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The Best Pacifier for Sleeping Babies in 2020

A baby laying on a blanket, he is looking at the camera. This baby could use one of the best baby pacifiers in 2020, like Chicco.

The Best Pacifier for Sleeping Babies in 2020

As a new mom or a mom in general, the main goal is to make sure your baby sleeps and sleeps well. When babies are sleeping, moms can grab a bite to eat, take a shower or just take a breather.

If you use pacifiers with your baby, then you are most likely looking for the best option. With 2020 here, it’s important that you know what the best pacifier for sleeping babies is.

To most people, pacifiers don’t do anything different from one another, they are all the same.


Well, if you’ve ever used the Chicco PhysioForma™ Orthodontic Pacifiers, you may be singing a different tune.

This is a pacifier that supports the breathing of your baby, plus focuses on oral development.

Whether you call it a paci or binky, read on to discover why it is 2020’s top contender in the pacifier game because of the peace it brings.

A little hand holds a Chicco pacifier on top of a blue blanket.

Prevention of SIDS

Although I will say this isn’t a topic that a lot of people LIKE to talk about, I want to touch on it.

SIDS is known as sudden infant death syndrome.

The good news is that most pacifiers can help reduce the risk of SIDS by 90%. It is believed that the pacifier often deters baby from rolling over into a facedown position.

In fact, Chicco’s PhysioForma is baby-approved and 9 out of 10 babies accept it. Currently, it has 4.4 stars on Amazon. It’s really no surprise why though!

Chicco has created a pacifier (PhysioForma pacifier) that can help reduce the risk of SIDS.

3 Sizes to Help Support Growing Babies

The PhysioForma comes in three different sizes.

As your baby gets bigger, you can get a bigger size in the pacifier.

Once you notice your baby isn’t liking one particular size, you can easily move him or her up!

Plus, once your baby is old enough, they can easily grab the handle on their own. They can even use a Pocket Buddy. It holds on to their paci while becoming their new best friend!

It grows with baby, and it doesn’t get better than that!

Safe for baby

Chicco’s PhysioForma is designed and made in Italy and is free from BPA, latex, and made of silicone which does not harm your baby.

A close up of Chicco pacifiers and holders.

Mimic the Shape of the Mother’s Nipple

Bottle-feeding and breastfeeding babies alike can all enjoy pacifiers. Sometimes it’s just about finding a pacifier that coincides with HOW you want to feed your baby.

The PhysioForma pacifier is designed to mimic the shape of the mother’s nipple.

Just as a reminder, breastfeeding babies should NOT have a pacifier for 3-4 weeks to help reduce nipple confusion.

While no one can say that breastfeeding babies will fall in love with this pacifier, your baby may take to this one better because of the shape!

Perfect for Sleeping Babies

If your baby is relying on any regular old pacifier while they sleep, they may not be sleeping as well as they could.

The PhysioForma pacifier is unique in the fact that it can help your baby sleep better.


Well, the pacifier itself is less likely to fall from the baby’s mouth, while they are sleeping.

This is all thanks to the orthodontic and comfortable design with satin texture for less slip out of baby’s mouth. And the 100% soft silicone shield is gentle on babies’ skin. I think mom and baby will LOVE getting more sleep.

When baby sleeps better, umm Mama, so do you!

The pacifier is less likely to fall from the baby’s mouth during sleep, allowing the baby and mom to sleep for longer periods of time.

Other Benefits of the PhysioForma pacifier from Chicco

While I named a few of the benefits of the PhysioForma pacifier, there are several other benefits of this awesome pacifier.

A blue blanket with a cute little teddy that holds the Chicco pacifier.

Open Airway

The unique shape of the nipple will help support the baby’s breathing. It does this by helping to position baby’s tongue forward and allowing an open airway.

The open airway allows for correct physiological breathing, making the quality of the sleep of your baby much better which in turn helps reduce irritability!

It may also reduce irritability, help prevent infections of the oral cavity, and may help prevent SIDS.

Orthodontic Perks

As your baby grows, you want their mouth to grow correctly. The PhysioForma pacifier is designed to help the development of the baby’s palate and teeth.

A blue blanket with a cute little teddy that holds the Chicco pacifier.

try chicco

Now that you have a little more insight, you are more prepared to try a great option for your baby.

It’s best overall in my books because I know the brand well, and have used it throughout my own parenting journey.

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While everything that has to do with a baby is a matter of opinion, I’d like to officially declare that this is the best pacifier for sleeping babies in 2020!

I hope you enjoy all aspects of what this PhysioForma pacifier has to offer and may it be a great benefit to you as a parent in the New Year!

Are you ready to try the best pacifier for sleeping babies?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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A baby laying on a blanket, he is looking at the camera. This baby could use one of the best baby pacifiers in 2020, like Chicco. A banner below reads, "The Best Pacifier for Sleeping Babies."

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