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Spring Fun with Crayola Outdoor Products: Get Out There and Have Fun!

Crayola Outdoor Products! Warmer weather means more time spent outdoors. I know that I can spend hours outside watching the girls have fun. One thing we always have in our home and ready for … [Read More...]


Viva Vantage Paper Towels: Take On ANY Mess or Spill–It’s All in The Stretch! #VivaStretch

Viva Vantage Paper Towels. Helping me tackle all of life's messes.  Keeping a home requires a lot of work, a fair share of elbow grease and quality and premium products to help you take the … [Read More...]


Celebrate the Frappe & Enter to WIN a $140 Prize Pack! #giveaway

Celebrate the Frappe! The warm weather is coming and there is nothing like enjoying a cool beverage from Second Cup. Or, you can seek refuge from the heat inside the cafe and have your cup of joe. … [Read More...]


Celebrating the Everyday with a Posterjack Acrylic Block and Posterboard! #12PrintsProject

Posterjack Acrylic Block and Photoboards. Helping us to celebrate the beauty and warmth in every day moments. April was a pretty ordinary month and our travels were non-existent. We were grounded and … [Read More...]


Schick’s Shop Free for A Year: 5 Things I Would Buy if I Won! #ShopFree

Schick's Shop Free. Can you imagine winning $15, 000? Now picture that amount of money and the chance to 'Shop Free' with it. The possibilities are truly endless. I know that while there are … [Read More...]

Dreaming of A Cruise

Dreaming of a Cruise This Summer? #travel

Dreaming of a Cruise? Have you ever dreamed of sailing on a luxury cruise liner into the sunset? Going on a cruise really is like a dream come true for some people. On arrival back home they wake up … [Read More...]


Itchy Pet, See Your Vet! Seasonal Allergies in Pets, It’s Totally a Thing! #ItchyPetSeeYourVet

Itchy Pet, See Your Vet! Yes, folks. It is allergy season and I can tell you this for certain since I have dry eyes, sniffly nose and a whole lotta sneezing! With all the dust, pollen, grass, … [Read More...]


Teens, Play On with Playtex Sports & WIN Big! Moms, Survive Their First Period & Beyond! #PlayOnCA

Play On with Playtex Sports. I have a tween that is an unstoppable force. She is a budding track star, basketball fiend and soccer lover. That means she is always on the move. When the time comes, I … [Read More...]


To the Batmobile! Check Out Playtex PlayTime Cups with Twist ‘n Click™ Technology!

Playtex PlayTime Cups! Making snack time, play time and anytime fun and mess-free. I love any product that makes my life easier. While I don't have little wee ones anymore, that doesn't mean that the … [Read More...]


Play Road Trip Games to Pass the Time When Travelling! #travel

Road Trip Games! Anyone who has been on a long trip in a car will tell you how repetitive it can be. That’s why I’ve come up with a couple of road trip games you can try to help pass the time. Here's … [Read More...]

Carmigo home page

Make Car Shopping a Breeze with Carmigo and Buy A Car On Your Own Terms.

Make Car Shopping a Breeze with Carmigo. Car shopping can definitely be stressful. We recently bought two cars and it was a long process and a tad nerve-wracking, actually it can be really … [Read More...]


Unplug & Make Memories at Ontario Carefree RV Resorts This Summer! #BeCarefree

Ontario Carefree RV Resorts. Where it is all about making memories. Let's be honest, with the digital age, it is incredibly easy to get lost in the online world. So much so that we often forget to … [Read More...]


Poise Thin Shape Pads: Talking LBL and Re-Inventing and Re-Using the Pad! #RecycleYourPeriodPad

Poise Thin Shape Pads. If you're a Mom, you have at one point laughed, sneezed, coughed or whilst shaking your groove thang in Zumba class and gotten a surprise. A surprise that kinda made you squirm … [Read More...]


Spruce Up the Kitchen & Make Labels with HP! Plus FREE Printables! #SpringCleaning

Make Labels with HP. Transform small spaces on your counter tops and spruce up the room with pops of color. Do you have empty cereal boxes and mason jars taking up room in your cupboards? Well, … [Read More...]


Check Out These Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Showcase! Plus Enter to WIN a $50 Gift Card!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas! The big day is fast approaching and if you are still stuck on ideas, well, look no further! I know what I will be doing on Mother's Day. Not all moms will be at home … [Read More...]

Second Cup Coffee Co. Logo

Second Cup Coffee Co. Rewards Program: Sign Up Now and Until May 20th and Get 500 Points! #SecondCupRewards

Second Cup Coffee Co. Rewards! Being a Mom and my own boss means that I make my own hours. In order to balance it all and to keep things running as smooth as possible, you'll often find me burning … [Read More...]


Schick Intuition’s Revitalizing Moisture Razor in Tropical Citrus, Enter to WIN One and Review It For Yourself!

Schick Intuition's Revitalizating Moisture Razor. Yes ladies, it's that time of year again. The time where the weather warms up and we expose our legs to the world! Of course, by going out into the … [Read More...]


Banana Boat SunComfort Sunscreen Spray & The Banana Boat Sand Challenge!

Banana Boat SunComfort Sunscreen. Helping you say good-bye to sticky beach days. Banana Boat is one of our favorite sunscreens to use. Especially for the kids because it smells amazing and it … [Read More...]


Ideas for a Girl’s Tween Room Makeover: Declutter, Re-Organize and Reuse with The Help of HP! #SpringCleaning

A Tween Room Makeover. Spring has sprung but, while we still have our chilly days. Though I know we are certain to enjoy warmer weather really soon. At least one can hope. It was definitely a … [Read More...]


Shreddies Search for Goodness: Calling All Canadians! Know Someone Who Makes a Difference? Nominate Them Now!

Shreddies Search for Goodness. Post Shreddies believes that there is Genuine Goodness in every Canadian. After all, we are known for being polite and kind (we do say sorry, a lot--sorry) - it is … [Read More...]