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Summer Fun with PLAYMOBIL Adventure Tree House + Giveaway!

Summer Fun with PLAYMOBIL Adventure Tree House + Giveaway!

PLAYMOBIL Adventure Tree House!

Summer is here and along with that comes a lot of great times and memories. But, when there is downtime, it’s always a great thing to have toys that will spark their imagination. Especially when it comes to role-playing and building things with their own hands, well, PLAYMOBIL is it.

We received the Adventure Tree House from their new Wild Life theme and let me tell you, the girls were incredibly excited. The set itself has many elements and the girls spent some time building it. They did it without my help and soon enough, they were trekking deep into the forest playing with their new tree house and the wild animals.

The set includes two figures, a tree house with grass platform, various wild life including like a bear that Mimi has dubbed Honey Boo, foxes, geese, owl, fish and even an eagle. You’ll also find the coolest accessories for the figurines to use like frying pans with bacon and eggs, first aid kit, laptops and more.


Build It!

Since Gabs is a great big sister (or THE best big sister as Mimi says), she plays with her little sister and since it is a pretty big set. They both had plenty of room.

I loved that the tree house has a rope bridge and if you walk across, you might find a breaking point where your figurines might just fall through. It makes it thrilling and exciting and for some incredible story lines.

The girls enjoyed this set so much, they played for hours! I asked what some of their favorite things in the set was and this is what Gabby said: “One thing I love about this PLAYMOBIL set is that there are so many little details that makes playing even more fun. An example is the laptop. There are tiny stickers that you can put on the decorations that make it look so real! Not to mention all of the animals. Not only are there tons of animals but, some of the animals even move their heads and mouths! It’s just an awesome set.” -Gabby  



Let Your Imagination Soar!

So for down times and just for fun, this set is so much fun for kids. It’s perfect for kids aged 4 – 10 since it has small parts that little ones shouldn’t handle. Mimi has even taken the set outside for some true outdoor fun. You can see the whole Wild Life sets, here.

Michaela loved the set and said her favorite part were all of the animals and the bridge that broke when they would walk on it. She said it was adventurous! 

Enter to Win This Giveaway


Ready to WIN?

To celebrate summer fun, one lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will WIN a PLAYMOBIL Adventure Tree House. A value of $79.99. Contest opens on August 18th, 2016 and ends on September 2nd, 2016. For more information about this set and others, make sure to visit www.playmobil.ca!


Get Social!

Make sure to follow PLAYMOBIL on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates. You can also pick up the set, here.

Who in your life would love to play with this tree house?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. Any of my younger grandchildren would love this set. I still have some Playmobil my children played with and they enjoy playing with them.

    1. My sons would love this set because they love using their imagination when playing with their toys and they particularly like wild animals

  2. My son would really like this adventure tree house set. He has this big dream of one day having a tree house in our backyard.

  3. My middle son would love this set. He plans to be a conservation officer when he grows up and is really interested in wildlife.


  4. bOTH dYLAN and Emily would enjoy playing with this playmobil item. They currently have 6 other playmobil items that they drag out

  5. My grandson would enjoy playing with this Playmobil Adventure Tree House, because he loves to learn about animals.

  6. My grandson would love the PLAYMOBIL Adventure Tree House. I like that it builds his imagination and I think he would love all of the animals. Many thanks.

  7. I would like to win for my granddaughter and they would like everything about it! The tree house would probably be what they like the most.

  8. I think my grandchildren would enjoy playing with the owl and moving him around on the railings of the treehouse.

  9. My granddaughter would love this PLAYMOBILE set. There are so many components to it that would keep her interested.

  10. I agree that its the many little details that make it so fun and everlasting for kids. I know mine would love this set!!!!

  11. I love that this set reminds me of something like what I had when I was a little girl, brings back a lot of great memories and I would love to share them with my granddaughter!!

  12. My granddaughter would love imagining living in a treehouse while playing with this, I know she would love it!!

  13. This is an awesome gift for my nephew! He is obsessed with tree houses and keeps begging his parents to build him one!

  14. All my grandchildren would love playing together with this set. They would think the frying pan with bacon and eggs was cute. They would be cooking for the animals.

  15. even I would love to play with my step grandkids with this set, so many detailed items, love the animals!

  16. This treehouse would be so much fun to play with! My niece would really enjoy it, she loves animals

  17. I think my granddaughter would love the Owl most because she has been collection Owls for the past year,its a beautiful set.

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