Best Skirt Styles To Compliment Your Body Shape

Woman looks at herself in the mirror. She is wearing a dress shirt and skirt. This article covers the best skirt styles to compliment your body shape.

Best Skirt Styles To Compliment Your Body Shape

We all have different body shapes. While this is just one of the visible elements that make us all unique, it can make choosing the right fashion trends can be a bit tricky.

Not all trends suit every body shape.

This is why you should always consider your body shape before fashion trends when shopping for wardrobe additions. 

And while the summer trends of 2020 saw mixing and matching animal prints, minimalistic fashion, and leisurewear as trending options, various skirt styles (like Midi Skirts) are trending this year. 

To enable you to choose the right style for your figure, we have listed which styles suit specific body types best. 


The petite figure has quite a few different options to choose from when it comes to different skirt styles.

Baby-doll styles, fit and flare, and miniskirts are all excellent choices for the petite frame.

When it comes to styles to avoid, you should steer clear of maxi skirts as they will give you a much smaller appearance.

At the same time, A-line skirts are flattering options, while high-waisted cuts can also be a good choice. 

Tall and Lean

Those with tall and lean figures have a few skirt options, although maxi skirts are a great choice to balance your height and add volume to your silhouette.

You can also pull off an A-line cut in a longer length, and this flowy glittering unbalanced skirt is an excellent choice for your lean figure. 

It’s generally best to opt for longer-length skirt cuts, although knee-length are also suitable depending on the design.

It’s best to avoid mini skirts, as they will appear even shorter than they are if you’re already pretty tall. 


Pencil skirts are an excellent choice for those with curvy figures. Even though these skirts are generally seen as formal wear, they can also be worn casually, depending on your fabric choice.

Cotton or stretch pencil skirts are excellent choices for casual wear. 

High-waisted skirts are also an excellent choice for the curvy frame. The styles to avoid include maxi skirts that will give you a larger appearance.

Mini skirts are also not always a practical choice for curvy figure types. 

Pear Shaped

The pear body shape is larger by the hips and thighs and smaller at the waist and bust. A-line skirts are perfectly suitable for the pear body shape.

A-line skirts are not figure-hugging and taper out slightly. This cut will help you balance your smaller top half with your more curvaceous bottom half. 

What’s more, a-line skirts are also trending. They are available in various lengths; the a-line mini skirt is currently making waves, though.

The best part about this skirt style is that it can be casual or formal depending on the fabric and details incorporated into the garment. 

Apple Shape

The best skirt style for the apple shape figure is high-waisted skirts, straight skirts, and maxi skirts.

These cuts will help you conceal your larger tummy area and give you a more slender silhouette.

Furthermore, it’s also best to go for longer-length skirts or knee-length skirts. 

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Choosing a skirt style that suits your body shape is the best approach to always looking your best. You should also apply the same concept when shopping around for any other clothing garment.

Fit and comfort are always far more important than trends. 

Do you know what body shape you have?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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Woman looks at herself in the mirror. She is wearing a dress shirt and skirt. This article covers the best skirt styles to compliment your body shape.

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