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3 Great Tips for Renovating Your Living Room Floor & Walls

A Bohemian living room with a lot of texture and warmth. This article covers tips for renovating your living room floors and walls.

Renovating Your Living Room Floor & Walls

Refreshing your living room’s walls and flooring is an effective way of completely changing up the whole space. You won’t need to replace any furniture or furnishings; the shift in aesthetic will be immediate! 

This is a fairly big job and there’s a lot to consider, so here are three great tips for renovating your living room floor and walls:

Move Your Furniture Into Storage

You’ll need to get everything out of your living room for work to begin. Some people try to work around their furniture, but it’s simply impossible when you need to make alterations to the flooring.

You could move your items into your garage, but self storage is a better solution. It’s more convenient, your home isn’t as cluttered, and you don’t have to worry about your furniture collecting dust or getting damaged. 

With everything out of the way, you’re left with a blank canvas to conduct your renovation. It’s easy for you to remove the old flooring or rip off wallpaper and get everything ready for a refresh.

Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about staining furniture or damaging it during the renovation. 

Professionally Install The Flooring

Painting your walls or installing new wallpaper are both fairly easy DIY tasks. It’s hard to go wrong here — as long as you follow a wall painting guide, you’ll be fine. Installing your flooring is a different kettle of fish entirely. 

This job requires professional assistance as you need to avoid the following: 

  • Damaging certain structures
  • Incorrectly installing the new floor

Start by considering the new flooring you want in your living room. Maybe you had carpet for years and want to switch it up with modern vinyl.

Perhaps you want to go traditional and get a lovely hardwood laminate flooring in there. Sometimes, you simply wish to swap out an old carpet for a newer design. 

In any case, figure out what you want and then call the relevant professionals. They will remove the old floor without damaging anything and ensure the new one is installed correctly.

It speeds up the entire process too, so you can quickly move things back and enjoy your new living room. 

Don’t Forget The Ceiling

One of the most significant home decoration mistakes is forgetting that you have a ceiling in your living room! 

You spend a lot of time focusing on the wall renovation that you forget about what’s up top. You must make sure the new walls go well with the ceiling.

This might mean you have to re-paint the ceiling or alter its design to fit your new aesthetic. Regardless, this isn’t something you can afford to forget as it will completely change the way your room looks. 

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To recap, begin the renovation process by emptying your living room and keeping things safely tucked away in storage. Then, handle the walls (and ceiling) first.

Add the new paint or apply the new wallpaper and let it settle. From here, call in the professionals to remove and replace your flooring.

Move all the furniture back in, and you can enjoy a beautifully renovated living space. 

Do you have any additional tips for renovating your living room floor and walls?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A Bohemian living room with a lot of texture and warmth. This article covers tips for renovating your living room floors and walls.

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