5 Cheap Date Ideas to Keep Your Marriage Ignited

A girl rides piggyback on boyfriend. Cheap date ideas!

Need Cheap Date Ideas?

If your marriage needs a boost but you are on a budget, all you need to do is find a way to reignite your flame with these 5 cheap date ideas. There are different places that you can go to enjoy a change in pace while inviting your S/O to enjoy more of your relationship. Getting some of the best budget alternatives allows you to find the perfect balance to keeping your love alive while developing practical alternatives.  Here are some relationship tips and ways to impress your partner.

1. Dine Out.

One thing that never gets old when it comes to dating, even after marriage, is dining out. There is a variety of atmospheric and romantic places that you can find and which stay in your budget.  Discovering new corner restaurants and combining this with a romantic slant will help you to entice your loved one into easy date night ideas. We love finding little holes in the wall and trying greasy spoons to discover and enjoy together. Trying new things together or enjoying favorites can do wonders for a couple. 

2. Adventures to Activities.

You can easily add into your date ideas on a budget with adventures that are in your neighborhood.  Interactive sports, games, hikes in the mountains or a day at the ocean are some of the simple dates that you can enjoy. If you are lucky to have a lot of nature areas in your city, you are set. Many of these are low to no cost, allowing you to use cheap date ideas without the extra costs.  You can easily surprise your loved one without adding up dollars. Packing a homemade picnic and watching the sunset together is amazing and cheap.

3. Entertainment.

Easy date night ideas can be found by looking at the latest movies at the box office.  Movies are a simple approach to have a romantic outing with your partner.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, make a nice dinner, get your favorite snacks and watch Netflix. You can also consider catching a concert, dancing and other activities that are on the town.  Keeping up with the latest activities in your neighborhood can help you to enjoy time out with your marriage partner.

4. A Date Night In.

An often overlooked but deeply loved idea is to stay in.  If you decide to take this approach then heighten up the atmosphere, cook a favorite meal and add in music or a movie to the night.  This shows your appreciation for someone and allows you to keep the flare of romance going.  For simple to use relationship tips, is the ability to enjoy more by staying in. Some days we pick up a couple good steaks, some beer and create something. 

5. Romantic Accents.

It isn’t about the location or the basis of your dates.  It also includes the romantic accents that you can add into the evening.  Even if you are in a marriage, you don’t want to turn off the appreciation of your partner and noticing why you fell in love with them in the first place. Flowers, chocolates and other gifts for both men and women create a heightened romance in your partner. Wherever you go, add these special touches and they are sure to keep your relationship flamed.

These are just a few tips on how you can have a great time with your significant other. While we enjoy the nicer things in life, we also enjoy allotting extra cash to indulge later. I think the most important thing we can do is spend time with one another, interrupted. Dara and I keep our spark alive by doing just so, you can see how we do that, here.

What are your tips for cheap date ideas?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. my hubby and I make sure to have a date night once a month! movies and then dinner 🙂 we are actually due for this soon because it has been longer than the one month mark. I find it so important because with my husband working all the time and I am always with our girls, we need the time just the two of us

  2. Date nights can be cheap if you do a bit of planning. We often prefer to have date nights in – can't go wrong with a home cooked meal and snuggling on the couch watching a movie. Just remember to turn off all cell phones etc.

  3. I love Saturday nights its 60s tunes a few dances and conversation and maybe a glass of wine and i dont have to leave the house.

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