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Celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary with Canadian Cheese! #CanadianCheese

Celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary with Canadian Cheese! #CanadianCheese

Celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary with Canadian Cheese!

It’s hard to believe that my beloved country, that I call home, is turning 150 years old. Canada is a special place to live, not only because of the people who live here, but because of our history. If you’re a true Canadian, then you know the place that cheese has in our history. Cheese has always been a part of Canada, from coast-to-coast. Our dairy farmers work tirelessly to ensure Canada has all the cheese it needs.

Celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary with Canadian Cheese! #CanadianCheese

Start of Cheese in Canada

I love cheese, but I had no idea how far back cheese went in Canada. Cheese making in our country can be traced back to the 1600s. Isn’t that crazy? Harvey Farrington was a pioneer for cheese making in Canada and set up the very first cheese factory. What’s even more interesting is by 1867, there were at least 200 cheese factories established in Ontario alone.

Farmers Set Apart

I mentioned how dedicated our cheesemakers are and I believe it sets our cheese apart from the rest of the world. Canadian cheese starts with 100% Canadian milk that is produced by passionate dairy farmers in a sustainable way. Both dairy farmers and cheesemakers help make Canadian cheese as creative, expressive and as diverse as they are!

We can all cheer for our local cheesemakers that help make our delicious cheese possible. The Dairy Farmers of Canada want to tell you about all the unique cheese in our country, so they’ve hand selected these three kinds of cheese to share with all Canadians as part of the 150th anniversary of our country.

Celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary with Canadian Cheese! #CanadianCheese

Let There Be Cheese!

Having the chance to try and enjoy them all, I paired them with a few select items. Of course, this is all about preference. But, don’t be afraid to step out of the box and try something you think may not work. It often does! Isn’t this Canada-shaped cheese board amazing?

Celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary with Canadian Cheese! #CanadianCheese

Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar, Cows Creamery, Prince Edward Island Aged for 14 months in carefully monitored temperature and humidity conditions, this cheddar is firm in texture and has a rich full-bodied flavour.

Pairings: I’ve paired it with a fruity wine and offered crackers and salami if a little texture is desired. Red grapes are optional.

Celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary with Canadian Cheese! #CanadianCheese

Devil’s Rock, Thornloe Cheese Inc. It is a creamy blue cheese in a uniquely shaped pyramid and encased in black wax. Devil’s Rock itself is an iconic rock surface overlooking Lake Temiskaming and onward into Quebec.

Pairings: I paired it with dark chocolate, it works!

Celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary with Canadian Cheese! #CanadianCheese

Comox Camembert, Natural Pastures, British Columbia Comox Camembert is a creamy, rich cheese, characterized by its edible, downy white rind. It has a delicate note of mushroom and a tender bloomy rind. It’s named after Comox, a small town near Courtenay, Vancouver Island, where Natural Pastures, the cheesemaker, is located.

Pairings: I paired it with dried fruits like figs and apricots.

Celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary with Canadian Cheese! #CanadianCheese

Celebrate with Cheese!

Cheese in Canada is double stranded and known for its French and English heritage. Our cheese is a part of the history of Canada and without it; we wouldn’t be who we are! So, as you celebrate our country’s 150th birthday, take some time to enjoy a little cheese.

Think back to the first dairy farmers and cheese aficionados that helped make cheese in Canada what it is today! It’s no surprise that cheese in Canada has gotten distinguished honours. It is because it simply tastes so good!

Celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary with Canadian Cheese! #CanadianCheese

Get Some!

For more information, make sure you visit dairyfarmers.ca. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for their latest updates! Don’t forget to share your “cheesy” Canadian pictures and selfies and add #CanadianCheese!

Cheese can help us all celebrate Canada’s huge milestone, make sure it’s on your table this long weekend!

How will you be enjoying cheese as Canada turns 150 years old?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!






Celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary with Canadian Cheese! #CanadianCheese


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  1. Oh wow you had me at cheese! I do love an awesome cheeseboard and you made a seriously awesome one!! I had no idea Canada was turning 150 but I will absolutely pick up some of this cheese and try it out in celebration and oh you know I will be making a grand cheeseboard spread!

  2. What a fabulous way to Celebrate Canada day! I love cheese boards! My husband and I had a delicious one last time we were in Toronto! It was all Canadian Cheese!

  3. Canada has awesome cheese! When I lived in Washington we could get cheese from across the border, and it was always tastier than local cheese.

  4. I’ve never heard of Canadian cheese! My husband is such a freak about cheeses I bet he’d drool all over my computer looking at this!

  5. Yes to all the cheese! I am a huge cheese lover. I eat it every day…at least twice a day lol. Happy 150 Canadian friends! Your southern neighbors wish you the best! Eat lots of cheese!

  6. If there is one thing that I LOVE it’s cheese. It’s so versatile! You can put it on anything, make dips out of it, sauces… It’s seriously the best! Canadian cheese is delicious. You made me super hungry with this post.

  7. i LOVE cheese and have been known not to share when I get Swiss … actually my family prob doesnt even know I love swiss …

  8. It’s so awesome to learn more about how valuable cheese is in Canada. I love cheese and it would so nice to get to try these especially since Canada’s very much dedicated to making the quality of their cheese top notch!

  9. Mmm, I just love cheese but didn’t really know that Canada was known for their cheeses! I live close to Canada so I will have to try some next time I visit!

  10. I love cheese! My least favorite is blue cheese. I need to start looking for Canadian cheese in my area. Those cheeses look good.

  11. These are all looks good my sister would loves any kind of cheese and I will tell her about this

  12. Drool! I love cheese more than any other food. Our fridge recently broke and as we were cleaning it out to get rid of it, my husband was shocked by the amount of cheese I had stashed away in there. He’s quite sure we could cut our grocery budget in half if it weren’t for cheese.

  13. We have great cheese in Canada. My favorite is fresh Quebec curd cheese that hasn’t been refrigerated yet. When I would visit my mom in NB right on the border of Quebec I would eat it every day for lunch! I miss it!

  14. For any party or get-together you can never go wrong with serving cheese! It’s an event staple. So versatile & goes pretty great with a glass of wine, too!

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