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Why Toronto Families Turn To Live In Caregivers

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Why Toronto Families Turn To Live-In Caregivers

The fastest-growing demographic in the Greater Toronto Area are seniors over the age of 85. The way that many families in Toronto handle the need for eldercare is changing along with these demographic shifts.

For years, it’s been evident that long term facilities cannot keep up with the growth in demand. 90% of seniors in 2016 have said that they want to remain in their own homes as they age.

Respecting that desire has been leading waves of families to rely on at home health care assistance. This is to help shoulder the responsibilities of caring for an ageing loved one.

How does it work?

Live-in caregivers allow adults who live in other parts of the country, busy managing their careers or raising their own young families to grant their older parents’ wish to stay at home.

Some places like Mavencare health services in Toronto are making it easier for families. They provide the level of care their older relatives need without sacrificing their independence or compromising their desire to age in place.

Luckily, agencies such as Mavencare have adopted digital technology. They offer online updates and a mobile app that helps remote families stay in contact with a live-in caregiver. They can receive daily updates on the care of their loved ones.

A live-in caregiver has a wide range of duties and responsibilities that may evolve over time. They help to do household chores like cooking, cleaning or help with exercise and fitness.

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They can provide assistance with ADLs as well. This is also known as activities of daily living. This is when an older individual suffering from a chronic illness or Alzheimer’s needs help with grooming, dressing, eating, or transferring.

Different caregivers and agencies may not provide the same kinds of assistance. It’s important to find one that can help your loved one get around.

Especially if you don’t live in Toronto yourself.

The Toronto-based agency Mavencare employs caregivers who can help assist your loved one get out of the house too. Whether it’s to get to a doctor’s appointment or just for a walk.

I have taken care of the elderly and the ailing both in long-term care facilities and in-home. I can tell you that one-on-one care is so beneficial.

Have you thought about hiring a live-in caregiver?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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