6 of the Sharpest Gadgets to Get This Holiday Season: Which Gadget Are You Asking Santa For? #tech

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3 Sites for Cheap Healthy Food: Get Healthy and Don’t Break the Bank! #health

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7 Habits For a Happy Life. #health

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22 Mind-Blowing Comfort Food in A Pot Recipes! You’ll Love the Nostalgia and The Taste Even More! #foodie

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Meet the Ever After High Dolls, Perfect for Gift Giving During the Holiday Season! Plus an Exclusive Offer from Walmart!

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How To Create a Gallery Wall in 10 Easy Steps & Put Your Memories Up Front and Center. #DIY

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Sunbeam Cuddle Up Heated Throw Review: Plus, Canadian Cancer Society and Sunbeam Supports With Warmth This Winter. #SupportsWithWarmth

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YP ShopWise App: Get Ready for Christmas by Finding the Best Deals Around You and Using Flyers to Find the Perfect Gifts!

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NEW Deep Relief Ice Cold Spray, Reduce Inflammation and Reduce Pain in Sore Muscles. Plus, Enter to WIN a Deep Relief Recovery Prize Pack!

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Target REDcard: Apply for One Today and Get 5% Off Every Day! PLUS Get An Extra 5% Off Coupon When You Apply Before November 10th! #TargetREDcard

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Kellogg’s Treats for Toys: Create a Toy, Have Fun & Rice Krispies w/ Salvation Army Will Donate A Toy to A Child in Need. #TreatsForToys

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NEW Silk Creamy Cashew: Make This EASY Creamy Cashew Vanilla Quinoa Pudding! #SilkCreamyCashew

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Girl looks with disgust for food

How to Introduce Healthy Foods to Your Picky Eaters. #parenting

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Netflix Canada: October is A Mysterious Month, Check Out These Halloween Titles! #StreamTeam

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Making Our House a Home with Target Decor + Win a $250 Target Gift Card! #ThankFALL

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LEGOLAND Florida: LEGO Adventures in The Sunny State at A Great Price with! #KGSTickets

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16 Mouth-Watering Apple Recipes That You Will Love! #recipe

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Barbie the Amaze Chase VIP Viewing Party Giveaway! Get Ready for The Amaze Chase! #giveaway

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Sleeping Beauty on Blu-Ray DVD (Diamond Edition), Released on October 7th! #disney

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Lampe Berger Paris: A Home Fragrance System That Stylishly Freshens Your Home! #decor

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