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Super Easy Felt Angel Christmas Ornament

Felt angel with pink heart on dress, brown hair with a pink bow against a blue background.

Super Easy Felt Angel Christmas Ornament

The holidays are right around the corner. In other words, we are just beginning to plan our holiday baking and weekly Christmas crafts.

Both of my girls are named after angels, so we do love them. If you’re looking for a cute and easy craft to do with your kids, make this Angel Christmas Ornament.

Make them your own by choosing the colours that speak to you! We opted for a little angel with brown hair, a pink bow, and a cute little blue dress.

If you have multi-coloured felt available, you can make them any colour with customized clothes.

Read on for the step-by-step guide to make this cute and easy Felt Angel Christmas Ornament.

All the supplies needed to make felt angel Christmas ornaments.

Things You Will Need:

Step 1:

Firstly, prepare the patterns from the given TEMPLATE. After that, you can customize the size of the template patterns if you want to. Select felt fabrics for the angel.

The template includes 1 base pattern (the back side), 1 dress, 1 head, 1 hair pattern, 1 bow, 1 heart, and a pair of wings.

Trace the patterns on the selected felts and cut them out using scissors. Also, cut out a small strip of felt to make the hanger of the ornament.

Sewing on details to angel's head.

Step 2:

Prepare needle with black thread and use black marker pen or pencil to trace simple face details on the head cut out. I drew the eyes and lips.

Do backstitch along with the traced details. Use a pink highlighter pen to draw 2 blush patterns on both cheeks of the angel.

Sewing on angel's hair and body.

Step 3:

Grab the base cut out, the dress, head, and the hair pattern.

Sewing on face to body, along with hair and dress.

Step 4:

Place the head on the base, by matching the sides of the head with the sides of the base.

Hair is added and the body is being sewn in.

Step 5:

Now place the hair and the dress in their places. The base pattern has matched sides for each pattern (head, hair, and dress) so that the items can be placed perfectly.

Add the stitching to hair.

Step 6:

Simply stitch around the sides to join all pieces together with the base. For instance, you can do a running stitch but doing a flat blanket stitch is the best for stitching the sides of felt ornaments.

Add angel wings to the little angel.

Step 7:

Prepare the hot glue gun and attach the wings on the back side of the angel.

Adding a pink heart, and pink bow to angel.

Step 8:

Finally, attach the bow cut out on the hair and the heart cut out on the dress of the angel. After that, fold the felt strip and attach it on the top end (back side) of the angel to complete the ornament.


Finished Angel ornament against a blue background.

Gift Them or Keep Them

Above all, these are super simple to make and the best part is you can customize them in any way. You can make them any gender and dress them in any way.

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Do you make your own Christmas ornaments?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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