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A Joy to Share with Kinder Canada: Tis the Season! Help the Children’s Miracle Network by Sharing! #KinderMom

Kinder Canada Joy to Share

A Joy to Share with Kinder Canada!

Tis the season of sharing and caring and while it’s always great receiving gifts this time of year, it’s also amazing to share the joy of the season. This doesn’t always mean physical things but, also random acts of kindness and your time goes a long way.

I find that most times, your presence and attentive ear can be great things to lend during this season and of course all year round!

The act of sharing can go a long way.

Right now, KINDER® is sharing the joy this holiday season. If you share this video on your social networks, KINDER® will automatically donate $1.00* to Children’s Miracle Network on your behalf. Help us reach our goal of $5,000 and spread the joy this holiday.


Check out other Kinder Goodies for this Season!


Being a Kinder Mom we are fortunate and honored to get to try some of the goodies that come out this time of year! They sent over the delicious Kinder Eggs that have a mixture of white chocolate, milk chocolate and hazelnut  If you noticed on the Whispered Inspirations Facebook page and on Instagram, I shared that Kinder was giving away 7, 500 Kinder Eggs and they went fast!

Kinder Joy to Share

Kinder is Magic.

Kinder always brings magic and it opens the act of sharing the joy of play and of deliciousness. The holiday treats are no different and are definitely great stocking stuffers that will keep your kids and even yourself, entertained throughout the holidays.


How do you encourage the Joy to Share?


Giving is better than receiving.

One thing we try to instill in our girls is that they are very fortunate to have everything they NEED and even more fortunate to have things they want. There’s a huge difference and I want them to appreciate what they do have and to give with open hearts without expectation. I’m very happy to say that Gabs and Mimi both shared these Kinder goodies with our whole family and her friends.

During the Holiday season and throughout the year, we do our very best to contribute to our school’s can drives and cereal drives for other school’s that really need it. I know the importance of Breakfast Clubs and how they make such a huge difference in children’s lives. It’s something inexplicable to see my daughter’s school helping my old school and it warms my hear because I took advantage of programs like that growing up.

Don’t forget to SHARE this video to help the Children’s Miracle Network!

I also would love to emphasize that during the holiday season, it’s an important time to visit the elderly. It’s a lonely time of year for some of them and seeing the beautiful smiles of children, getting cards or even just the time that you spend talking to them makes a world of a difference.

This is how we encourage our girls to share this season, whether it’s a delicious Kinder egg or the simple sharing of a smile or holding of a door.

How do you encourage the spirit of the season and just random acts of sharing throughout the year?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!

“I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own. See Whispered Inspirations full disclosure, here.”

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  1. Such a great cause. I love tht Kinder Canada gives back. My kids went nuts over the package we got from them. that big egg is super cool

    1. The big egg is AWESOME. Even before I was an Ambassador, our Christmases were NEVER Kinder-free. It\’s a must.

  2. Oh how awesome! Kinder always has great programs.
    Through out the year we always try to set an example even something as simple as manners and holding the door for people go a long way. My son likes to give change to people in need as well. He has a big heart.
    My recent post Everything Mom and Baby's favourite Stocking Stuffers!

    1. The way I see it and what I tell my girls is you don\’t know the battles people are fighting everyday, so be kind to people. That\’s a great lesson you teach him. And wow, that is a big heart. So many overlook as if they don\’t even exist.

  3. that's great that Kinder is supporting such a great cause! My husband is the manager of our local food bank so we encourage giving back in our family a lot 🙂

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