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Lightscoop: Pro-Like Photos with Your Camera’s Built-In Flash, Plus Enter to WIN a Lightscoop of Your Own! #tech


You all already know my passionate love affair with it.

If you remember, I reviewed the Professor Kobres Lightscoop in the summer and since then, it has traveled with me on many adventures. It has helped me take great pictures in low lighting indoors and has helped my portraits substantially. You can read the Lightscoop Deluxe review, HERE.

I use my Lightscoop for a lot of food photography, some days I’m not able to get up early or I get to cooking or baking my subject late and the optimal time to take pictures has passed. As much as I try to avoid it, it happens. But, I don’t freak out anymore because I have my Lightscoop. I’m able to take great pictures that are warm and not harsh and everyone is none the wiser. It is great for indoor portraits too, again when the sun has gone down and without using additional lighting other than my flash.



The Proof is In The Pudding.

Like I mentioned, the Lightscoop Deluxe was one of the biggest and most pleasant unexpected surprises in my journey through photography. While I’m no pro, I enjoy taking pictures and I have always stayed away from using the built-in flash because as you can see above, the flash is always too harsh and unflattering. Rather, I preferred to work with natural light and avoided flash like the plague. 

Nowadays, I’m not afraid to use flash because have the Lightscoop Deluxe in my camera bag. It works with Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Sigma DSLR cameras with built-in flash. Click here to visit Professor Kobres Lightscoop for more information.


Be Fearless.

When you attach a Lightscoop Deluxe to your built-in flash, you will see the difference. It really is undeniable and for it’s low price of $36.99, well, it is totally worth it. It is especially great for people who are looking for an inexpensive way to improve their indoor photos, product photos or baby photography! 

Want to WIN one? Well, Lightscoop is giving one lucky Whispered Inspirations reader a Lightscoop Deluxe! This contest is open to Canada and starts on December 15, 2014 and ends on December 30, 2014. 


Don’t Want to Leave It To Chance?

Well, you can buy ANY Lightscoop product and get 15% OFF right now! This deal is good until the end of the year so, be sure to get yours soon! Believe me, you will not regret it, I love my Lightscoop for all of those dark days with minimal lighting. I thank my lucky stars because otherwise, I wouldn’t achieve my deadlines!

Not to mention, this would make the PERFECT gift for the photographer in your life! That is why it is in our Holiday Gift Guide and you will have a very happy and satisfied photographer.

Who would you buy the Lightscoop for?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. My wife is the photographer. She has old school cameras and a DLSR so this would b hers if I won this. She would love it.

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