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Going to The Gym Versus Home Training. #fitness

Going to The Gym

Where is the best place to carry out your training?

Should you shell out money for an annual gym membership or will setting up a workout area at home suffice? Both have their advantages, but the ultimate decision comes down to your personal preferences, goals and motivation levels.

Scope of home training

As gym prices rise and an online personal trainer becomes the most financially feasible option, home training is becoming more popular. Bodybuilders, Cross-Fit fanatics and Strongman athletes enjoy the flexibility that training in their homes, gardens or garages provides. Carrying a tractor tire attracts fewer stares if done in the privacy of your own back garden than it might in a busy commercial gym. But home training is not just of benefit to muscle-building fanatics. Indeed, the home can provide a private training environment for those who are looking to avoid the iron pumpers, or build their confidence.

Advantages of training in a gym

Many exercisers enjoy the comradeship of training in the gym. A hard workout can be less difficult when those around you are also suffering. Weightlifters can benefit from spotters and having someone to monitor their technique, motivate them, and share advice on new techniques and trends. Inexperienced exercisers can benefit from the motivation and advice offered by a gym instructor and avail of personal training services offered at the gym. Physically making the effort to get to the gym can also help ensure a worthwhile workout. Beginners, in particular, will benefit from the range of equipment offered at the gym.

Benefits of Training at Home

A home gym can be anything from a room with a running machine and an exercise mat to a significant part of your property dedicated to exercise and equipped with a complex array of weights, machines and equipment. Those who like variety can adapt the environment to their wishes and can tailor-make their environment to their training needs. You don’t have to wait to use equipment or constantly load weights or adjust equipment after other users. You can set your gym up exactly how you want it. If you keep it simple, a home gym is much cheaper in the long run.

Less confident exercisers can benefit from the privacy of the home gym. It can also offer a flexible training environment for parents looking after young children or those looking to save time. So long as you are motivated and you create an environment free from distractions, the home gym can be suitable alternative to the gym for exercisers of all levels.

Best of all, the home gym is open all hours.

Where do you like to work out?

Let me know til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. I would love to join a gym, but I really just don't have the time to get there. I work out at home after everyone is asleep and I have some "me" time. It works for me. Maybe in a couple of years I can join a gym where I can get a better workout. Gotta do what you can, right? 🙂

  2. I like the option of both, for the reasons you mention in your post. Also, when I'm busier, I work out at home more than when I have more time and can keep a gym routine.

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