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6 Baby Shower Gift Ideas on a Budget

Scrabble pieces are placed to spell out, "we are having a baby."

Baby Shower Gift Ideas on a Budget

Being in your mid-twenties is a strange in-between time for pretty much everyone. No two people handle it the same way.

Some of your peers are in graduate school or just finishing up undergrad working as baristas to scrape by.

Some are traveling the world or enlisted in the Peace Corps. While some are enjoying weekly staff happy hours with their tech start-up job. Others are buying houses, getting married, and having babies.

While it’s exciting to celebrate our friends and their milestones, celebrations often require gifts.

Gifts require knowing a thing or two about the people you’re buying for and the gift you’re buying.

Regardless of where in life you find yourself, buying baby shower gifts can be incredibly tricky.

You have to figure out the right size. Pick a style that feels true to the family you’re buying for. Plus, choosing high-quality items that the baby will actually use can feel like a daunting task.

Especially when you’re on a budget.

Not to mention, all of these complications are exacerbated when you yourself don’t have the experience of buying things for a child.

Always double-check if the parents already have a baby shower registry (this makes it easier), and don’t forget to include a gift receipt.

Read on for a few baby shower gift ideas on a budget.

1. Clothes

Possibly one of the most useful (and cutest) baby shower gifts you can buy is clothing.

There’s nothing quite like finding miniature shoes and adorable, animal-themed onesies.

You can definitely find affordable yet high-quality clothing. Whether it’s for your BFF’s newborn baby boy or a Christmas dress for your new niece. It’s essential to make sure you’re buying the appropriate size.

If you need help, most customer service teams are more than happy to help you pick the right baby clothes.

It’s also important to keep in mind that babies grow fast! Don’t drop too much money on an outfit that the baby may only wear once.

Honestly, think about the weather in a few months. Is it going to be hot or cold? Then make a decision that way by buying clothes that they will fit into a few months. Odds are, parents already have enough clothes for the first few months.

2. Stuffed Animals

We all have friends who have that worn down teddy bear or one-eyed stuffed dog that they love. Some of them got it before they were even born at their baby shower.

How special would it be if you ended up being the one to gift a baby their lifelong companion?

You can’t control what the baby decides to attach itself to, but you can gift a special stuffed animal.

It is a simple and timeless way to show the new baby in your life and their parents how much they mean to you.

3. Books

A timeless option that’s truly the gift that keeps on giving is a book. Baby books are affordable and can become a household staple.

A great way to help a child fall asleep or comfort them when they are upset.

Reading to a newborn baby increases bonding between the adult reading to them and the baby.

It can lead to high literacy rates later in life for the baby. Even before they can speak or respond directly to language!

Board books and Indestructibles baby books are great options for newborns. The pages can’t tear, they won’t cut themselves on the paper, and they can chew on the pages without damaging the book.

4. A Joint Gift

Another affordable way to get a great gift for the parents-to-be is to go in with a few friends. Choose an item that has a higher price tag.

Make sure the parents don’t already have a stroller or a crib lined up.

Try to figure out if they have specific preferences on brand or type.

Alleviating the burden of purchasing these pricey yet necessary baby items is sure to be a meaningful gift.

One that will last for many years.

If you get enough friends to participate, this will be a great way for you to stay within your budget.

Plus, you will be getting a high-quality item that the family actually needs for their newborn baby.

4. A Meal Subscription Service

This gift option isn’t explicitly for the baby, but parents are going to appreciate it nonetheless.

The first few weeks, and even months, of a newborn baby’s life can be all-consuming. New parents are often left without time to shop, cook, and eat healthy and affordable meals.

Most services allow you to sign up for a certain amount of time, so just pay for the first month or two.

Just be sure to let the parents know how long you’ve covered the subscription service. That way they aren’t expecting a box of food that never comes.

5. Gift Cards

If you’re still at a loss for what to buy the newborn baby in your life, gift the parents with a gift card.

Honestly, I think these make some of the best gifts. New parents can buy only what they need.

Rather than buying something you’re not sure the parents will use, a gift card still shows you care.

The downside to this is that you have to choose a specific amount, making this harder for gifting if you’re on a very tight budget.

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You should put enough on the gift card to actually buy something that will be useful.

Even if you’re far from having kids of your own, you can still buy an impactful baby shower gift for the newborn baby in your life.

Beyond any of these suggestions, the most important thing is to show up and make sure they feel supported.

Any of these gift options are a bonus to show that you care.

Do you have any suggestions for baby shower gift ideas on a budget?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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Scrabble pieces are placed to spell out, "we are having a baby."

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