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A Must-Have Gifts for Spider-Man Fans

One of the Must-Have Gifts for Spider-Man and Marvel Fans! LIttle Spiderman stands outside in what seems like a big world, a tree is in front of him.

A Must-Have Gifts for Spider Man Fans

If you’re a Marvel fan, you are going to want this Spider-Man under the tree this year. Sphero has created this high-quality, interactive Spider-Man.

He has superpowers that mortals have never seen before!

There are a few choices out there when it comes to action figures. The thing is that many of them don’t really do much other than sit on a shelf. Well, they might fly across a room if a child throws them, but you know what I mean. 

One of the Must-Have Gifts for Spider-Man and Marvel Fans!

Hey, Spidey!

There is one superhero option that both you and the child in your life will love though. That is the Spider-Man from Sphero. This Spider-Man is very interactive and can talk to you about so many things for hours. He has been programmed with hundreds of pages of content that includes jokes, adventures, and more.

Even I call him and say “Hey, Spidey,” and he answers and is so animated that I find myself interacting with him. While Mimi has loved going on adventures with him, we’ve both have and we even got him to throw a dance party. It is a lot of fun and Mimi will be enjoying him for hours to come.

One of the Must-Have Gifts for Spider-Man and Marvel Fans!
Seriously, here is all that Sphero’s Spider-man can do:
  • Spider-Man is equipped with the knowledge of hundreds of pages of content – Therefore he is a wealth of knowledge, jokes, games, adventures, and more! The content even updates, so that Spider-man never runs out of information and is always up to date. 
  • Whoever you purchase Spider-man for will be able to create their very own alter ego, so that they can immerse themselves in Spider-Man’s universe and help him save the world.
  • Each adventure with Spider-Man weaves into the next, so it is a real-life story that continues to progress. That is definitely a gift that keeps on giving!
  • Spider-Man will adapt to each individual person, so they will listen to the person that you buy him for and adapt to their personality and style of adventure.
One of the Must-Have Gifts for Spider-Man and Marvel Fans!
One of the Must-Have Gifts for Spider-Man and Marvel Fans!
One of the Must-Have Gifts for Spider-Man and Marvel Fans!
So Expressive!

As Spider-Man is talking and listening, his high-tech google eyes will move all around. After all, they are LCD eyes and they can be very expressive for a superhero! Although, that’s not all the tech-savvy stuff that Spider-Man is known for. Spider-Man can also be wirelessly connected to an app. This app will allow Spider-Man to automatically upload updates. That way, he never runs out of things to say to you or your child. 

All of this is possible thanks to Spider-man’s Bluetooth capability, as well as his high-quality speakers and interactive speech recognition. He can be used to for two hours straight before he needs to be charged, which is plenty of time for an adventure or two of stopping the bad guys. 

He has motion activation sensors, so he knows when a person is in the room and ready for some fun and excitement. His silicone suit is made from premium material, so it is durable and will withstand the roughest tumble activities. 

One of the Must-Have Gifts for Spider-Man and Marvel Fans!

On the app, your child can also create an alter ego with a special name and superpowers, so that they can keep up with Spider-Man as they save the world together. Every Spider-Man’s story is different because he listens to the user. Therefore, the direction your child’s adventure takes is the direction that their story with Spider-Man will go. Everything will be captured on the app so that Spider-Man can adapt to your child. 

Thankfully, Spider-Man has interactive speech recognition plus a high-quality speaker, so that he can understand your child easily. We all know that children do not always speak loudly or clearly, especially when they are unsure about certain things. That’s why this feature is quite helpful when they are getting used to Spider-Man. It retails for $149.99 and to me, that’s a great price in comparison to other toys and items on my kids’ and husband’s wishlists!

One of the Must-Have Gifts for Spider-Man and Marvel Fans!
Those Eyes, Though.

Now, while I love all these things on Spider-man, I think that my favorite thing is his eyes. Sphero created Spider-man with LCD eyes, and they are very high-tech and animated. I think they are absolutely adorable and they follow your every move. Plus, they also allow you to feel his emotions. I have never seen such expressive eyes on a toy before, and it is amazing.

One of the Must-Have Gifts for Spider-Man and Marvel Fans!
A Marvel Must!

This may not be one of the most high-tech toys of the year, with the exception of the eyes, but it is definitely a must-have for every Marvel fan or Spiderman enthusiast. They will find themselves using it constantly as they battle the bad guys and save the world from destruction. 

There’s still time to pick one up for the Marvel fan in your life. Whether it is for play or to add to the collection. For more information, visit Sphero.com. Get social with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Who is your favourite superhero?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. oh my gosh that thing is too cool!! my daughters are still too young for something like this but hubby would be all for it LOL

  2. My son would love this little guy. He is a huge Spider-Man fan and so would have a blast interacting with this toy.

  3. This sounds like such a fun toy, my brother would have loved this when we were little. I’ll have to ask my friends with kids if they’ve heard of it.

  4. I just can’t… this thing is too darn adorable. I myself am a Spider Man fan so I would want one for myself… is that bad? (And only *maybe* will I share it with the rest of the fam… maybe lol)

  5. I have no idea you could get a Spiderman like this how absolutely awesome is he! I wonder if my other half would like one, might make for a good Valentine’s present idea.

  6. Who doesn’t want to create an alter ego? This is super cute! I love that his eyes are interactive. They are actually just cute as all heck. In fact, I love the bluetooth capabilities. This sounds like a lot of fun to play with and I may want one for myself.

  7. This is the cutest toy I’ve seen by far! My kid is not so much into superheros but I’ll bookmarked it as birthday gift idea for my little nephew. I know he’s going to like it!

  8. My first thoughts ” so super cute” no spiderman fan would say that . I am sure my sons would not say that they would be very interested in this and yes suggest it become a gift …… for them.

  9. I had not heard of this one, but my 2.5-year-old is absolutely obsessed with spiderman right now! What a fun interactive toy! It is nice to hear a first-hand review of the quality.

  10. This indeed sounds like a great gift for any child who is a fan of the Spiderman series. It’s great that Spiderman can talk for hours and that it has been built with smart technology that adapts to each child individually.

  11. My daughter is such a Spiderman fan, she watched all the movies and her and her father play with his old collectable. She would love all the cool thing this Spiderman could do. awesome review. I might have to get one.

  12. What a cute gift! My son loves spiderman – he even has a cape and mask so he can dress up as him. I am sure he would love this!

  13. With three girls you’d think I’d miss out on all the superhero fun, but not at all. They all LOVE all things Marvel. This would be a great gift for any of them.

  14. Oh my goodness!!! That spiderman toy looks so adorable. I really want it. Such a perfect gift idea for a little boy.

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