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7 Reasons Why Your Family Will Love Switching to Cogeco Connexion!

7 Reasons Why Your Family Will Love Switching to Cogeco Connexion!

Your Family Will Love Switching to Cogeco Connexion!

It is that time of year again! If you are like me, you have already prepared everything for back to school. Maybe, you’re still trying to get everything ready for your children to start school and hoping that you can find a way to pay for all those necessary school supplies. 

Over the years, as my children have grown, I find that the lists may be a little shorter, but the items on those lists cost more. For that reason, I find myself longing for the days when they needed crayons instead of seven three-inch binders!

Plus, back to school time is a time when I start taking a look at my budget to see where I can find a bit of savings. Plus, where we can cut back and what we simply cannot be without.

I’ve been a Cogeco customer since 2002 and it is something that we cannot give up. Read on for 7 reasons why your family will love switching to Cogeco Connexion!

Let's Get Started!

7 Reasons Why Your Family Will Love Switching to Cogeco Connexion!

1. Fast, Dependable and Unlimited Connection

This year brings even more excitement to my household as my youngest will be given a netbook to use for her school work. More and more, our school is going more digital and they are using more tech in the classroom.

Now, I do not have anything against technology, in fact, I love it! We are always looking for new gadgets and tech that can help us keep up. Since both girls will be using netbooks this year, we need to ensure that our internet is at full capacity at all times. After all, I do NOT want to hear that they cannot do their homework simply because they have no internet connection!

That would just add one more thing to worry about. Plus, as a small business owner, I highly depend on a secure and strong internet connection to get my work done. I need it to be dependable; it’s as simple as that.

Cogeco Connexion also offers superfast download speeds of up to 60 Mbps. It is 3X faster and has better overall coverage. This means we can all work quickly and efficiently instead of moaning and groaning that the internet is slow. Their unlimited capacity is a fantastic bonus because everyone in our house can be online at the same time without worrying about going over our allotted usage. Since, well, there isn’t a limit!

2. Faster Gaming

If you have a gamer at home or a gamer yourself, you need internet that can keep up. Especially if you’re playing online! Cogeco Connexion was voted #1 Internet provider in Canada for online gaming by PCMag for 2017. So, you know they mean business!

3. Save Money

In my search for savings in my budget, I found that Cogeco Connexion has fantastic internet connection offers. What is even better, ones that will work with our budget. In fact, RIGHT NOW, they have an unlimited trio bundle special for $65/month for the first 6 months. That gives you ultrafibre 60 unlimited internet, my mix 40 TV with TiVo PVR and home phone for one low price. 

4. Never Miss a Show

Life gets busy and while it would be amazing to be able to watch your favourite series or movies when you want, it doesn’t always work out. With the TiVo PVR, you can schedule and record all of your favourite shows. They’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to watch them. Whether you’re at home or on the go. You can even record 6 HD shows at once with the TiVo PVR. That way, your family won’t fight over the TV since you can all record your programs. 

5. Watch On Demand

You can watch entire series or catch up on your favourite shows; rent the biggest new releases and popular movies. We love on demand because it makes family nights easier. You can rent a good movie, grab some goodies and popcorn and enjoy a night in. 

6. Ultimate TV Channel Options

With Cogeco Connexion, you get your choice of 40 channels on top of the 25 basic channels. Plus, all your favourite shows on all your devices with the TiVo app. Searching has never been so easy when you can browse Netflix, live TV and Cogeco On Demand, all in one place.

Plus, they have a lot of kids programming that is highly educational and can be used as a resource during the school year. Aside from being educational, there are a lot of channels that are fun and just for kids. 

If you’re a sports nut, there are a lot of channels that you’ll love. Imagine being able to watch more games than you can keep up with. 

7. Chat It Up

Even though we all have smartphones nowadays, having a phone at home is still essential. For my business, I make phone calls all the time and have phone meetings. Plus, the girls love calling their grandparents and friends all the time. With the unlimited trio bundle, you can make unlimited local calls; make long distance calls in the US/Canada for $0.15/minute. Plus, you can keep your old number when you switch. 

7 Reasons Why Your Family Will Love Switching to Cogeco Connexion!

Ready to Make the Switch?

Now that you’ve read 7 reasons why your family will love switching to Cogeco Connexion, it’s time to make the switch. We’ve been Cogeco customers for over 15 years and can say that they’ve always been dependable. We’ve hardly experienced any down time and fast speeds, all the time. Plus, with this unlimited trio bundle deal, I can cut down my bill and not sacrifice the things we need and enjoy. 


Time to WIN!

One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will win an iPad Mini 4. This contest is open to Canada only, excluding Quebec. It opens on September 11, 2017 and closes on September 25, 2017. Good luck!

For more information about Cogeco Connexion, be sure to visit their site. Plus, get social and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for their latest updates. 

What is one digital service you cannot live without?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!





7 Reasons Why Your Family Will Love Switching to Cogeco Connexion!




Note: This post is sponsored by Cogeco Connexion. I’ve been a Cogeco customer for 15 years and my thoughts and opinions are entirely my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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  1. The UltraFibre 60 Unlimited Internet is GREAT! Definitely a service I couldn’t live without.. Cogeco Connexion has some great bundle offers!

  2. I would definitely use my iPad for lots of stuff in my day-to-day life. Keep my life on track with the calendar, use apps to keep an eye on weather for the day, play games, use Google to prove I am right (again!), alarms, keep connected to my social accounts… too many, really, to list, because an iPad would be an essential part of my life.

  3. cogeco connexion sounds wonderful….too bad it is not available where I live!! I would use the ipad to keep connected as a family. mu husband works away in a camp so this would be great to connect a skype or facetime with the family.

  4. I would use the ipad for a lot of things-but mostly I would let my kids use it to look up information for school projects and homework etc…

  5. I would use the iPad for all my appointments, and to keep track of my busy days! As well as catch up on the latest online news 😉

  6. This seems like a really great deal! Unfortunately it’s not available in Manitoba. I wish they would expand here, we don’t really have many decent choices for companies.

  7. I couldnt live without the UltraFibre 60 Unlimited Internet !!! ultrafast download speeds sounds wonderful! I would give the ipad to my oldest daughter for her therapy sessions. She smashed the one she used to use for it 🙁

  8. I could not live without Cogeco’s unlimited internet. With 3 people in the house that are always on a computer or their phones we use it continuously.

  9. We have been Cogeco customers for years and the wifi speed is important to us. Also the phone and being able to call accross Canada and the USA with no long distance charges

  10. To enjoy unlimited Internet, TV and Home Phone together for one low price sounds good since I’m questioning that currently with my server.

  11. I would use the iPad to watch TV shows/Movies in bed since we don’t have a tv in our bedroom, be nice to relax in bed while watching some favourite shows.

  12. I need the internet for sure. As for the ipad I plan to use it as a substitute for my laptop – searches, videos, ebooks, etc.

  13. I would use the i-Pad for fun and for work and travelI love to stay connected on all platforms and this would be awesome because it’s easily transportable….and did I mention I love the UltraFibre 60 Unlimited Internet.The i-Pad would be all around awesome on all aspects!It would be awesome to watch some biographies on youtube and it would be great for pictures of all my grandchildren and my pets. #CogecoConnexion 🙂

  14. Thanx for the heads up and all the information about Cogeco Connexion! We’ve been talking about changing our phone over to Cogeco and I’m going to look into it now. I don’t know anything about ultrafibre and I find it a bit confusing figuring out what stations I want with such a large selection to choose from. That’s a great price they have on right now, but I want to know the price after the first 6 months as well.

  15. A strong Wi-Fi is so important. Our house has a design where the rooms where we use computers/devices are spread out. It drives me crazy when the wi-fi cuts in and out.

  16. My current iPad mini is almost 5 years old and it’s starting to freeze up every time it’s turned on. My daughters love it for interactive games so if I won this would be a very welcome Christmas present for them!

  17. If I won the iPad mini 4 I would use it for fun and maybe sometimes for work, but mostly for fun. The hardest part would be keeping from my 2 kids.

  18. I need a good WiFi. I would love to win the ipad so I can go on the net even if my daughter is home. She is usually using the lap top for her homework.

  19. I have two kids and I only get to watch my own shows once they are in bed. I love the PVR! I also love that I can make channel lists based on each member of our family. So easy to find our favourite shows!

  20. My Mix 40 TV would be a great addition
    And with Cogeco – enjoying unlimited Internet, TV and Home Phone together for one low price would be a blast & save $$$ big time

    love to win an ipad to stay in touch with family & an easy to carry around little tablet.

    Thanks @whisperedinspirations.com for the chance

  21. I would use the i-Pad for surfing the internet to help quench my thirst for knowledge and for socializing!

    I love the UltraFibre 60 Unlimited Internet ! 🙂

  22. The iPad would also be great for taking with me when we are away from home to keep in touch, much easier to take it than the laptop.

  23. The TiVo® 4K PVR would be nice to have to watch your favourite show since you could fast forward through commercials and watch more shows in less time.

  24. I’d update my old iPad , we have had it for years now , it still works but its out of date and will no longer do somethings , we all use it so much though it would be great to have a good one for the family !

  25. I’d replace our several-year-old and a couple of times dropped ipad with this new one – so lots of use in the car on road trips!

  26. I’ve never owned an iPad before but have always wanted one. I would use it for finding recipes, email, games, and I would download a reading app.

  27. I absolutely couldn’t live without UltraFibre 60 Unlimited Internet. I spend too much time on it and seriously would go nuts without a connection. Tv I can live without sometimes, internet is a must.

  28. I would love to eliminate channels we never watch. Sounds like great internet also. Will be looking into this once our cable and internet contract ends!

  29. I’d use the ipad for work (I read you can add some sort of ereader function to it) I need a big screen for these old eyes

  30. One service I cannot live without is a good fast internet.I love socializing and visiting blogs for recipes,ideas and great reviews about ompanies and their products.

  31. I would use the ipad for connecting with family that are in other provinces…..would love to connect with my granddaughter and see her doing her belly dance, cute hairstyles and clothing picks!

  32. I could not live without Netflix so I love that Cogeco has an integrated search option with Netflix, live TV and On Demand!

  33. To win the iPad would be wonderful. It would be used by the grandchildren to communicate with family and friends. It would come in handy for doing homework also. Thanks for the chance.

  34. I would use the ipad for all of my daily giveaways and contests so I don’t have to go around with the big laptop all of the time.

  35. Winning the Ipad would be so great for my whole family. We all use it for various things, my daughter uses sign language apps and searches for examples of what to paint in our when we paint rocks.

  36. My son is saving up for an ipad mini – winning this would totally blow his mind!!!!!!!! I have heard such great things about cogeco – hope it comes to my neighbourhood!!!!

  37. The My Mix 40 TV package is one I would not live without. With so many channels that hold no interest to me it is nice that with this package you can pick 40 channels you want.

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