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6 Effective Study Tips for Teens and Tweens for a Successful School Year

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Study Tips for Teens and Tweens

Most kids love going back to school and studying especially in the first few weeks of the academic year. They’re excited to use all the new things they have for school and they missed their friends over the long summer break.

However, study tips are still highly important for them to maintain their study habits all year round and get great grades!

In addition to helpful study tips, students can use educational apps or hire essay writer from essayservice.com to boost their grades and keep up with the academic load.

After all, getting help with essays and other papers allows students to have more time for rest, thus helping them to stay more focused during classes.

Once the importance of education has already been established to a student, most of the time, he or she would no longer need study tips as they will voluntarily pick up that book and just study.

However, in most cases, motivation and even inspiration are much-needed. Especially from their parents.

If you are a parent looking for back-to-school tips for tweens or you are a student looking for study hacks, this post is for you.

1. Listening to nice but unfamiliar music is always one of the best study hacks.

You would have to stay away from your favorite Taylor Swift song. It may distract you from really learning and understanding your lessons.

It is always best to listen to music that you don’t really know. That way, you won’t get distracted by singing along or for your mind to think about other things.

Classical and other instrumental music is highly recommended too, however, if that makes them sleepy and lose focus even more, then you can stick to any kind of music they prefer.

2. One of the best back to school tips for tweens include a rewarding system.

This could be a self-reward for a teen such as allowing yourself to login to Facebook only after you have completed all your study material.

A parent can also motivate his or her child by offering rewards such as movie tickets or clothes shopping day with every successful A on their report card.

3. Use different colors of highlighters.

Looking at a black and white page may be boring. Put a splash of color on it by highlighting important parts with different colors of highlighters.

4. Kids need to exercise too.

Exercise is not only to get a fit body. This is definitely one of the most important study hacks most students need to learn. Take a walk before opening that book to improve your brain’s alertness.

5. Boost concentration with chewing gum.

This is actually one of those scientific study tips that have been proven effective by so many students already and even those who need to work long days and nights. Chewing gum definitely does improve one’s concentration.

6. Put a time limit on gadgets such as tablets and computers.

While many study directly from their laptop or their tablets, it would be best to print out material and study from paper because too much distraction comes around when working directly on a computer.

If this cannot be done, block pages such as social networks and YouTube that can be a distraction while tweens are studying.

I wouldn’t move away from using a computer because Google is always a great resource for studying. 

How do you encourage your child to study?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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