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8 Potty Training Tips: Get Started!

Potty Training Tips.

Now that the holidays are over, I’ve decided to jump head first into potty training. Please send help. My little one (or not so little one) is now 21 months old. We started her off with the potty at 18 months old but, due a lot of travelling in the months of September and October and then the chaos of the Holidays–we decided to put it on hold. At 18 months she was using the potty every time I sat her in it.

So, I know that she enjoys it.

Now, that her father and I have a lot more time to focus on it (I know that sounds terrible) we are going to go full force and are ready to get started!

First off, I know potty training a girl is much more easier than a boy–I must say, I’ve heard, as I do not have any boys. But, with my oldest we started trying at 12 months old and due to a few accidents felt that we should wait a bit longer.

18 months rolled around and we tried again and B O O M.

In less than 2 weeks she was in big girl undies and trained.

With little to no accidents.

I got off easy.

Well, Mimi has a far different character than Gabs and I can tell with her it’s going to be more of a challenge. So, if you are about to embark on this same journey or already have and would like to add some tips, please do!

8 Potty Training Tips:

1. Get your Princess her throne.

Every Princess needs a throne, make sure when you buy one that it is easily mountable, colorful is always good too. There are so many to choose from and as long as your little one likes it. You are good to go. Mimi loves animal and though I was pushing the Princess one, she took to the cute froggy that reminded her of her favorite movie, Rio.

Don’t ask me why.

2. Get her used to the potty.

Let her sit on it and explore the potty before she uses it. Use one of her favorite toys and “mimic” using the potty.

3. Simon Says… Pee!

I know some people may think it’s crazy but, YOU mama, sit down on the porcelain throne and use it. In front of your little girl. This is a great time for you to sit her on the potty. You may be surprised when you hear a little fountain echo.


4. Reward her efforts.

Once she’s used the potty, make sure to reward her hard work! LOL. I used to have little stars or her favorite character stickers and she would add a sticker to her potty every time she used. She LOOOOOVED it. Praise is always a MUST and encouragement is necessary.


5. Go BUCK nekkid.

Now that she knows what the potty is for and how to use it, it’s time to teach her WHEN to go. This is always something very broad because there are so many routes to choose from. With my first I simply gave her a lot of “FREE CHEEKS” time and let her walk around diaper less and it worked.

If you are going to do this, be prepared for accidents.

I also had her use big girl undies. This time around I don’t know if I will use pull-ups as I haven’t come across any green pull-ups. I know Seventh Generation has them but, not to any store I’ve been. Anyway, pull-ups, undies or buck nekkid will teach them when they are wet and that it’s time to use the potty.


6. Accidents happen.

Be prepared for accidents and never ever make them feel like it’s a bad thing. Always encourage them that next time when it’s wet, it’s time to use the potty. Or come up with a word that she will know and recognize. Always watch for signs that she needs to potty, like holding herself, doing a pee-pee dance or she may give cues or signs.

7. Overnight training.

I always used regular nappies at night when we first started training and then slowly moved into pull-ups and eventually big girl undies. It all depends how your child is taking to it and what “stage” you think they are in. Best bet to know is how wet, if at all, her diapey is when she wakes up in the morning. If it’s really wet, odds are she’s not ready for night training yet. The best part to encourage it, is to take her to the potty every night before she goes to sleep, that way she gets used to it. I used to do this every night with Gabs and soon enough she was staying dry through the night and using the potty first thing in the morning. I also tried to limit fluids directly before bed.

8. Jump in but, take your time.

Last but not least, expect accidents and never make your child feel bad for wetting the bed or having an accident. I know none of you would do that anyway, but–just a thought. I know that it can be frustrating but with a lot of patience and time, you will be nappy-free and that’s something to be happy about.

Also, get your extended-family involved. The more people that are there to encourage, the faster they will be trained. I know when she goes to her grandparent’s, they help with that. My first trained quickly due to a lot of help from my parents.

I love them.

Anyway, I’m ready to embark into potty training and though I am no expert and would love to hear any of your tips, I hope mine can help a bit. Either way, wish me luck and send me good potty training vibes!

I need them!

When did you start potty training and do you have any tips you can share?

Let me know!

Til then, cheers m’deres!


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  1. I have three boys and 1 girl. My two youngest (1 is the girl) were born with genetic hypotonia, which means low muscle tone, so they weren't started until they were 3. The first two I started at 2 and they all trained very quickly. Just be consistent 🙂

  2. What a great post! We have been on and off (and on and off, on and off…) potty training for a while now. Little One started when she just turned 2 and had a major setback a few months ago and refused to use the potty. Then she turned 3 recently and is all about the toilet! Not the potty! The TOILET! 🙂 It's been a roller coaster ride and a battle of wills, but when I finally realized I needed to ease up and let her do her own thing at her own time and not worry about the accidents, she finally nailed it.

    Love you post! Great tips (we do all of those…yes, showing her how to pee by sitting on the porcelain throne and letting her run around buck nekkkkkid are key!). Love your little one's potty! Too cute!

    1. LOL, your daughter sounds so cute and independent. I'd love to meet her one day. I'm very lax when it comes to potty training, I'm persistent but if she doesn't want to. I don't force it. I love buck nekkid baby cheeks! 😛

  3. 2 1/2 is usually the magic age at this house. we introduce the potty around 18 – 14 months and by two and a half they are doing well. I still can't get my 3 year old out of his diaper at bed time though. really wet every morning.

  4. Great tips! Yes accidents will happen and I am thankful for hardwood floors instead of carpet. we also used a pad (like they use in the hospitals) for beds on the bed and on the couch just incase. Love the frog potty neither of mine really wanted a potty they wanted the toilet and I let them show us they were ready I believe both of mine started just before 2.

    1. We have carpeting so when she is diaper-less, I really have to watch her. I think I may try the toilet with Mimi–she seems enthused by it. While my oldest was afraid. 😛

  5. My boys didn't get fully trained until 3 1/2, I was really started to get worried for school, but we made it in time. I don't think I can offer any advice though 🙂

  6. Oh goodness, I have nothing constructive to add, as it sounds like you had mcuh more success on your first go then I did. My older girl was 3.5 before she got the hang of using the potty. Girl #2 is going to be 2 in Feb and we haven't even started yet. Great list! YOu make it sound so simple I am almost inspired to start with #2. Almost.

    1. Honestly Deanna, I was blessed with a very, very patient and sweet child with my first. I mean Michaela is a sweetheart but, she is much more feisty than Gabs was/is. I was lucky with my first and with a lot of patience and help she was trained in less than a week and a half. But, Mimi really can't be bothered when she doesn't want to, when she does, she will do it. Like I said, I'm just going with the (pee-pee) flow! 😛

  7. OMG this fall, I did a whole Potty Training Event on my blog with The Knit Wit as we both have 3 year old boys and yes, boys are SO much different (and stubborn) than girls! My daughter was "self trained" by 2. My son was ready or so we thought in September, we gave it a month and it didn't work so we took a break. Then, one day about a month ago, he stated that he wanted to be in underpants and we haven't looked back.

    I think all of your points are great! Patience, time and waiting until they show signs of readiness would be my top 3!

    1. It's been up and down really and I'm not pressing her to do it, I mean–the thought of no nappies is nice but, I can't expect her to be ready when her sister was ready. LOL. That is cool, what did you do for the event?

      1. I never got this reply – is there a way to get it to my email inbox? I just came to your site to check out your comment system again.

        For the Event, we reviewed some potty training products and documented out progress or lack there of 🙂 We also hosted giveaways and shared tips etc.

        1. I thought I had that set-up, it should be sending an email when you have a response. HMM, or you can subscribe to comments.

          That's an awesome way to get through the whole process together and with support.

  8. That is one adorable potty! and i also REALLLLY don't miss the potty training stage! Phew!!

    Both my girls hit 3 and it was like instant..within a week they were perfect with it..on the toilet and everything. but before 3 with them? forget it!!

    1. Both of my girls are so different. But, they all are aren't they? I'm just going to be patient and go with the flow. Pun intended. 😛

  9. DD1 was day trained at 21 months. Took 2 weeks to be sure (with 3 accidents in those 2 weeks) and that was that! We had a very supportive daycare provider that worked with us on it.

    DD2 is 27 (almost 28) months. Our current daycare provider wasn't as supportive (didn't feel she was old enough as she had 2-almost 3 year olds that were still having accidents daily). During the break between Christmas & New Years when I was home with my DDs I went straight to underwear – no diapers/pullups during the day. Sure there were a few accidents but now 2 weeks later she's fully day trained (including naptime) and asking to go and able to hold it until she's on the toilet. I sort of forced the daycare provider to take my lead and I'm happy that she's all for it now that she's seen the success with DD2.

    It's all about when the children are ready.

  10. I had good experiences with our kids and the potty. My first was almost there and where her sister was born she regressed. Not long after she was done. My second daughter was quick. My son was super easy and I heard from everyone he would be the hardest, he was so easy. My youngest by two was done, she has a bladder like a camel so it was easy. All in all it was not the nightmare I pictured it to be, but also I was consistent and I never stressed out about it which I think made a difference in how they perceived it, it would happen but in a relaxed and natural way.

    1. I had it SOOOOOOO easy with my first. It's a bit rough with Mimi since she knows what she wants, when she wants. I'm taking my time and following her lead. I'm glad you had great experiences though. Very lucky indeed.

  11. Great Tips!

    Potty training is without a doubt the most frustrating part of parenthood!

    We have two very active daughters. One has been trained (thankfully) and the other is just starting. Patience & consistency are the keys to success…
    My recent post Potty Training Mistakes

  12. These are great tips.It is a process that takes great patience for sure.I like that you reward them and praise them for their efforts.That’s so important. 🙂

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