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Happy 1st Birthday Fatty Girl

Happy 1st Birthday Fatty Girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Fatty Girl!

From the very first day that Dara and I decided to even talk about having another baby, I was more than euphoric of the idea of holding another baby in my arms. To be able to nurse and nurture another little life and to witness life enfold to a baby and then to a child and what is to come is something that I’ve always looked forward to.

A year ago today I was sitting in the delivery room, sucking on an orange popsicle and watching the heart monitor next to me. I was calm and talking on the phone with my family and expecting the arrival of our Jelly Bean. I had labored at home for as long as I could and getting to the hospital and getting admitted was awesome.

Simply a relief.

It meant I’d be able to meet her very soon and we’d be able to share her with my little Peanut who was anxiously waiting too!

7 hours later and Michaela Sofía entered this world!

This whole year just flew right by way too fast, I even took some extra time off of work to stick around a little longer with my girls. She’s grown so much and has brought such great happiness in our lives. She’s provided love and friendship for Gabriella and has filled our hearts with an overabundance of love.

So, though she cannot read this yet, I want to wish my little fatty girl a Happy 1st Birthday!  I usually throw a big bash but, figured we’d keep it simple and just do a little something at her abuelitos house.

She had her first taste of birthday cake and just like her sister, didn’t enjoy it much. She did like the icing though and lost interest really quick. Regardless, it was a delicious organic vanilla banana cake! Gabs looved it and I didn’t mind if I did either!

Here are some pics! If you want to make it on your own, you can check out the “Baby’s First Organic Birthday Cake” recipe.

Happy 1st Birthday Fatty Girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Fatty Girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Fatty Girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Fatty Girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Fatty Girl!

Even this year flew by, I’m super excited to see her grow. I know that it’s bittersweet and it saddens me as I see her little jelly rolls slowly disappearing and her needing me less and less and I may be slightly exaggerating due to emotion. But, cheers to her first year!

Cheers, m’deres!


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    1. Hehe, this cake was VERY easy, now Gabs' Hawaiian Luau cake was harder to make since it was fondant! Thank-you so much, I can't believe how fast it went by. The year literally flew by.

    1. Thank-you she's growing way too fast! It's very plain jane, but her first little taste of sugar! It was okay! My oldest daughter's Birthday cake was much more fun and festive! Hawaiian Luau cake! It's a few posts before this one!

  1. I would love the recipe for that cake! My son turns 1 in July and it would be perfect to make him an organic cake for his first taste of sugar 🙂

    Happy birthday to your little princess!

    1. Hello Beth! I will love to give you a recipe! How about I post one up and email you when it's up! 😉

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