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5 Reasons Why You’ll Fall in Love with the diono Quantum Classic

The Quantum Classic from diono in Light Grey.

The diono Quantum Classic

If you know us, you know that the safety and comfort of our girls have always been a top priority. We are huge fans of diono, they always make products that are durable, reliable, high-quality, and safe. That is why I am excited to share the diono Quantum Classic stroller, an easy folding experience, a “one-step” brake, and a versatile smart seat, that can be used from birth.

With it, life is made simple with an easy to switch lie-flat carriage. It later becomes a roomy toddler seat so your little ones can see the world. I really love their contemporary styling, it definitely suits my style.

It is available in light grey and dark grey and while it’s simplistic, I adore how fashionable it is. When my girls were young, the seats and stroller designs were much different. I like how fashion-forward these are. Not to mention, they really do have aesthetic in mind.

Diono married innovative ‘easy feel’ touchpoints and a multitude of ideas to make you smile. One thing is for sure, the Quantum Classic is designed to be resilient and robust, day in and day out, wherever you may roam.

Read on to see a few reasons why you’ll fall in love with the diono Quantum Classic!

A front view of the Quantum Classic in Light Grey.

1. It’s Versatile

You can remove some parts to shorten it. That makes rolling city streets or country parks a breeze. You can even turn it into a carriage for the teeny ones and upright for the older ones who want to explore the world.

2. Built-In Luxury

All the same features as Quantum with even more luxury. Leatherette handlebar, bumper bar and accent detailing for the finest touch.

3. Exclusive Tailoring

Hand-selected suiting fabric captures an enduring style. The Quantum Classic stroller is available in Light Grey and Dark Grey and can suit anyone’s style.

4. Comfortable for Baby

Your baby will never miss nap time, even when you are on the go. With this lush, super soft bassinet lining and mattress for happy snoozing, you’re set.

5. Cruise Smooth

Whether you are the mall or going off-road at the park, these air-filled all-terrain wheels make for the softest ride.

MRSP: $899.99

The diono Quantum Classic stroller pictured with the cover down.

Get Yours

For more information, visit diono.com and check out the diono Quantum Classic stroller for yourself!

If you are looking for a great investment that will last your for years to come, this one is it!
When it comes to our kids, we really want them to be safe and comfortable. The diono Quantum Classic takes care of both, while making you look good too.

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We are huge fans of diono, and we have been for a while. We still use their car seat/booster seat combo and love it. I know that this stroller will last just as long!

What do you like the most about the diono Quantum Classic stroller?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!





The safety and comfort of our kids is important. The diono Quantum Classic is durable, reliable, high-quality, & safe. See why you'll fall in love with it! #QuantumClassic #diono #giveaway

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  1. I love how it’s Versatile! It’s hard to find a stroller like that these days! I would keep this for our little on that is on the way

  2. I love that it’s comfortable for the baby & a smooth ride!
    We would love this for our 4 month old!

  3. My favourite feature of this Diono Quantum Classic Stroller is the versatile smart seat, that can be used right from birth.

  4. I love how compact it is!! Our home is smaller and our storage areas are pretty full so this would be great. Thanks!

  5. I love how versatile the diono Quantum Classic Stroller is. So many options of comfort for the child.

  6. I would love to win this for my best friend and her new little one to use and enjoy. Looks like great quality.

  7. My favorite feature is that You can remove some parts to shorten it. I would love to win this one for a new addition to the family.

  8. I love the air-filled all-terrain wheels that would allow me to go almost anywhere I wanted with ease.

  9. A very special gal in my life is expecting a baby at the beginning of Sept.
    This will be a rainbow baby and I would love to surprise and spoil her with the Diono Quantum Classic.

  10. I love that the wheels on the stroller are all terrain! It really allows you do bring your baby with you ANYWHERE you want to go!

  11. I love the colour choices! To me grey is a classic colour that suits any gender and is easy to keep clean.

  12. I love how stylish it is, simply a chic stroller that any mom would be proud to own knowing baby is laying in such a comfortable place. The feature of being able to remove pieces to shorten it really is perfect for crowded places like the zoo.

  13. I like the air-filled all-terrain wheels. A soft, smooth ride is very important, especially when the child is going to have a nap.

  14. I love that the stroller is Versatile! It’s great that you can use it from a new baby to an older one!

  15. Look at that basket! It looks like it can hold a lot! I find there’s rarely enough storage space for all the “stuff” baby needs! lol!

  16. I love how versatile this stroller is. It adds so much to the value when you can use it for all occasions and as your baby grows.

  17. I love that the wheels are all terrain! That is very helpful for being able to go ANYWHERE without worry!

  18. My son and his wife. Have been married about a year and are starting to stock up for a future baby. They would love this.

  19. I like the Leatherette handlebar feature – would probably feel nicer than the usual plastic, and won’t break off in little pieces like my foam one.

  20. I like that the stroller is meant to be an all terrain – it allows you to really live your life without worrying about it being accessible!!

  21. My bestie is pregnant with her first and I would so love to be able to gift her this amazing stroller! I love Diono carseats, so I’m sure this stroller is just as great!

  22. I am a huge donor fan
    Love their car seats. I would expect nothing less than top notch safety for their strollers

  23. ahhhhh this would be amazing. I would love to win this for my best friend who is expecting her first. Sounds like a pretty functional and perfect stroller <3

  24. I like that the basket underneath seems to be a decent size – I love walking everywhere, so being able to fit the necessities underneath is a must for me.

  25. WOW this stroller is gorgeous!! Sounds absolutely perfect for my baby girl due in October.. so many great features, love its Versatility!!

  26. I would love to win this to surprise my sister. She would love everything about this stroller. She is really active so I know it would get a lot of use.She would love the air-filled all-terrain wheels make for the softest ride Thanks for the chance.

  27. I find this a great stroller, It will be just right for the new little one we are expecting soon. The air filled all terrain wheels will be perfect for the long walks

  28. I honestly love the contemporary style, comfort and shades of grey on this beauty, perfect for my new grandbaby born August 4th! 🙂

  29. I just found out one of my best friends is expecting her first baby in February, after waiting a very long time for her turn that she thought may never come – I’m so happy for her, and know she would love this stylish, practical stroller for her bub!

  30. This is a little thing, but I like that it’s gray. It’s not blue with duckies, or bright coloured. Fashionable and sleek.

  31. the terrain wheels would be great in winter most strollers you get stuck in the snow this would be great to have

  32. The canopy is a really great size – big enough to provide excellent sun protection, while still giving good visibility.

  33. My co-worker could really use this stroller – she just found she is having her 3rd baby, and with her older kids being 16 and 11 she has to start from scratch getting all new gear! She’d love this stroller for sure!

  34. It’s so great when a stroller can be useful from birth until toddler years. The Quantum Classic is truly the platinum of strollers!

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