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Take the BIC Fight for Your Write Pledge & Check Out These Writing Tips + $200 Giveaway! #BICFFYW

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Take BIC’s Fight for Your Write Pledge!
You know I did!

We live in a digital world and the more digital we become, the less we use hand writing. Think about it, when is the last time that you wrote something instead of typing it or using your phone? I write everyday and use a planner for my work. On my down time and in my travels, I journal and I absolutely love it. 

But, penmanship is in peril.

Despite the allure of electronics, experts agree: handwriting is critical to a child’s education and development. “Handwriting plays a role in helping children build confidence, creativity and critical thinking skills,” says Pam Allyn, a literacy advocate, education expert and author and founder of LitWorld, a global organization that advocates for children’s rights as readers, writers and learners. “Writing is an important vehicle for communication because it distinguishes us and promotes individuality. The evidence also shows that writing helps kids become better readers, improves school performance and helps develop idea composition, expression and fine-motor skills.”   


Do It Write Now!

BIC is excited to launch this movement and wants to encourage Canadian families to help save handwriting for future generations. The campaign includes a pledge, along with strategies and tips for making handwriting fun for developing minds. BIC is also working with Breakfast Club of Canada to help ensure children go to school hungry for knowledge, not hungry for food.

Did you know that 60% of learning in school happens before lunch? That makes breakfast food, brain food. That’s why BIC Fight For Your Write is donating $10,000 directly to Breakfast Club of Canada and giving an additional $10,000 (retail value) of stationery supplies to Canadian schools in need through the organization.

Breakfast clubs are a godsend for those kids who start their day with nothing.  I know that when we grew up, we were blessed to have taken advantage of them. Now, we are more than happy to give back whenever we can. It’s refreshing to see these initiatives and to know that the Breakfast Club of Canada operates from coast to coast and helps feed 152,000 students every day in 1,328 schools





Get Them Excited!

I try to encourage our girls to write as much as they can. Thankfully, at school they are still encouraged to write as often as possible and usually only projects are done on the computer. But, assignments are all written. I can remember the pure joy of starting the school year with brand new BIC pens to write with, there’s nothing like it. I still get that same feeling to this day. If you’re struggling on getting your kids excited about writing, use the tips above to help you get your child fight for their write!


Make It Fun.

When you have THE perfect writing instrument, it can truly make all the difference in a child’s creativity and drive to succeed. BIC has a wide array of products that help make writing fun. No matter what the subject, they are covered.

Some popular choices to include in your school supply list are: BIC Atlantis® Original Ball Pen, BIC® ExtraFun™ Pencil, BIC® 4-Color™ Ball Pen, BIC® Extra-Craze™ Mechanical Pencil, BIC® Velocity® Gel Pen, BIC® Briteliner® Highlighters and BIC Kids™ Mechanical Pencil. For more information about these awesome writing tools, go to www.bicworld.com.

Enter to Win This Giveaway

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Ready to WIN?

Handwriting is critical to a child’s education and development and plays a vital role in helping children build confidence, creativity, critical thinking and fine-motor skills.

That’s why BIC is rallying Canadians to take the Fight For Your Write Pledge to help save hand writing! BIC is also partnering with Breakfast Club of Canada to help ensure children go to school hungry for knowledge, not hungry for food.

To help make writing fun and keep kids engaged, BIC is offering you the chance to win a BIC stationery prize pack valued at $200! 


Take the Pledge!

Writing is something that I am passionate about and it’s something that I want our future generations to be able to enjoy too. There really is nothing like a fresh page of paper in a journal, a BIC pen and your thoughts. That’s why I signed the pledge and am going to make it a point to keep it alive!

Ms. Allyn says that reading is like breathing in and writing is like breathing out – children need both to be successful. They need to do it both at home and at school to feel confident in their writing abilities. I have to agree and I know that when they feel confident, it transcends to all subjects that they study.

Visit www.BICFightForYourWrite.ca to sign the pledge and join the fight to save hand writing!

When is the last time you wrote with a pen or pencil?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I want to encourage my 9yr old and my 27 yr old boys to continue to write as I do every single day!!!! Thanks for the chance to win

  2. My 13yr old Niece Mariah is already a budding writer. Her imagination fascinates me. I would love to gift this to her! Plus keep a few for myself 😉

  3. I never write anymore. I had to flll out a form by hand recently and my hand was KILLING me by the time I was done.

  4. My son is coming up to the age where cursive writing will be starting. If he isn't taught in school (I haven't checked yet) I'll be teaching him at home 🙂

  5. I would say a few.. my husband is a small business owner and I would encourage him for sure! He needs the encouragement, overwhelmed at times.

  6. I still love to write by hand, whether it is a list, an article, my book, or whatever. Yeah, it can take longer, but I feel more of a connection with my words when I do it. I love to help the kids with whom I work to also learn to love the feeling of a pen or a pencil in their hands, so that they can experience the same.

  7. my children, with how schools are not educating them like before,with all the tech coming into school, children need to be encouraged now to write

  8. I was shocked to learn that schools don't teach cursive anymore, so I have started teaching the kids at home, so with this pack I would encourage them to fight for their right to write lol

  9. My daughter..she writes some amazing stories when she finally sits downs and gives it some time I wish she would write more often

  10. I like to encourage my great nieces…..with all the technology they really don't need to write with pen and paper….I am old school….I love to write…..

  11. I want to keep encouraging my teens (13,16 & 19) to keep up with their writing skills. Can’t use a computer for everything! Thanks 🙂

  12. I'm also a fan of writing in a notebook! It helps me keep organized mentally in a way that outsourcing to an app wouldn't!

  13. I was surprised to find out that at my daughter's school they don't really even teach cursive writing anymore. I've been teaching her at home. We always have notebooks and paper around for any type of printing, writing, drawing — it's nice to get a way from screen time for sure!

  14. I love BIC products. I actually have some of their pens. I love those new products. I'll have to check them all out. This is also a great giveaway!

  15. I like the idea of taking time ever week to write! The different colors I would use for different moods I think. It would make it more colorful and fun to read.

  16. My son struggles with writing, so we really need to work on it. I bet using these colorful pens would help with that issue.

    1. Ohh, I thought it was just about doodling but I've read further. I'd like to fight for both of my sons. The schools no longer teach writing in school, and I think it is something they should learn.

  17. I would love to win this for my granddaughter and grandson who are in school and could really be innspired by this lovely prize.Thanks for the chance 🙂

  18. My college age kids have already gotten away from writing and they need to get it back. Tech is nice but the written word is an amazing entity!

  19. Love Bic Pens! We are obsessed with office supplies in this house, so we have a ton to choose from!
    My recent post Be confident enough to dance in the rain with Poise Impressa!

  20. I love using Bic pens. I started my kids writing in a journal when they were younger. It was a great way to get them to practice their handwriting.

  21. I would like to encourage my teen daughter to Fight for Their Write! She hardly writes anything at all, except for at school!

  22. I want to encourage my grandkids to write more, it is so important to write neatly and to be able to express yourself using pen and paper. I much prefer getting a handwritten note over a typed one!

  23. I want to encourage my kids to write. Their schools are very focused on using technology so I need to keep them handwriting at home.


  24. That would be my daughter, whose school last year only spent a week on cursive hand writing. Now that she's in junior high, the teachers are upset that the kids don't know any cursive writing! So she has to start practicing daily to learn the technique & this prize pack would surely help get the job done!

  25. I love that they are working to help childhood hunger!
    Bic has always been a staple for back to school shoppers, nice to see them giving back as well

  26. I heard one of my friends talking that they are moving away from writing and gearing her kids towards nearly all typing/electronic work in school. Such a shame. I use my planner daily as well. I just seem to retain more if I actually put pen to paper

  27. I want to encourage the kids in the family…writing is such an important skill that should never be replaced by a keyboard.

  28. I would love to encourage young children to fight for their write so they can be confident in their own skills as they are in relying on technology

  29. Id like my nephew to write for his life. He's little and just learning, but I think it would be neat to have him write what he would want an unpriviledged child to experience this Christmas.

  30. I would encourage my son to write-my daughter does love to write already but my son would always prefer to type on the computer instead.

  31. My children, I always encourage them to write, they both have diaries that they write their daily activities in 🙂

  32. I want to encourage my nice and nephews to write, esp my older nephew. He is so into his computer and games, I think he forgets the improtance of writing!

  33. I would like to encourage my daughter to fight for her write. She is very creative, but needs to keep working on her writing skills

  34. I would like to encourage my grand kids to fight for the write. With everyone texting going on today nobody seems to take the time to write anyone. I would like to see my grand kids to write more instead of texting.

  35. My daughter – I want her to write as early and as often as possible. She's just figuring out how to write her name, so we're on the right track!

  36. I want it for my girls. My oldest is in high school and was not taught to write cursive in school but can since we worked on it some at home. My daughter in the 6th grade was taught it so she can write in cursive better than her sister. Thank you!

  37. Definitely my nieces & nephews, I think is is very important to not lose the art of handwriting now that our lives are technology driven.

  38. I encourage everyone i know to keep a journal. They don't spend nearly enough focus on handwriting in school anymore. It's a shame. Writing is such good therapy and self expression.


  40. I would love to encourage my nieces & nephews, I find they often try to get out of printing/writing and I think it is something important to teach them.

  41. Definitely need to encourage my nieces and nephews because they would rather use the computer than their own hands when it comes to writing.

  42. My son has such a great imagination. He loves writing and colouring! This would be perfect – thanks so much for the opportunity!! 🙂

  43. My nieces & nephews, want to encourage them to learn & use their writing skills – it is still important to know how.

  44. I definitely want to encourage my nieces and nephews to learn how to write. Even in today's digital age it is a skill important to know.

  45. My nieces & nephews need encouragement when it comes to writing, maybe some new supplies would help 🙂

  46. I recently bought my two nieces journals & I'm giving my cousin a gift certificate for her birthday to have a custom day planner made for her!

  47. My kiddos! Would love to win this for them to encourage to keep writing and drawing and avoiding the iPad and electronic doodles 😉

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