Upcoming Events In Ottawa And What To Do While You’re Here!

Events in Ottawa!

Between the Stanley Cup Tribute and JUNO Week, Ottawa is sure to be bustling this month. There are plenty of events in Ottawa, Hockey fans will have a chance to meet NHL alumni and have their picture taken with the cup itself!

Canada’s capital will come alive with Canadian music, too, culminating in the 2017 JUNO award ceremony at the Canadian Tire Centre. It’s an exciting time for fans across the scoreboard and the billboard to be visiting; and with spring just around the corner, why not immerse yourself in the city as it wakes up from its wintery sleep?

Ottawa has an incredible nightlife and offers tons of group activities to participate in. When you’re not attending concerts, panels, or signings, what do you plan to do while you’re here? One pastime that is emerging as a favourite among visitors and residents alike has its roots firmly planted in an ordinary Canadian backyard —axe throwing.

If you’re looking for a quintessential Canadian experience to compliment the celebration of your favourite artists or athletes, why not add this activity to your bucket list? BATL (short for Backyard Axe Throwing League) is one company that is cherished for its Ottawa location. This location is one of few in Canada that offers the full service of a bar; providing local craft beers, wine, coolers, and a delicious shareable menu courtesy of Milano’s — one of Ottawa’s favourite pizzerias.

If you’re looking to do something active and fun with your group while keeping it collaborative and engaging, why not drop in? If you’re coming with quite a few people, you have the flexibility of booking a private experience — just visit their site to learn about axe throwing parties in Ottawa that can accommodate up to 135 people!

Some think of axe-throwing and assume they need to be experts in order to participate which is absolutely untrue — the instructors at the arena are highly skilled, trained in first aid, and specialize in teaching beginners. If you’ve never thrown an axe in your life, there has never been a better time to try.

Your instructor will guide you, showing you proper axe throwing technique, stance, and follow through so even if it’s your first time trying, know that you won’t be left in the dark. BATL seeks to foster a sense of community and positive vibes; they want you to feel welcome and confident enough to let loose.

Whether you are coming to Ottawa to watch Michael Buble host the JUNOs – or to welcome that sought-after hockey trophy back to Rideau Hall, what you do with the time in between these monumental moments enhances your experience and makes it that much more memorable. Consider booking an axe-throwing afternoon at some point during your stay; wind down with a few cold brews, take the opportunity to work out those arm muscles and share in some laughter with your pals.

When you arrive home from your trip, you’ll find yourself talking about these moments for years to come.

Have you ever wanted to try axe-throwing?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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