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CityPASS San Francisco: Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise is Exciting, Thrilling and Informative! #CityPASS #SanFrancisco


Cruise the Bay in a Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise Ship!

As soon as we were able to take the streets of San Francisco and after all the business was done, it was time to play! You know how much we trust and love CityPASS and we couldn’t wait to get started!

We decided our first stop would be the Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise from our CityPASS. Since we had rented a car, we decided to take it down to Fisherman’s Wharf and park it and if we needed to get around anywhere else, we would take the Cable Cars and Muni’s that CityPASS holders have unlimited access to. Also, without your CityPASS, you would have to pay $23.50/person.

Parking at Fisherman’s Wharf can be a bit pricey, about $35-$40 a day or you can park on the street and spend a fraction of that cost. You just have to be sure to keep the meter well fed. If you’re staying close by, it’s even better to leave your car there and take advantage of the free transportation. Not only for the convenience but, the experience!


Get Ready to Set Sail!

You can find the Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise ships west of the marina at Beach Street and the Embarcadero, 2 blocks east of Fisherman’s Wharf. Each ship has two levels where you can see amazing views of the Bay. The lower level is covered and there you will find seating and a full bar waiting to serve you. You can get non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks as well as snacks like hot dogs and chips.

On this main level, you can also find the washrooms that were remarkably clean. You can take the stairs up and you will find more seating and the best views in the house!


A Must-See!

Before the boat takes off, make sure you have a good hold of the railings or have taken a solid seat down and you’ll be just fine. I was brave enough to walk around because I wanted to take tons of pictures. As soon as the boat takes off, you’ll be greeted by the super cute and lazy sea lions that have made the piers their home. Their barking is so adorable and they will be noisy as you float on by.  People visit Fisherman’s Wharf just to see the sea lions alone, aboard the Blue and Gold Fleet ship, you’ll get a closer look!

The gulls are very brave and much different looking than the ones we see here in Canada, the one pictured above literally floated over my head almost close enough for me to reach out and touch it.


Historical Alcatraz.

We went around Alcatraz Island and past Angel Island. But, since I truly enjoy history, Alcatraz truly captivated me. The narration told the story of Alcatraz, the escape attempts, how many inmates called this island home and it’s rise and fall. There were about 302 inmates and the only available water was in that pillar pictured above.


San Francisco, CA 94133

(415) 773-1188

Bay Cruise Adventure is available 7 days a week; first boat departs at 10am. Departure times vary by day and season, and special holiday hours apply; see details. No service on Christmas Day.

The cells were 5 feet by 9 feet. Cells at Alcatraz had a small sink with cold running water, small sleeping cot, and a toilet. Most men could extend their arms and touch each wall within their cell .Due to high operating costs the prison closed down.

It was amazing to see the place that housed Al Capone, Robert Stroud “The Birdman of Alcatraz” and George “Machine Gun” Kelly. Aboard the Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise ship, I checked “going to Alcatraz” off my bucket list.


The Golden Gate Bridge.

We continued our sail towards the Golden Gate Bridge where we enjoyed unobstructed views of the San Francisco skyline and the beautiful hills of Marin County. When we reached the Golden Gate Bridge the view was absolutely spectacular.


Look UP!

The experience of being underneath one of USA’s national landmarks was unbelievable! We sailed right underneath and the feeling of the sea air blowing hard against my face as I peered up to one of the most amazing views was a total “once in a lifetime” type of experience!

Cool Facts:
  • The Golden Gate Strait is the entrance to the San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean.
  • The bridge was built in 4 years and opened in 1937.
  • Building the bridge claimed the lives of 11 men.
  • A safety net underneath the bridge while building saved the life of 19 men and was known as “Halfway to Hell Club.”
  • There’s over 600, 000 rivets on the bridge.
  •  13 iron workers and 3 pusher iron workers along with and 28 painters, 5 painter laborers, and a chief bridge painter work to maintain the bridge.


Take It All In.

As we made our way back to the dock we were able to take it all in one last time. We were lucky to have gone an a perfect day and the bridge wasn’t shrouded in fog and all was clear. We rode the late afternoon cruise.

Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise TIPS:
  • The morning and late afternoon are good times to take the cruise. 
  • Bring a nice light jacket with a hood as it gets windy and a bit chilly on The Bay.
  • Bring your shades!
  • Wear comfortable shoes that keep you sturdy to the ground. It gets bumpy at sea!
  • Kids (5-11) receive one complimentary pair of 5x magnification Blue & Gold Fleet souvenir binoculars when you upgrade to the Escape from the Rock Cruise.
  • Make sure your camera has a strap and keep it fastened.
  • Have fun!

I think if you’re visiting San Francisco, taking a Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise is something that should be on your checklist. They have the San Francisco Bay Cruise Adventure, Escape from the Rock Cruise and Rocket Boat adventures, you can see a full list, here.

Also, to get your CityPASS to take your Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise or Rocket Boat ride, you can get it here.

Have you ever taken a narrated sightseeing tour, how did you like it?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. Wow, looks like so much fun! Awesome pics. 🙂 Makes me wish we'd had a chance to do the harbour tour in Seattle when we were there with CityPASS. I love CityPASS too – great way to see a city!
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  2. What a great tour. Looks like it was a blast. I have never tried CityPass. Off to check them out now.

  3. I've always wanted to go to San Fran. These pictures make we want to go even more!
    Love that you used CityPass, we recently used them for a trip to Atlanta and I loved it. So perfect and such a great deal.
    Thanks for linking up to Travel Tuesday.
    My recent post Travel Tuesday #11

  4. This brings back so many great memories if my trip to SF in 2000! I want to go back so much! The most unique city ever. And those sea lions….oh my!!

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