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Why You Need to Get Away to Hockley Valley Resort Mid-Week!

The entrance at Hockley Valley Resort.

You Need to Get Away to Hockley Valley Resort Mid-Week!

Summer is in full swing and that means life tends to get a bit busier. If you’re a parent, your kids are home from school and the weekends are booked for sports and other events. Even if you don’t have kids, it’s still tougher to book days off of work during the summer weekends. Instead, you should book a couple days off during the week and head over to Hockley Valley Resort.

Prepare for R&R, spa treatments, delicious food at Hockley Valley Resort, and amazing wine at Adamo Estate Winery. The best part is that if you’re in Ontario, you don’t have to go far to tap into this beautiful paradise. It is so close!

Read on to discover why you need to get away to Hockley Valley Resort mid-week, believe me, you will not regret it!

A man stands outside of his car and look towards the Hockley Valley Resort.

A woman sits in a patio chaise with her legs crossed, feet are visible, outlooking the gorgeous Hockley Valley Resort pool.

The pool and patio is shown at Hockley Valley Resort.

It's tough to book days off of work during the summer weekends. Instead, book a couple days off during the week, and head over to Hockley Valley Resort. #travel #couplestravel #exploreontario #HockleyValleyResort

The entrance and main building at Hockley Valley Resort, you can see golf carts parked.

Mid-Week Getaway

We love to travel often, recently Darasak and I were invited to Hockley Valley Resort to indulge in a little mid-week R&R. It was much welcomed because the end of the school year tends to be really stressful. The plan was to enjoy the short drive up to Mono, ON and just enjoy being together as a couple. That is why we love road trips, they are just as delightful as the destination itself.

We live in Windsor, the most southern point in Ontario. It only took us 3 hours and 50 minutes to get there. If you’re in the Toronto area, it’s even closer! The drive up was beautiful, we took our time and took in all the beautiful hills on the way there.

Once we arrived, we had reservations for a delicious dinner at cabin restaurant. Afterward, the plan was to explore the grounds and get a good night’s rest in our gorgeous bi-level Regal suite. In the morning, a buffet breakfast and a spa facial awaited us. Then, a wine tour and tasting at Adamo Estate Winery was on the itinerary.

A man sits in the living room of the Executive Suite at Hockley Valley Resort.

A man continues his trek up a spiral staircase.

A man looks up at his wife while going down a spiral staircase. The wife's feet are pictured.

A man relaxes on a king-size bed and watches TV.

A man sits in a chair on the balcony of his Executive Suite.

A Comfortable Suite

Our Regal suite was incredible. If you’re looking to recharge your batteries, this is the way to do it. We had a bi-level Regal suite with a magnificent wrought iron spiral staircase. It led up to a king bed with a Jacuzzi tub and a gorgeous bathroom with a walk-in shower.

The lower level has a fireplace and spacious sitting area. There is a small powder room with a shower. Plus, a small coffee station and desk. I set up my computer there to check on emails. Truth be told, I only looked once!

What was one thing that was mind-blowing?

Well, that fact that there are TWO balconies. One on the lower level and another where your bedroom is. The view is gorgeous during the day and evening. I love having a balcony when I travel because I like to go out to enjoy the breeze. Plus, seeing the Hockley Valley Resort from above is a sight to see.

Chef Inni from Hockley Valley Resort poses in his kitchen.

Chef Inni prepares appetizers in his kitchen.

Fresh spaghetti, oils, and herbs to be used during plating.

Perfectly cooked shrimp on a garlic toast topped with fresh herbs and oils.

Parmigiano truffle fries with truffle dip.

Handmade ricotta gnocchi, topped with mushrooms, beef, and Parmesan.

Handmade risotto topped with scallops, carrot, and pine nuts.

Darasak samples the Adamo Estate Pinot Noir.

A peach Bellini.

Honey dew and mint sorbet on gluten-free brownie served with a chocolate gluten-free cheesecake.

Amazing Culinary Experience

The food and dining experience at cabin is nothing short of spectacular. We were very lucky to be seated at the chef’s table and the chance to get to know Chef Inni. He told us that a lot of their produce is grown right in their garden. Whatever isn’t in season or cannot be grown on-site is bought from farms and producers within a 100-km radius.

He prepared an off-menu appetizer for us. It was a handmade ravioli stuffed with ricotta, in a creamy pesto sauce, topped with 100km farm double smoked bacon. Then Darasak had a garlic toast topped with perfectly cooked shrimp, fresh herbs, and oils.

I tried the Parmigiano truffle fries with truffle oil. Darasak’s main dish was handmade risotto, topped with crispy carrots, pine nuts, scallops and fresh herbs. Mine was a delicious handmade ricotta gnocchi, topped with fresh mushrooms, pulled beef, and fresh parmesan.

TIP: Make sure you make time to explore the grounds, it is beautifully landscaped. Visit their farm too!

We sampled a glass of Adamo Estate Pinot noir and Riesling, as well as a few more delicious cocktails. We ended the meal with a fresh palate cleanser–a coconut mint sorbet on a bed of gluten-free brownie. Plus, an incredibly creamy, gluten-free chocolate torta.

The quality of the food was out of this world and it was an amazing experience to have the chef explain each dish. Chef Inni is a talent and his food shows it! It’s a must if you come to Hockley Valley Resort.

Just For You Facials

We started our day off with a delectable buffet breakfast. Then we headed to the Hockley Valley spa for our appointments. We expected to have a relaxing experience and we totally did. One thing we didn’t know was going to happen was that Darasak would become addicted to getting facials. So, that’s a score for me! We had the ‘Just for You’ facial and it was AWESOME.

The staff was so knowledgeable, attentive, and made you feel comfortable. I’ve had many spa facials in my day and this one, by far, was one of the most comprehensive. I discovered so much about my skin and all the products they used were nourishing and delightful. It was so incredibly relaxing. In fact, the spa is one of the many reasons I definitely want to go back!

The vineyard at Adamo Estate Winery.

A man walks towards the Adamo Estate Winery.

A side view of the winery, you can see the Canadian flag and Adamo flag flying in the background.

Adamo Estate Winery's first barrel turned into a piece of art.

An A is shown on a rustic table in one of the halls available for rent.

The lobby at the Adamo Estate Winery.

Wine glasses are lined up, ready to help customers sample Adamo wine.

Mr. Adamo's painting adorn a hallway at the Adamo Estate Winery.

The original barn door from the original barn where the winery started.

Adamo barrels are shown.

A Tour of Adamo Estate Winery

Once you step into the winery, you will notice how modern and stylish it is. From the decor to the wine tasting bar, and even the outdoor patio. We met up with the winemaker, Shauna White, and she took us on a tour throughout the entire winery.

Right in the lobby, you’ll notice a very unique piece of art hanging as a chandelier. It is actually one of Adamo’s first wine barrels that was entrusted to a local artist to create. It’s a deconstructed barrel turned into a chandelier and man, it’s so beautiful. They also have a boardroom (the Tank Room) and a hall (the Great Room) that can be booked for special events. Adamo Estate Winery caters and has a kitchen, you can see it where the A is pictured.

They have another hall in the basement (the Cellar Room) where you can have wine tastings with larger groups. You can even see where they age their cheese and meats that are used throughout their resort.

Throughout the winery, you can see original artwork from Mr. Adamo himself. It was great to learn about the history of the winery and why Mr. Adamo chose the location. The rolling hills reminded him of his home in Italy. A cool piece of decor was the original barn door from the barn where it is all began. The new winery now sits where the barn used to be!

A man holds up a wine glass at the Adamo Estate Winery.

Some ice wine with two ice wine glasses are pictured at Adamo Estate Winery.

A hand holds an Instax picture of the Vidal Adamo wine against a bed of lavender, the vineyard and hills are behind it. A bottle of Adamo Vidal sits on a flat rock with the Adamo vineyard in the background.

Time to Taste

Tasting wine and learning about them right from the winemaker was such a treat. Though I must say, all of the workers there know their wines. Shauna gave us flights from light-bodied to heavy-bodied, ice-wine to a hybrid. We sampled Lepp David’s Vineyard Riesling, Red Head, Whip’d Red Blend and Muscat dessert wine. Check out my slideshow above to see the wines!

TIP: Come down to the Adamo Estate Winery to try ‘winery direct’ wines & take some home with you. The rest of the wines you can buy online.

One of my favourites was the Vidal, I took a bottle home since it was so unique! They let the grapes hang into November and picked on a day when it was -10 degrees out. With the cold harvest, the colour is very similar to icewine and so is the style, without being too sickly sweet. You can only get this directly from the winery.

On Friday nights the Adamo Estate Winery host a Wine & Unwind event. Featuring live music, seafood, shared plates and fine wine! Get more info, here.

 A man stands in front of the Hockley Valley Resort.

Plan Your Stay at Hockley Valley Resort

The experience was exactly what we needed. After a couple days, we were refreshed, recharged and ready to finish off the rest of the week. Since this gorgeous oasis is so close, we can really make this a regular thing. It’s a perfect escape for couples or a girls’ getaway.

You really can’t go wrong at Hockley Valley Resort with comfy digs, amazing food, and impeccable wine, right?

Summer is still going strong, so you have plenty of time to book a couple days off during the week to get here! From now until August 31st, they have a mid-week special. Why not save a little and have a great time?

A man smiles while he looks out towards the pool at Hockley Valley Resort.

For more information, visit hockley.com. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Their pics are totally going to make you want to visit even more. I know I see them in my feed and want to go back!

Do you ever get away during the week?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!




Hockley Valley Resort
793522 3rd Line EHS
Mono, ON
L9W 5X7
Tel: 519-942-0754
Toll Free: 1-866-HOCKLEY (462-5539)





It's tough to book days off of work during the summer weekends. Instead, book a couple days off during the week, and head over to Hockley Valley Resort. #travel #couplestravel #exploreontario #HockleyValleyResort

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