Blissdom Canada, Here I Come!

Blissdom Canada, Here I Come!

Blissdom Canada, Here I Come!
So, the day has come!

I am on route to Toronto for one of the biggest blogging conferences in Canada! I just want to take the time to thank my ticket sponsor, Ddrops and all of you guys that voted for me. It truly started my journey and months later, I’m on my way.

It’s my first ever train ride anywhere really and to be honest, I was quite nervous. Not as nervous as flying mind you, but–I still had my worries.

But, so far so good. A bit shaky, noisy but fun to say the least. Though it’s still too dark to see out the window. LOL.

It is crazy how the time just creeped up and here we are, October 13th and it’s Blissdom time!

Blissdom Canada, Here I Come!

A big shout out to Ddrops, if you don’t know them–you should! They make Vitamin D drops that are super easy to use. One drop and you have your daily dose! They make Ddrops for babies (which you can add to bottles or your nipple if you are nursing) kids and adults! Check them out for lots of info on everything Vitamin D!

Now, Kat and I couldn’t have made it without the help of our sponsor, Elephoto! So, a big thank-you to them for making it possible. If you missed my last post, they are an amazing Canadian company that specializes in quality photo books, photo calendars, greeting cards and posters! You will be seeing lots of them round here! Also, if you are at Blissdom, I have some pretty sweet swag from Elephoto if you come by my room or see you during our down times.

Well, this is all very exciting and I am so very excited and happy to be going to Bliss, I just am so sad leaving behind my little girls and my amazing Hubby. They are in good hands so, I don’t need to worry.

I can’t wait to learn from the amazing speakers and my peers, to meet so many wonderful ladies I talk to everyday and of course, meet Blissdom’s sponsors!

Also, I finally get to meet my online bestie, Kat from Kat’s Confessions and my partner for Blissdom and my Patty from Pampered Patty of course! I also get to room with Deanna from Maple Leaf Mommy too!

See you soon roomies and I apologize in advance for my snoring! 

Well, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and that it was plentiful and blessed as mine was.

Here’s a few pictures from our weekend, we were definitely blessed with great weather. Here is my heart, split in 3, in London, ON at Victoria Park.

Blissdom Canada, Here I Come!

Blissdom Canada, Here I Come!

Love you my babies!

And I will see most of you ladies soon!

Til then, chers m’deres!


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    1. Aww of course you are in my S/O, only thing is that I'd be here forever listing all the awesome ladies! You are definitely on my "must-meet" though! 🙂 ((HUGS))

  1. I sooooo wish I could be there too! I had such a blast with you girls at SCCTO! Maybe next year we can be roomies, cuz…shorties gotta stick together! LOL! 😉 You girls are so much fun! xo

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