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10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Sherkston Shores with Your Family

Two girls are looking at each other and smiling at the beach. This article covers why you need to visit Sherkston Shores with your family.

Visit Sherkston Shores with Your Family

Nestled along Lake Erie in the Niagara region of Canada is an amazing place called Sherkston Shores.

It is a resort that fills 560 acres and includes a lush landscape, sandy beaches, pools, waterslides, a quarry, and more.

While all of that seems fantastic, the best part is that everything inside the resort is reserved for the people who are staying there.

It isn’t open to the public and all of the attractions and amenities are exclusive to their guests only.

A perfect day can begin with a swim in the quarry or the pool, before heading over to the waterslides for some action and adventure.

Adults can feel free to take a dip in the hot tub while the kids are working off some of their never-ending energy in the splash pad or water slides.

If you prefer a little more nature adventure, an afternoon can be spent out on a boat while fishing or riding the waves on a Jet Ski.

We had the chance to stay at Sherkston Shores for a weekend. We made it a family affair and our family of 4 plus more of our family came out to enjoy this beautiful gem.

The resort offers so many amenities and I will do my best to share them with you. But let’s just say that you will never be bored!

Two girls sit on the steps of a Sherkston Shores property.
A little girl sits on the steps of the patio at Sherkston Shores.
A picture of a dining set sitting on the deck of a Sherkston Shores property.
Another view of the deck at Sherkston Shores.
Mimi stands at the dining room set and smiles..
Mimi poses on a picnic table at Sherkston Shores.
A view of the other Sherkston Shores properties with their designated picnic tables, BBQ, and fire pit.
Mimi and Gabby hold hands in front of their Sherkston Shores house.


The Digs

I am the type of person who loves the outdoors but, I do however, prefer to glamp. In my older age, ‘roughing it’ doesn’t hold the same appeal it did for me when I was much younger.

At Sherkston Shores, their cottages are perfect. While they are small, they have all of the comforts of home. 

Outside, you have a large deck and table to enjoy your meals al fresco. Perfect to celebrate with family and friends and when you’re done dining, you can continue the celebration in the back with your own BBQ and fire pit.

We dined al fresco on pizza and salad from the on-site Boston Pizza. After that, we went to the back picnic table and enjoyed watermelon and the kids made s’mores.

Now, this is how I love to enjoy the outdoors!

A basket of goodies, fruits, and chocolates are shown on the kitchen counter.
Other supplies provided by Sherkston Shores.
A view of the inside living room and kitchen at Sherkston Shores.
A view of the kitchen and dining area.
A view of the washroom and sink.
The toiletries that are provided by Sherkston Shores.
The main bedroom in the Sherkston Shores home.
The bunk beds for the kids at Sherkston Shores.


Comforts of Home

The premium cottages at Sherkston Shores not only have central air, but they also have a kitchen, full fridge, coffee station, wine fridge, and a dinette.

Not to mention, a living room to relax in.

It can sleep up to 6 people comfortably with a private room, a bunk-bed bedroom, and a pull-out couch.

What was most surprising is that even though the space was small, there was still enough room for everyone to have their own space.

You can buy your own groceries and prepare all of your meals in the cottage. Whether you cook it on the stovetop or on the charcoal BBQ outside, you’re covered. 

One of my biggest tips for enjoying the cottage is to make sure that you keep the temperature cool during the day and a little bit warmer at night.

We made the mistake of blasting it the first night and it froze and turned off. The staff was very helpful and came over to check it out and let us know this trick!

Stay cool, friends.

Mimi and Darasak play mini golf at Sherkston Shores.
Mimi, Gabby, and Darasak smile and play mini golf.
Mimi watchers her ball go down the mini golf lane.


Free Mini-Golf

The girls absolutely loved mini-golf. They have a lot of challenging and fun holes and best of all, it’s free.

All you have to do is leave a small deposit to rent the clubs and balls and off you go.

Once you are all done, you just head back, drop off the equipment and get your deposit back. The girls had so much fun challenging each other and trying the most difficult way to get it in.

The trickier, the better.

Mimi and Gabriella play at the arcade.
10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Sherkston Shores with Your Family! #LiveSherkston


A Large Arcade

There is no shortage of fun at the arcade at Sherkston Shores. They have a wide variety of different arcade games.

From classic to new—your kids will love it.

It was hard to get the girls out of there. Only with the temptation of the pool did they want to leave!

If arcade games just don’t do it for your kids, they can take part in the daily Kids Klub or Kids Camp featuring activities, crafts, character fun time, and exercises.

Gabby stands in front of the aerial challenge at Sherkston Shores.
Gabby climbs the rock wall in record time.
Gabby climbing the rock wall at Sherkston Shores.


Aerial Challenge and Activities

In addition to all that, you can participate in the aerial challenge and walk through the air along the Tarzan ropes, monkey lines, and balance beams.

The rock climbing wall has multiple levels and you will be trained prior to heading up for a climb. Gabby loved this experience and she was pretty good!

One of the most popular attractions at the resort is the bungee trampoline because it propels you up into the air and then a bungee cord brings you back to the trampoline for some jumping fun.

This attraction was always packed!

Paintball is becoming popular and this resort has one of the premiere facilities for this sport. Just so you know, paintball is only for those who are ten and older, but the resort has something just as fun for the younger crowd.

Those children who are not old enough for paintball will love Splatmaster, which is basically a low-impact version of paintball.

You can check out all of the amenities, here.

Other Activities to Enjoy:

  • Sea Trikes
  • Kayaks/Paddleboats/Canoes/Standup Paddleboards
  • Snorkeling
  • NEW for 2017 Sea Doo Rentals
  • NEW for 2017 Jetovator

If all that does not seem to be enough, there is also mini golf, archery, a shooting range, a dunk tank, and a bounce castle.

Mimi and Gabby pose in front of the water park at Sherkston Shores.
Mimi runs by while enjoying the water park.
Gabby and Mimi get dunked on at the water park.
Gabby and Mimi in the swimming pool at Sherkston Shores.
A full view of the pools at Sherkston Shores.


Large Pool and Splash Pad

Whenever we travel to any destination, we look for a pool or some type of water activity. The girls absolutely love the water and having a place to swim is a must for us.

Sherkston Shores has a large pool area with two large pools, a hot tub, and a splash pad.

It is great for families since there is something for everyone. Whether you want to take a dip or get a huge bucket dumped on you on a hot day, this area is a must-visit.

The girls started off at the splash pad and then headed to the pool to cool off!

A view of all the waterslides at Sherkston Shores.
Mimi and Gabby come down the slide in a floatie.
Mimi and Gabby splash out of the water slide.
Mimi and Gabby going down another waterslide, with huge smiles.
A close-up of Gabby and Mimi on a floatie.


Huge Waterslides

One of the things that I think sets Sherkston Shores apart from many places is that it offers a chance to be with nature but, also gives you the chance to enjoy water park amenities.

Having waterslides in addition to the pools is awesome.

The girls loved going on the slides together and the best part is that the wait to go down is not long at all. Since only Sherkston Shores guests can enjoy the facilities.

I will tell you one thing, it was hard to get them away from the slides. A lot of time was spent on them and it makes me happy because they truly enjoyed it, the smiles say it all!

Gabby standing in front of the quarry, enjoying the view.
Gabby running down the sand in front of the quarry.
The Sherkston Shores homes by the beach.
Mimi and Gabby running on the beach.
Gabby and Mimi pose at the beach by the beach houses.
Mimi standing in front of the beach at Sherkston Shores.
Gabby writes Sherkston Shores on the sand at the beach.
Gabby jumps up at the Sherkston Shores beach.
Mimi points at a seagull at Sherkston Shores beach.
Mimi and her dear Grandpa, Francisco, walk up and down the beach.


The Beach & Quarry

Since Sherkston Shores is nestled along Lake Erie, that means you have access to the beautiful beach. This was my absolute favourite place in the whole resort.

The girls had a blast skipping stones and going for a dip. I enjoyed my little spot on the beach as I sat and watched, listened to the waves crash, and felt the cool breeze.

Truly, it was my happy place. We spent quite a long time here, mostly because of me but, I highly recommend spending some time here.

You can even rent cottages right alongside the shore! Now, that would be amazing. 

At the quarry, you can also take a dip or do some fishing. If you bring your own scuba gear, walk-in scuba divers are welcome to dive in Quarry.

You can also rent sea trikes, kayaks, paddleboats, canoes, standup paddleboards, snorkel, and fishing gear to use there.

Mimi and Darasak pose in front of the Niagara Falls rapids.


Proximity to Niagara Falls

Sherkston Shores is quite close to Niagara Falls too, so a trip to the falls, Marine Land, or the casino is very doable if everyone needs a break from all the action.

It is also fun to go into Niagara and take in some activities and have a nice place to go home to.

We went to the Falls and did the White Water Walk and went back to Sherkston for more swimming, and dinner, and then relaxed around the fire.

It doesn’t get better than that!

Mimi roasting a marshmallow in the firepit.
Close up of marshmallow roasting.
Gabby enjoying a smores.
A close up a smores at Sherkston Shores.


On-Site Grocery Store & Restaurant

After a day filled with fun, everyone can relax and eat a delicious meal from Boston Pizza. There are more than one hundred items on the menu and guests can eat at the restaurant, poolside, or they can deliver to your cottage.

Plus, the Daiquiri Deck is a wonderful place to sit and listen to music while enjoying a cocktail or two. 

The Supermart Sherkston has EVERYTHING you need. We were able to buy everything we needed to start our bonfire and all of the essentials to make s’mores.

You can even buy lawn chairs! They have a good variety of essentials. It will not only save you a trip into town but, you don’t have to take a break from all of the fun!

You can also find the Cafe Sherkston and Laundry Sherkston here for your convenience. 

The Sherkston Shores sign.

Plan Your Visit

The fun never stops at Sherkston Shores, which is perfect for everyone who visits! These are just 10 reasons that you’ll enjoy your time at Sherkston Shores but, I am sure that you will find so many more reasons. 

One thing is for sure, we are looking forward to our next visit to Sherkston Shores. It really is a family-friendly place that has something for everyone.

For more information and to book your visit, check out Sherkston Shores website. You can also follow @SherkstonShores and @SunRVResorts on Twitter and Instagram for their latest updates. 

Would you stay at a Sherkston Shores cottage?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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Two girls are looking at each other and smiling at the beach. This article covers why you need to visit Sherkston Shores with your family.

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