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The Westin Trillium House at Blue Mountain: Stay at The @WestinBlueMtn for Great Service, Comfort, Bliss and Relaxation. #travel


The Westin Trillium House.

Last week, we were invited to Collingwood to explore the BIGGER and BETTER Blue Mountain experience. We were given the chance to bunk up at The Westin Trillium House and was it ever incredible?

Yes, it sure was!

The location is absolutely spectacular and is in walking distance to the Village at Blue Mountain and to all the winter sport action, dining and shopping.

Image Credit: Westin Trillium House, Blue Mountain
Image Credit: Westin Trillium House, Blue Mountain
A Love Story.

Blue Mountain is truly special to my husband and I. After all, it is where we fell in love and just knew that we were meant to be. This was so many years ago and we still hold Blue Mountain close to our hearts and as an active force for bringing us together.

When we were invited to come down and experience Blue Mountain and the Westin, we were more than thrilled. It was a surreal experience to walk through the village with our children and to feel and share that same ethereal feeling that only the Village and the entirety of Blue Mountain has.


About Westin Trillium House at Blue Mountain:

Just two hours northwest of Toronto, The Westin Trillium House, Blue Mountain is a relaxing retreat in a breathtaking setting. Located next to both the Georgian Bay and the majestic Niagara Escarpment, The Westin Trillium House, Blue Mountain is your ideal haven for renewal.



As soon as we walked into the Westin, the staff greeted us and asked if we needed anything. The valet took our keys and offered help with our luggage. We were directed to the front desk and they were already expecting us.

They even gave us an upgrade to our room and extended our check-out time until 1PM.  The staff throughout our entire stay was super helpful, hard-working and genuine. I’ve stayed at many resorts and I have no problem admitting when I’ve had exceptional service.




Home Away From Home.

One of the things that we look for when we travel with the entire family (even when my husband and I travel alone) is the comforts and amenities of home. It gives us the freedom to make Starbucks coffee as often as we pleased and if we so desired, to buy groceries and make small quick meals to save money or the ability to reheat our leftovers.

Since we love trying new restaurants, we often bring back “doggy-bags” of our leftovers and it was awesome to have a full kitchen to be able to reheat them so that they taste just as delicious. Having a full stove, fridge and dishwasher was optimal.

It was helpful for the kids because they often brought back most of their meals and it was awesome to store and then reheat when they got hungry. Since with kids, hunger always seems more appealing AFTER you leave the restaurant. The dining table was so useful to set the kids up and there was no shortage of seating which is always a good thing.

Not to mention, we were welcomed with a Westin Trillium House bag full of goodies and a personalized letter thanking us for choosing Westin and warm wishes that we enjoy our stay. You have to love a personal touch and the Westin staff were amazing during our entire stay.



Pure Relaxation Retreat.

After a long day of being outside in the cold or after getting nice and sweaty from getting active in the snow. It’s always nice to come back, take a nice shower and relax.

About Our 2-Bedroom Suite:

For couples traveling together or parents who’d like to stay near the kids, choose the Western Trillium House, Blue Mountain’s Two Bedroom Suite. The clean, modern décor reflects the colors of the moss, birches and trees of the surrounding Blue Mountains and Georgian Bay. The master bedroom means privacy and comfort, with the spa-like amenities of your own Heavenly® Bath and the crisp white linens on the king-size Heavenly® Bed-yet your travel companions will be right at hand.

Each suite also features a second bedroom with Queen-size bed and a second washroom. And the elegant yet comfortable sitting room includes options for whatever the day or mood, with two armchairs, a Queen-size sofa bed, and a dining table that seats six to eight. Cook up a feast or prepare a snack or dessert in the sleek granite kitchen, which boasts a stove and oven, microwave, refrigerator, dinner ware and myriad other amenities.

After a full day outdoors, gather the group around a toasty fire for a chat and some wine, a movie or a meal -or retreat to the quiet of your own room to read in bed. Enjoy numerous standard amenities as well, from 24-hour room service to wireless internet and more.

  • 1,000 Square Feet / 93 Square Meters
  • One or Two Queen-size Heavenly Beds® in Second Bedroom
  • Full Kitchen
  • Separate Bath and Shower
  • Private Balcony with Option of Mountain View




I think the greatest attestation to a good night’s sleep away from home is when you go to sleep and you don’t wake up until morning.


Simply because that means that you weren’t tossing and turning or having restless sleep, it means that you had “heavenly” sleep. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was sound asleep and woke up the next morning completely refreshed. That same sentiment was felt throughout our whole family.

The Heavenly beds come fully equipped with hypoallergenic feather pillows and warm duvets which automatically produces amazing sleep, right?

The shower was ridiculous and I am adamant about getting this same shower head installed in our bathroom because it is THAT amazing. It is a rain shower faucet head with a hand sprayer that was absolutely divine.

The shampoo, conditioner and body wash was refreshing and the leaf-shaped soaps smelled delicious too. The bathroom comes stocked with a hairdryer, Heavenly bathrobes and a really cool make-up/shaving mirror.


Plenty of Room.

The second bedroom is where the girls and my Mom slept. They shared a bed and my Mom slept comfortably in her own bed. The washroom was a nice size and it was an en suite like ours was. It also had the amazing shower that we had in our room and Gabby absolutely loved it. You can’t forget the awesome view from the room too!

Take the Tour!

Gabby was so impressed with our 2-bedroom suite that she wanted to give all of you a tour. It’s a great way to see where you could call home while you enjoy Blue Mountain.

As you can see, it is kid-approved and definitely kid-friendly as there was a TV in every room and plenty of space to play. Not to mention, you get a DVD player, in-room movies and your favorite cable channels.


Our View?
Yeah, it was simply incredible.

I think it looked absolutely lovely at night and I was able to take this panoramic shot of the beautiful Westin Trillium House from our private balcony. It was nice to stand outside in the balcony overlooking the pools and seeing the Village in the distance. We were on the 4th floor and had a spectacular view, that’s for sure.




Extraordinary Experiences.

One of the most spectacular things about the Westin Trillium House is the things you can do on-site! They offer a first-class gym, a year-round heated outdoor pool and sauna, and the new all-seasons Plunge! Aquatic Center. The girls and my Mom had a pass to Plunge but, due to the weather, they weren’t able to go. We will save that for next time!

Since you are within walking distance, you can always bundle up and stroll around in the Village at Blue for leisurely shopping, dining, and skating on the Millpond, a Scandinavian spa visit, or numerous events and festivals. Walking around the village is something that is incredibly special for my husband and I.

The pool is adjacent to the waterfall and creek and overlooks the millpond, all in a natural setting landscaped with beautiful plants and rock-work.  You can sooth yourself in the hot tub after a day on the slopes in winter and watch the snow fall as the steam rises off the water. The pool water is 82 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit in the spring, summer and fall. Winter temperatures are 93 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

This was an experience that we absolutely loved, the deck is heated and on our first night, we decided to go to the pool and hot tub. It was exhilarating and exciting to sit in a warm hot tub while the snow fell upon us. It was an amazing experience and we definitely recommend you do this when you stay at the Westin.



Divine Dining.

We ended our first day with dinner at Oliver and Bonacini Café Grill and enjoyed a relaxed ambiance and delicious food. I enjoyed their poutine that came with delicious and savory gravy, cheese curds and maple-glazed bacon. Because everything is just better with bacon, right?

Our first night was amazing, we relaxed, enjoyed the outdoor pool and spas, ate delicious food and then went back to our suite to rest upon a cloud while watching TV. It was all kinds of awesome and thank-you Westin Trillium House for hosting my family and I.

Tomorrow, I will share with you guys all the fun, excitement and adrenaline that Blue Mountain possesses because everything is sure BIGGER and BETTER at the Blue! The next few days I will show you our dining experience and our visit to the Scandinave Spa too, so stay tuned!

For excellent service, relaxation, luxury, pampering and a heavenly retreat, stay at The Westin Trillium House.

[usrlist Sleep-Quality:5 Rooms:5 Cleanliness:5 Dining:5 Location:5 Service:5]

Have you ever stayed at a Westin property and what did you most like about it?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. What a stunning hotel. If I ever head to Blue Mountain, I think I'll be staying at the Westin! I stayed with them in Whistler and had an amazing time. They really go the extra mile to make you feel welcome.

    1. They really did. 🙂 And it makes that much of a difference, you feel welcomed and you enjoy your stay even more. 🙂

  2. The Westin Trillium House looks breathtaking and amazing! Suites are the way to go. Their kitchens look awesome. I will definitely remember this for our vacation destinations!

  3. I followed your entire trip on Facebook and Twitter! What an amazing experience your family had! That looks like a place I would love to take my family!! Great food, great lodgings and a great time!

    1. Thanks for following along! It was amazing. 🙂 It’s also a great place for a tweet-up! 😉 Hint, hint, nudge, nudge. 🙂 LOL.

    1. Thank-you so much. It’s just lil ole us. 🙂 It was definitely cozy, never cold inside and just cold enough outside. 😛

  4. What an amazing hotel! Looks like you had a fabulous time.
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  5. Nancy: I had this same experience in the summer. LOVED it. There really isn't anything negative at all that I could say about that experience. It is a gorgeous resort. The hot tub is amazing. Plunge was a hoot. In the summer they have some super family activities and movies and festivals. I would head back in a minute.

    1. I had an absolutely amazing experience. I have nothing bad to say either. 🙂 The staff was wonderful and the fun was limitless.

  6. I've stayed at a number of Westin properties and never been disappointed. Proud member of their frequent flier club for over a decade!

  7. This looks amazing! And I love staying places with a kitchenette, it's the creature comforts of home. I'm so jealous, I'd love to visit!
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  8. Loved tagging along with you on your trip via facebook. I would love to take my whole family back to Blue Mountain – though probably in the summer months. But, winter looks absolutely gorgeous!

    1. We have to make our way there in Summer, we’ve only ever been in Winter. 🙂 I’ve seen lots of posts on Summer, looks fabulous.

  9. looks like a great place to visit.. LOVED your pictures and your view of the Hotel.. and WOW .. LOVED the pool in the snow.. reminds me of home..thanks for sharing

  10. This is such a gorgeous place to stay! I think I would love visiting here someday
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  11. the westin is an amazing hotel line. i have enjoyed the heavenly beds too and really thought about how i might fit the bed and linens into my van. LOL. that's a GORGEOUS place you got to visit and what a neat history!

  12. Wow! I've never seen a place with a full kitchen and dining room like that, great idea!
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  13. What a very exciting opportunity to go back to the place where you and your husband fell in love years later! It looks like a very beautiful and magical place for sure 🙂 Hopefully one day I'll be able to experience that magic!

  14. This looks like such a great place to stay! We try to go up to Blue Mountain at least once a year, and will look into staying here!

  15. Great Review! I have stayed at this Westin multiples times and absolutely love it! The hotel is great, the skiing is great and the Village is fantastic!
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