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Griffin Technology: Aimée Wilder iPad Sleeve Review

Aimee Wilder Griffin iPad 2 Case

Aimee Wilder Griffin iPad 2 Case!

If you all know me, you know that I am an Apple advocate.

Call me a fangirl.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that I am not open to other brands or that I don’t appreciate other technology because–I dang well do. Apple, has intrigued me since they came out and I’ve used their products for years. And to me, it’s the product of the moment. Though I love all gadgets that make life easier and that are innovative and have used other awesome companies in the past, I can guarantee you that I will use others in the future.

Anyway, speaking of awesome companies, ever since I’ve used Apple I have always made it a point to use Griffin protective cases and screen covers. They are quality and never disappoint. So, when Griffin selected me as their November blogger and offered to send me a product for my iPad, I happily obliged.

Enter Aimée Wilder.


Aimee Wilder Griffin iPad 2 Case

Griffin sent me a really, really cute iPad sleeve that came designed with a “Girl Bot” pattern. With vibrant fushia, lime green, pastel blue, dark purple, orange and pastel pink robots. I was really pleasantly surprised with what they sent me, considering it is TOTALLY me.

The colors and everything.

This sleeve in particular is perfect for travel, I wouldn’t recommend it for everyday use unless you like to use your products sans le protection. Or if you have double sided protection on your iPad. If you don’t I’d recommend a folio-type of case to use for every day use instead. The sleeve fits like a glove, the iPad is nice and protected and the leather-like tab secures it tightly.

Your iPad isn’t going anywhere but, you’ll be going everywhere in style with your Aimée designed sleeve.

Aimée Wilder is a Brooklyn-based designer and has worked with Vans shoes, you can see 3 of her designs on 30 different styles of shoes. You can also see more of her work in iPhone covers, bedding, stationary, shower curtains, dishware, and vinyl toys and area rugs. To see Aimée’s design and other designs that may suit your fancy, visit Griffin Technology.

Here is a quick glance at Aimée Wilder’s iPad Sleeve:


Have you ever tried Griffin to protect your electronic toys?

Or do you like having your electronics as they are?

I wanna know, so til then–cheers m’deres!



Disclaimer: I received an iPad sleeve for review in exchange of my honest opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and are by no way influenced. Please refer to Griffin’s reviewer policy over at .

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