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NEW Club House Sea Salt and Spice Grinders Are Your Kitchen’s Newest Secret Weapons.

New Club House Sea Salt

NEW Club House Sea Salt Grinders.
Making food delicious–one twist at a time.

One thing that both my husband and I love to do together is cook. We both have our strengths in the kitchen and to create the perfect family meal we both take care of different things. While I make our meat rubs, he cooks the meat and he may chop the veggies and I cook the sides. It all really depends on what we are cooking! 

One thing is for sure, the meals that come out of our kitchen are always flavorful. No matter what we are feeling, we make sure that it packs a savory punch. It can’t be bland and it must have zing, smoke or heat!

That means you certainly cannot be shy with the spices and salt. Here’s a few NEW products from Club House that will tantalize your taste buds.

Chipotle Sea Salt Grinder

Bring the Heat!

If you are cooking Mexican or Southwestern cuisine the Club House Chipotle Sea Salt grinder will give you that sweet and spicy flavor you are looking for. Personally, I think it would make a great rub for meat. Plus, when you freshly grind the chipotle sea salt, you release the smoky and spicy flavors of chipotle pepper and sea salt into your food. Use during cooking or in place of salt or other seasonings at the table to bring excitement to your everyday meals.

Sweet Onion Sea Salt Grinder

Give Me That Zing!

Onions are definitely a staple in our home and in our cooking. A meal is not complete unless it contains onions or has onion flavor–or both! There’s also something that is unrivaled when it comes to seasonings and that’s sweet onion and sea salt. When you grind sweet onion and sea salt, it delivers a unique sweet, sugary sensation versus a sharp, astringent taste from traditional onion flavours. Perfect to add to any dish or meal!

Smoked Sea Salt Grinder

Smoke and Hickory.

When I flavor our meats, I love having a little hint of smoke. The Club House Smoked Sea Salt grinder is a sophisticated seasoning for almost anything! Put a twist on vegetables and roasted potatoes or grind over grilled meats and fish. When you grind it freshly onto your food, you’ll taste that subtle smokiness!


Make It Flavorful!

Thanks to Club House, you are now armed with 3 secret weapons in your kitchen arsenal. Stay tuned because I will be sharing tips and recipes using these mouth-watering salt and flavor grinders! You can always check Flavour.ca for some delicious cooking inspiration until then!

Which sea salt and spice mix do you most want to try?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I could sure use some help in the kitchen when it comes to cooking meats. Many of my entrees come out pretty plain tasting and it drives me crazy. I need more flavor in my life!

  2. I don't think i could pick just one of those flavours, I need ALL of them! In fact, these would be so handy for the camper too … adding them to my shopping list this week!

  3. These are some great combinations, I am sure they would be great in my kitchen. I will have to be on the look out the next time I am shopping for these!

  4. I want to try them all! They look and sound great! And those kabobs are mouth-watering. But I guess the Smoky ones would be my fave. I love smoke-flavored anything!

  5. Oh i am in love with the idea of these spices! that would be so much fun to cook with! I would love to try the house smoked sea salt.

  6. I would start with the sweet onion blend and the smoked sea salt. Sounds like some tasty combos we would enjoy.
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  7. We are big fans of spices here. My husband is really good at using them and making things taste awesome. We should try this brand out.

  8. We only use sea salt, so this would be super great for my family. I love all the flavor choices they offer.

  9. Salts and spices and grinders, oh my! Some of my favorite things in the kitchen. If you have a good set of spices, you can make anything taste great!

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