A Random November Babble

A Random November Babble. A close up of a Christmas tree and decorations of snow men and teddy bears.

Random November Babble

So, I’m sitting at my parent’s house on their PC while I enjoy my time off this week! If you don’t already know, how I’m absolutely uberly, insanely excited for the holidays.

It’s not even about gifts.

I mean, I absolutely adore giving them but if I don’t receive… Well, I’m perfectly content with that.

Although that is never the case.

To me, Christmas is about having everyone home for once and the bustle of everyday life almost slows down. Even if it’s just a few paces but we are able to spend relaxed times together and create many memories for years to come.

I also love seeing the glow of the Christmas lights, the smell of Christmas cookies baking. That feeling you get Christmas morning when you see your child and loved ones open their gifts with excitement, surprise and happiness!

Can’t be beaten

Anyways, this year will be great. As every year with Hubby, Gabs and the fam has been. Preparation for baby is well underway, just yesterday Gabriella was super excited to buy a warm coat onesie thingie to bring baby home in.

She was super proud and so was I.

She is going to be a great big sister. I have been gifted with such a kind-hearted and well-behaved daughter. Truly, I can truly say that.

Anyways, I have been doing lots of shopping in the last few weeks and I think this week I shall be done! Which is exciting. I also have my OB appointment coming up as well as my 3D/4D ultrasound. I can’t wait!

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This baby keeps me on my toes though, always kicking which although at times painful, a relief. I know the baby is doing well!

I wonder if this baby will be as musical as Gabs is, considering my constant singing and surrounding of music 24/7 practically! One day soon, Gabs will be playing like Orianthi Panagaris.

I have faith in her ability and in the patience that my dad has to teach her.

Well, I’m out. I had a bit of time to just babble! Have a good week all.

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Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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