! My grandmother taught me how to balance a checkbook at a very young age, and let me help her balance her checkbook with her.
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  12. I'm really trying to teach my daughter the importance of money and how to use it wisely. But we still got a long way to go.

  13. This is such great information! Our first child is due in July and this is super helpful information for us to share as they grow older!

  14. This is an amazing program! I want my kids to have as much info as they need to make the best financial decisions in their life.

  15. I need to do that! My son thinks we are rich and that we have money to do anything! While I don't want to restrict his ability to dream about things he can have, I want him to be financially responsible!
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  16. I never got the money talk. I think this might be one of the reasons I suck when it comes to saving and managing. Happy to hear that BMO has this program set in place to help parents that want to teach their kids about money!

  17. Teaching your kiddos about money is so important! My diaghter is only four and I still try to teach her the value of things!

  18. jehe If you want the truth, The Trio taught Babushka about finances!! Nothing like being a single mom of 3 to help you prioritize spending. Great topic, should be taught in schools too.

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