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10 Outdoor Winter Activities to Do With Your Kids! #tips

Outdoor Winter Activities to Do with Kids! Get out there! If you're like almost every parent out there and you're asked how you're doing or how you've been, your answer is almost always pretty good … [Read More...]


Be Smart, Not Cheap. 9 Tips to Afford Date Night! #MoneyWiseMoms

Tips to Afford Date Night. I am a firm believer that planning and scheduling a date night is absolutely necessary for every relationship. It's a chance to connect, talk about life, enjoy new … [Read More...]


The Perfect Mini Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins for School Lunches! #recipe

Mini Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins! If you have picky eaters, that can mean snacks can be a challenge. I know that my girls often have to be reminded to eat. When it comes to school lunches, I … [Read More...]


You’ve Outgrown Your Home, Do You Buy or Sell First? #tips

Do You Buy or Sell First? There comes a time in your life when you outgrow your home. Your family has grown and you simply need more space to have a functional household. When this happens, … [Read More...]


Get Flirty & Treat Yourself to an At-Home Spa Day + Amopé Giveaway! #beauty

Get Flirty with Amopé! It's the month of love and friendship and the big day is fast approaching. One thing that I love about Valentine's Day is that I get to pamper myself a little more. Whether I … [Read More...]


Tantalize Your Taste Buds at Iridescence at Motorcity Casino Hotel. #travel

Iridescence. One of the best things about getting away and staying at Motorcity Casino hotel is their many food options. One thing that we love to do as a couple is try new restaurants and … [Read More...]


7 Reasons You Need to Stay at the Motorcity Casino Hotel. #travel

Why You Need to Stay at Motorcity Casino Hotel! Something we can all agree on is that unplugging, getting away from the busy bustle of life and having a good time is absolutely necessary. When … [Read More...]


All You Need to Know About RRSP’s. Are You Ready? #MoneyWiseMoms

All You Need to Know About RRSP's. Have you ever stopped to think about how you will care for yourself financially after you retire? Think about opening up a Registered Retirement Savings Plan … [Read More...]


5 Playful Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback. Who Said Fashion Can’t Be Fun?

5 Playful Fashion Trends. It seems that there is quite a stigma that comes with the fashion industry. A lot of people only see the serious faces on models in magazine ads and walking the runways at … [Read More...]


Premier Protein Will Keep You Going When You Need It Most.

Premier Protein. With the first month of the year over, most of us are trying to stick it to 2015 and get healthier. One thing is for sure, you cannot do it alone and you often need many tools to … [Read More...]


4 Tips to Get Active & Move Towards Health! #MoveToHealthy

Tips to Get Active! I think it has been many years since I've made a resolution in the beginning of a new year. I think goals should be made regularly and when you accomplish those, keep moving … [Read More...]


Why I Want to Visit Iceland and You Should Too! #travel

Visit Iceland. It is one thing that is on my wish list and bucket list. Many of you may know, I was bitten by the travel bug long ago and have a really bad case of wanderlust. That makes me want … [Read More...]


Breaking Egg Myths Without Cracking the Egg + Twitter Party Alert! #EggMyths

Breaking Egg Myths. Eggs have always been a staple in our home. We use them to bake, for breakfast and as a snack. It’s amazing how much we rely on eggs on a daily basis in our home. Before I … [Read More...]


An Homage to a Good Year + Family Time! #12PrintsProject

An Homage to a Good Year. December was a great month, it is always a busy month due to the holidays and the month where I age another year. This month, I looked back on the year we have had and it … [Read More...]


How to Style Your Dresser in 3 Easy Steps + Capturing My City. #12PrintsProject

  How to Style Your Dresser. Styling your bedroom dresser is a matter of preference of course but, it is also a lot like styling your mantle. In fact, it's styling retail space you just … [Read More...]


Making Memories in the Domincian Republic + A Kidcation Adventure! #12PrintsProject

Making Memories in the Dominican Republic. This past October, we headed to Punta Cana for some fun in the sun. We were there not only to enjoy the Caribbean breezes, the delicious food and … [Read More...]


Why a Cruise Can Beat the Winter Blues! #travel

How a Cruise Can Beat the Winter Blues. We’re an adventurous family. You can that we are well and truly bitten by the travel bug, so for us, heading off for some winter sun is second nature. For … [Read More...]


Getting Married Soon? Here’s How to Buy Your First Home As a Couple! #tips

How to Buy Your First Home. As a couple, one of your dreams is to own a home together right after the wedding! That's if you don’t already have one! Sometimes couples who want to have a big … [Read More...]


The All-New Lincoln Continental Has Returned: Elegant, Powerful and Quiet Luxury at Its Finest.

The All-New Lincoln Continental. Lincoln Motor Company announced yesterday that their flagship vehicle has returned. The 2017 Lincoln Continental. As always, Lincoln has luxury in mind and this new … [Read More...]


Ford Reveals the NEW 2017 Ford Fusion: Smart, Sleek and Technologically Advanced. #FordNAIAS

The 2017 Ford Fusion. When you think about sedans, you don't often think cool. It's impossible, right? Well, Ford has achieved the impossible with the 2017 Ford Fusion and they've improved their ever … [Read More...]