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Easy Step-by-Step Felt Unicorn Christmas Ornament

The finished product in the center of a portrait pink background. It's a unicorn with a flower headband.

Easy Step-by-Step Felt Unicorn Christmas Ornament

I don’t know about you but, the unicorn craze has hit us and it’s hit us hard. My youngest is obsessed with unicorns and I have to admit, even us older girls love them.

So, we decided to combine our love for the holiday season and unicorns and make a super adorable and easy felt unicorn ornament.

That way, you can have unicorn magic on your tree this year!

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The finished product of the felt unicorn ornament on the left side.

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For now, read on for the step-by-step guide to make these totes adorbs Unicorn ornaments.

The supplies needed to make the felt unicorn ornament.

List of Supplies:

All the felt pieces needed to make the unicorn ornament.

Step 1:

Prepare the patterns from the template by printing and cutting them out. Select the felt fabrics for the unicorn. Trace the patterns on the selected felt fabrics and cut them out using scissors.

Get the TEMPLATE and print it out.

Orange, pink, and purple felt are coiled up into flowers.

Step 2:

Take a spiral pattern and roll it from its outer end towards the center. Secure the roll by gluing it with the center. Similarly, create rolled spiral flowers with the other spiral patterns. Aren’t they super pretty?

A pink circle has the little unicorn mouth glued on.

Step 3:

Take any one of the round patterns and the semi-circular pattern. Place the semi-circular pattern on the round pattern by matching their sides. Use hot glue gun to attach both pieces together.

The two circles have cute eyes drawn on and are prepared for the needle.

Step 4:

Use a marker to draw the eyes, nose, and lip of the unicorn.

The eyes, eyelashes, and mouth are sewn on with black thread.

Step 5:

Use black thread and needle to stitch the traced parts from the previous step.

White pieces of the unicorn head and ears are glued together. Then there is a gold unicorn horn is ready to be sewn on.

Step 6:

Take the other round cut out and place it on a flat surface. Place the ears on 2 sides of the top end (of the round piece). Take the strip, fold it in half and place it between the ears by overlapping 1 cm of its open end with the round piece. Also, attach the 2 horn cutouts together using hot glue.

The felt gold unicorn horn is glued onto the unicorn head.

Step 7:

Place the horn on the folded strip, again overlapping 1 cm of the horns straight end with the round pattern.

The unicorn face is placed on top of the other half (white head with horn) to be sewn together.
Step 8:

Now place the stitched round piece on the top of the plain one. Make sure that all sides of the 2 round cutouts are matched nicely.

Sew the face onto the head on with white thread.

Step 9:

Prepare needle and thread to stitch all items together; start stitching from any one of the ears and stitching along the top side first. Carefully stitch the top side to make sure that all items are attached together (horn, ears, folded strip, the 2 round cutouts).

Felt unicorn craft with a hole left on the side to stuff the craft with.

Step 10:

Keep a small opening before closing the stitch.

Cotton being stuffed into Felt Unicorn craft ornament.

Step 11:

Use cotton to stuff the unicorn through this open end.

The felt unicorn ornament is sewed fully.

Step 12:

Done stuffing? Now stitch the open end to secure the stuffing. Tie a knot and cut off extra thread.

Little flowers being added to the top of the head of unicorn.

Step 13:

Attach the 3 spiral flowers (from step 2) along the top side of the unicorn. Use hot glue to attach the flowers.

Little pearls were added to the floral crown on top of the felt unicorn's head.

Step 14:

Add small faux pearl based on the center of the flowers (optional).

The finished product, a white unicorn against a pink background with a flower crown.

Bring On the Unicorn Magic

Now you have everything you need to make your very own unicorn ornament! Your tree will have a little extra magic this year.

Mimi has gone gaga over this one and remember, you can make them your own simply by changing the colours!

The sky is the limit.

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Will you be making a felt unicorn Christmas ornament?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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Portrait of a unicorn ornament. The unicorn craze has hit us and it's hit us hard. Here's how to make a super adorable and easy felt unicorn ornament.

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  1. oh my gosh these are the cutest! my middle daughter loves unicorns. she would love to make a few of these and put them on her back pack

  2. How cute! I love that you added photos for each step . . . I’m not very crafty so seeing exactly what to do would really help me with this project!

  3. Oh this is so adorable! My daughter would love to make this, she loves getting crafty and this would look cute on our Christmas tree. Thanks for the idea!

  4. This is so adorable! It would also make a great little craft to make at a birthday party for girls! I can already picture a tiny Christmas tree covered in unicorns!

  5. How cute this unicorn ornament is! And it’s so easy to make with your step by step photos. The perfect weekend activity with our kids.

  6. That is so adorable! One of my nieces is so into unicorns. I would love to make one for her. She’ll be delighted!

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