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4 Surprising Truths About CBD Bath Bombs You Won’t Believe

Candles and bath bombs are shown in a bathroom setting. There are leaves strewn around them. This article covers truths about CBD bombs.

Truths About CBD Bath Bombs You Won’t Believe

Virtually any free-market environment is driven by the basic laws of supply and demand – and the CBD industry is no exception here.

Once the compound started to gain popularity, it was only a matter of time before the manufacturers began to introduce new and innovative CBD products that would suit the needs of a wider audience.

CBD oil was no longer the only product on the market. There are CBD edibles, lotions, capsules, creams, bath bombs, and other products are now available for purchase.

CBD bath bombs are especially interesting, particularly due to how different they are from most other cannabidiol goods.

In an effort to learn more about this item, we’ve decided to compile a list of the main facts you should know about the popular product.

Read on and understand why they are the latest rage in the CBD industry!

1. Can Help Improve Your Sleep

You might not treat CBD bath bombs as your traditional sleep product. After all, they’re more of a relaxation product than anything else.

Nevertheless, they can be extremely effective at supporting your sleep cycle and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

This is thanks to the fact that CBD can have a very calming effect on the user’s body and mind, no matter how it is applied.

They can be particularly effective here as they are a topical product that is absorbed through your skin directly into your bloodstream.

That means you should feel the beneficial effects of CBD much faster than with other products like CBD edibles.

All you have to do is drop a bath bomb into your tub and let it dissolve.

Once you have finished your bath, you will feel more relaxed and ready for bed.

2. Won’t Make You High

This may come as a surprise to many, but they are derived from hemp plants. Which also contains the potent psychoactive ingredient Delta-9 THC.

But don’t worry, they will not make you experience any psychoactive effects or “high.” This is because of two factors.

First of all, the main ingredient in them is cannabidiol, which is entirely non-intoxicating.

In other words, no matter how much of it you consume, you won’t experience a traditional high. Secondly, the amount of Delta-9 THC in them is virtually non-existent.

Even the most potent of full-spectrum CBD bath bombs are legally bound to contain no more than 0.3% of THC, the federal maximum.

Most contain far less than that.

This is simply too little to result in any profound intoxication like that experienced with marijuana products.

3. Can Be Drug Test Safe

As mentioned above, they may contain Delta-9 THC. This makes many people worry about failing a drug test.

This is a valid concern, as Delta-9 THC can be detected by most of the commonly used workplace drug tests.

However, it doesn’t mean that they are necessarily unsafe in this regard.

You see, they can come in other varieties than simply full-spectrum products. You can also find broad-spectrum CBD bath bombs.

They contain all of the natural beneficial ingredients from the hemp plants, just without any THC.

For maximum safety, you can also choose to use CBD isolate bath bombs. These are made from pure cannabidiol only.

Thus completely eliminating any significant possibility of failing a drug test.

4. Can Help Provide Relief

CBD bath bombs are not merely a relaxation product that you can use to unwind properly after a particularly hard day at work.

It has a much wider range of potential benefits, with many people turning to the compound to help deal with various causes of discomfort.

Thanks to the fact that CBD bath bombs are absorbed through your skin, they can be especially useful when it comes to providing relief.

They may be just what you need after a punishing workout session. They can be used to help you promote natural recovery and ease discomfort often associated with exercise.

As a topical product, they are fast-acting and can provide you with much-needed comfort in a matter of minutes. This is compared to other CBD products that may take up to an hour to work).


CBD bath bombs are a fantastic new product that you can use to help you unwind and relax. Thanks to their unique properties, they can also be extremely beneficial when it comes to supporting sleep.

Plus providing relief from various causes of discomfort, such as exercise-induced soreness.

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These products won’t make you high no matter how much you use them. Finally, they can also be safe for drug testing, provided you use a broad-spectrum or CBD isolate bath bomb.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the truth about CBD bath bombs and convinced you to give them a try!

Do you have any more questions about CBD bath bombs?

– Dr. Drayman


Candles and bath bombs are shown in a bathroom setting. There are leaves strewn around them. This article covers truths about CBD bombs.

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