Happy, Oh So Happy

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Happy, Oh So Happy!

I am happy to share that things have been on the up and up. On a lighter note, I must point out what a beautiful two days we just had. Now, considering with the snow falling AGAIN (it is melting at least), we have to be thankful that we had a little taste of what’s to come.

It’s great to wear shorts and skirts and no jackets! But, I don’t think we’re gonna have another day like Tuesday any time soon.

Well, I sure did enjoy the weather. We went out blading down by Riverside for the first time this year! Gosh, I was rusty and my blades are old and big! I’m convinced that my feet have shrunk!!! After that, we picked up the peanut and took her to Willistead Park and she made a little friend named Holly.

It Was the Sweetest Thing

They were going down the slide together and swinging on the swings at the same time. Holding hands and gibbering here and there. They were helping each other up and down the jungle gym! So cute! I took a vid of it, sooo adorable! After that, we just did a little shopping and then headed to Grandma’s and relaxed the rest of the night. It was such a gorgeous day and well spent I might add!

Days like that remind you that no matter how bad you think life for you can get, that things could always be much worse and makes you thankful for the freedom to indulge the beautiful weather and great company.

Aside from being the happiest that I have ever been, there are always downsides and obstacles that somehow try to abstain you from maintaining happiness. But, the way I see it and after many experiences, you cannot let those things bring you down.

Things that are beyond your control are just that and if you have exhausted every single possibility then there is not much else to do.

You Get What You Give

That to me can be applied to everything. There will come a day and time when you will be faced with a similar or same situation that in the past you may not have agreed on. And until that day you will see and you will know how easy or difficult decision-making becomes in such a touchy situation.

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It’s amazing how much you can learn in such a small lapse of time. When the fold over your eyes has finally been removed. You learn to see life in a different light, in a more positive and optimistic manner (yes, I know I just said that, can’t believe it myself), but my daughter nor I have never been happier then we both are now.

Well, that is all for now!

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