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Happy 7th Birthday My Peanut

Happy 7th Birthday My Peanut

Happy 7th Birthday!

I am in awe of the compassion, kindness, abundant love, understanding, forgiveness and euphoric joy and light that my little girl possesses.

Seven years ago today, an angel entered my life.

Gabriella Soriya Polanco.

She has put purpose into my life, she is what drew patience and maternal instincts I never knew I had or could have. She’s filled everyone’s life with happiness and every day she brightens my day with her wit and humor. She has an old soul and a kindness that I find is beyond her early years. She’s well-mannered yet has an almost satirical  humor that even makes the most bitter bust a gut.

My baby is 7 years-old today. She’s a bookworm who reads chapter books, an author who writes and illustrates her own books, a musician who plays the guitar beautifully, a fashionista who loves playing soccer, an artist who draws better than me and she’s a dancer who can drop any hip-hop move at a drop of a hat or a fedora for that matter.

It seems just like yesterday she placed her little hand on my chest and looked up at me with her eyes wide open. I knew then that I had made the best decision in my life. I fell even more in love with her the second she was in my arms and I was so grateful I was able to be her mom. I vowed that no matter what, nothing and NOBODY would ever change my drive to make her the happiest child in the world.

It seems like yesterday that she learned to crawl, then walk and now run. Hehe. It seems she’s unstoppable nowadays. I remember every single second so vividly, her first everythings!

She made me become a mother, to see beyond just caring for myself.

From that moment on.

Now, we’ve welcomed Michaela to our little family and she has been ever so gracious and helpful since she knew that our little Jelly Bean was in my womb. She was the first person we told and she was super excited to be a sister then. Once she was born, she’s never been jealous and only super helpful and loving towards her. I have solace that even when the fighting years come, they will be best friends just like my sister and I.

I am forever grateful for the gift of being a mother and I thank my lucky stars that I was blessed with two angels. I’m incredibly fortunate to have had such a beautiful child like Gabriella show me selfless love.

So, to my Peanut who will probably read this before I post it, haha! 😛

Happy 7th Birthday My Peanut

Happy 7th Birthday my love, you are my shining star and one of the biggest blessings in mine and your daddy’s lives.

Even when I’m old and grey, she’s stuck with me and I always tell her, that even then… She’ll always be my baby.

Plain and simple.

I am beyond proud of her. What she has flourished into and the path she is on because I know that she is trailblazing simply by being herself.

Yes folks, I’m a very proud Mama Bear.

They say that a daughter may outgrow your lap but, she will never outgrow your heart.

Which is so very true.

Little by little she individualizes herself and though it’s bittersweet she is becoming her own person and being blessed enough to see her grow is one of the greatest gifts in the world.


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  1. How adorable is she! My oldest turns 7 in a couple of weeks, and it feels so "big-kid"! Happy birthday to your little girl.

  2. Aww! Happy Birthday. What a sweetheart. This post makes me excited for when my daugther reaches this age. I spend most of my time not wanting her to grow up 🙁

    1. Thanks Kelly, yeah… It's so exciting to see them grow up but, it's so hard at the same time. I feel the exact same way!

  3. Wow, what a sweetie with a beautiful smile! Just a new gfc follower! Great blog with interesting posts. Thanks

    1. Hi there, thank-you very much! That's my baby girl! Thanks for stopping by, I'll make sure to do the same m'dere!

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